How to Use A Car Battery Charger

How To Use A Car Battery Charger

Avandacar – A car battery is the core of a car. It is an essential part of igniting and starting the engine, powering up the electronics in your car, and running the car system. So, when this part doesn't work, you need to fix it fast, which is recharging it. Here, we have a guide on How to Use a .

What Does a Car Battery Charger Do?

The car battery charger works like its name said. It charges the electricity into your car battery to replace the lost electricity in it. Therefore, once you charge your car battery, you can use it to operate your vehicle. Now, let's move to the main section, how to charge a car battery using a car battery charger.


First of all, you need to prepare a car battery charger. In general, you can use two types of car battery chargers. They are the manual and automatic chargers.

We recommend an automatic charger because it is easier to use. Other than that, you also need a proper outfit and equipment for protection. For example, eyeglasses and gloves are necessary, in case of a spark during the charging process.

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Also, make sure you are aware of the place where you charge the car battery. It should have enough ventilation for safety when a spark, flame, or an accident occurs. You also can read our article, How to Install an Electric Car Charger at Home, to learn more about the place and charger.

Steps to Use Car Battery Charger

Now, let's move to the main section of this guide. You can follow these steps to charge your car battery:

  • Find out the ideal charger output

You can see the car battery capacity written on the outside case or manual. It comes in Ampere (Ah). Find the number, and then choose 10% of that number for the charger output.

For example, if your car has a 65 Ah capacity, use the 6.5 Ah charger output. However, if you charge a gel-type battery on a caravan or big vehicle, you can increase the adjustment to 20% of the battery capacity. It saves more time.

  • Check the charging indicator

Next, you should check the charging indicator status. It is a small circular hole on top of your car battery. It shows three statuses, green for when the battery is fully charged, white means the battery needs to be recharged, and red tells you to replace the battery. In this case, the car battery should show a white color.

  • Take a look at the battery and charger condition
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Check the car battery's condition and ensure it doesn't have any damage. Also, check the charger clamps/clip condition. It should have enough strength to grip the battery when you use it later.

  • Connect the charger to a car battery

Connect the car battery charger clamps to the car battery clips. Start it from the positive clips, which is the red one. Then, you can continue with the black or negative to the respective part.

  • Turn on the car battery charger

Once it is fully connected, turn on the car battery charger. Then, choose the mode and setting you will use. Choose the mode based on the type of car battery you use. As for regular lead-type car batteries, choose the Calcium SMF option.

Choose the charger output based on the calculation we showed you earlier. Depending on the type of car battery charger, there will be many options. So, choose one that is close to the ideal charger output. For example, if you get the ideal output number of 6.5 Ah, choosing 6 Ah is enough for charging that car battery.

  • Wait until the charger finishes the charging process
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The next step in the guide of How to Use a Car Battery Charger is waiting. It can take from 30 minutes to hours depending on the car battery condition. After the charger finishes charging, it will show the “Full” status on its charging light indicator. Then, the charger will enter maintenance mode to protect the car battery cell.

  • Turn off the charger and disconnect it from the car battery

When it shows the “Full” status, turn off the charger. Press the power button or disconnect it from electrical power. It depends on the type of car battery charger you use.

Once you turn off the charger, you can disconnect the clamps from the battery. Start it from the negative clamp (black) and the positive clamp (red). Now, the car battery is ready to use.

The Benefits of Regularly Charging Car Battery

It has only one benefit to do this regularly. Charging the car battery will prolong your car battery lifespan. It also provides enough power for your car's needs, which affects the vehicle's performance. Therefore, it is necessary to have at least a portable car battery charger at home to do this without taking your vehicle to a car shop. That's all about How to Use a Car Battery Charger.

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