How to Restore Your Classic Car’s Interior On A Budget

How To Restore Your Classic Car’s Interior On A Budget

Avandacar – When it is about classic car restoration, people often prioritize its exterior appearance and engine. Surely, those two affect the car's performance. But the interior is also essential. For that reason, here we have a guide on How to Restore Your Classic Car's Interior on a Budget.

It is the best solution for you who are hesitant to start your classic car's interior restoration. Knowing that restoring the exterior and engine could cost a lot of money; people often think more before they decide to do the same for the interior. But this guide will help you to save more money to get your classic car's interior back to its glory days. Let's start!

Set the Budget

The first step is setting a maximum budget you can dedicate to restoring your car's interior. It is necessary to ensure you won't blow your budget before you finish the restoration process. That will help you a lot to save more money.

This step allows you to figure out what kind of material or restoration method you will use. Also, the budget will determine the quality of the restoration. You can use it to consult with the expert before starting the restoration process.

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Use Seat Covers

Changing the leather on the seat and dashboard might cost you a lot of money. It costs you even more when you try to change it with similar or higher quality material. Therefore, the best alternative to restore this condition is using the seat covers.

Seat cover costs much lower than reupholstering. You only need to buy them for all seats, put them on your classic car's seats, and voila, your car interior looks new. Best of all, you can choose any seat cover color freely. Therefore, if you are thinking of changing the vibe of your car interior, this is the cheapest and easiest method you can use.

However, seat covers only work temporarily. If you plan to sell or trade your classic car, you should fix the car seat. Learn more about that in our guide, How to Prepare Your Car for Resale or Trade-In.

Change the Floor Mats

Next, change the floor mats. If it is not removable, use new floor mats on top of it. That will change the interior appearance entirely.

Similar to the seat cover, this method is also temporary. You should replace the floor mats thoroughly to ensure they can protect the floor from damage. So, you should do it only to save money and then get a real replacement when you have enough money to spend on this restoration process.

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Deal with Scratches and Blemishes

An old classic car tends to have many scratches and blemishes because of time and long usage on its dashboard. The normal method to restore this condition is changing the whole dashboard with a new one. But, that will cost you a lot of money.

The best way is to use the paint and scratch restoration liquid to fix this condition. Nowadays, you can find many products that allow you to do that easily. The result is also pretty much the same with the new dashboard. That is one of the essential parts of How to Restore Your Classic Car's Interior on a Budget.

However, you can only use this method when the scratches and blemishes are not that severe. Otherwise, you need to change the dashboard entirely to restore this part. Check it thoroughly to learn more about your dashboard condition.

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Fix Leather Condition

As for car seats with good leather conditioner, yet the color has already faded, you can use leather cleaner to fix it. A car seat cover might not be necessary because the condition is still good. You don't need to cover it to make it look new. Find the best leather cleaner to bring back the leather appearance like new leather.

Change the Electronics

Changing the whole audio system could cost you more budgets. However, we are talking about small light bulbs or something like that. It won't cost you more, yet it will give you different looks once you change them.

Clean the Interior

Cleaning the interior thoroughly of any debris, dust, food leftovers, or other things is the basic way to restore your car's interior. Use a cloth to clean the dashboard and seat surface. Or, a vacuum cleaner also can help you to clean those things. You might have to do this part before trying another restoration method we explained above.


Those are the DIY methods to restore your classic car's interior. Save more money with those methods and change your classic car's interior to a new one. If you have a problem with How to Restore Your Classic Car's Interior on a Budget, you can always take your car to the expert. You might spend more, but the result will be much better and more beautiful.

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