How to Restore Faded Car Paint

How To Restore Faded Car Paint

Avandacar – Riding a car with faded paint may reduce your confidence. At the same time, your car looks so old and dirty because of this paint issue. The best thing you can do is restore the faded paint to make it look brand new!

The good news is that you can restore the paint by yourself. We will show you how to  below. We also suggest you read how to build an emergency kit for your car.

Prepare All the Supplies for the Restoring Faded Car Paint Project

Ensure that this project runs smoothly. One of the ways is by preparing all the supplies to do the project. It is a simple step that most beginner car owners forget about. Preparing the supplies ensures that you can directly take them anytime you want during the restoration process.

Imagine if you have to stop the restoration only because you are looking for a specific tool. It takes time and may even postpone the project. Like it or not, it affects the accomplishment time of the paint restoration.

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The supplies you should prepare to start a faded car paint restoration are car washing materials, a car buffing compound, an electric machine buffer, microfiber buffing pads, and polishing pads. Don't forget to prepare a bucket of water and a paint protection product as you want.

Ensure That You Car Is Clean

Ensuring that your car is clean is critical before restoring the paint. It ensures that there will be no dirt or debris that disturb the restoration process. Debris and dirt can make the new paint can't stick enough to the surface of the vehicle body.

It also reduces the smoothness of the surface after painting the vehicle body. First, take a bucket of water and wash the exterior of the car. Second, apply a specific vehicle soap to the entire parts of the interior. The soap helps to get rid of the dirt or debris that can't be removed by washing it with water.

Use a Clay Bar to Remove Contaminant

Contaminants on the paint surface are another bad thing you must consider. It is also a critical thing you have to handle while learning how to restore faded car paint. One of the simplest tricks you can do to get rid of the contaminant on the paint surface is by applying a clay bar.

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Now, take your buffer and wet the pad with clean water. Next, open the buffing compound and apply it to the pad and the faded paint on the vehicle. Turn the buffing machine on and gently start to buff the targeted area.

Say you want to do it like an expert you should do the buffering process at least three times. Clean the vehicle surface with water and check its cleanliness. Go to the next step only when you are sure that the faded paint area is clean.

Use A Car Wax or Other Paint Protection Products

The next process in the project is applying car wax. The function of applying wax is to prevent future damage to the paint. Alternatively, you can also apply a paint sealant or ceramic coating.

Car wax and paint sealant are similar and these products can protect the paint of the vehicle for a few months. On the other hand, ceramic coating products can protect the paint of your vehicle for up to two years or even longer. This is because ceramic coating produces a hard layer on the surface of the faded paint. Some ceramic coating products are also heat resistant so they protect the paint from the sunlight or anything that can fade it.

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Polish the Faded Vehicle Paint

Prepare the polishing machine and apply a polish product on the pad. Use a sprayer to spray the pad with water. Put the pad on the targeted surface and start the process by using the lowest speed first.

Remember not to push the polish machine too hard on the vehicle surface. You can increase the speed once you can stabilize the polish machine. This trick can prevent scratches or other things you don't want while polishing the paint on the exterior of your vehicle.

Clean the Vehicle Surface

Take a clean microfiber towel once you are done with the polishing process. Use the towel to clean up the polished surface. Gently do it and ensure that you are satisfied enough with the result.

That's it! The faded car paint restoration process is done! You will see a shiny, bright, and clean vehicle body paint right now. It seems that you have a new vehicle after applying the restoration process above.

So, learn how to restore faded car paint above and apply it to your car. It is fun to do the restoration yourself if you love DIY projects. You will be a lot happier after seeing your polished vehicle.

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