How to Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving Conditions

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving Conditions

Avandacar – Winter always becomes a challenge or a problem for all car owners. It's a challenge when you prepare your car properly and a problem for you who neglect the preparation before driving in winter. So, to help you avoid the problem the cold season could bring to your car, here, we have guides on How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving Conditions.


First of all, check the battery. The battery comes with a feature called Cold Cramp Amp (CCA). It is a feature that allows it to work normally in a cold temperature. Therefore, your battery must have enough CCA level to assist you in driving in winter conditions.

However, a high CCA level does not always mean a better battery. The battery with a high CCA level will cost you more and is heavy. On the other hand, a small battery with low CCA might be enough for a car in warm weather. But, you might need to consider changing it to a larger CCA, if you live in a cold weather area.

Also, the old battery might lose its CCA level. The CCA level written on it won't be the same with its capability. Therefore, you might need to change the old battery before winter comes.

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Next, check the tires. The cold temperature can affect and reduce the air pressure inside the tires. You might think the air pressure was normal a few days ago. But, it could change within a day of cold weather in winter.

Therefore, before you use your car for winter driving, check the air pressure. It should have an air pressure level recommended by your car manual. It will keep the tire inflated and reduce the risk of car accidents during winter.

Also, change the tires to winter tires. People often forget to do this, which is dangerous. Non-winter tires could lose grip on the road during winter driving. It can also cause a car accident.

Brake Pads and Rotors

The next step in the How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving Conditions guide is checking the brake pads and rotor. Driving in winter requires more control because of ice, which makes the road slippery. Therefore, the role of the pads and rotors of your car becomes more significant during this cold season. Your vehicle must use the best brake pads and rotors to let you get the best control during all situations.

So, check these two parts' conditions. See if the brake pads are still in good condition and have enough pads to provide the grip. You also can change it, if necessary. Some brake pads have an indicator that allows you to see their condition.

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To learn more about how to change the brake pads or rotors, you can read our article, How to Replace Your Car's Brake Pads and Rotors. It will help you to replace it in no time and safely. You won't break your car and get top-quality brake pads for your safety in winter driving.

Engine Oil

The next thing you should check is engine oil. All car owners must be familiar with how to do this. However, things that many car owners don't know are matching the engine oil with the temperature or weather where you will use the car.

What you need here is the viscosity level. You can refer to the car manual to learn more about the engine oil's viscosity level and the temperature where it can work. It might be necessary to change your engine oil based on the average temperature of the winter season in the place where you live.

Wiper Blades

It does sound unnecessary and unimportant part compared to the other part we explained. However, the wiper blades will affect the visual quality you have during winter driving. Good wiper blades will be able to remove water and snow that fall on the windshield. Therefore, you will have a good view during your driving.

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Also, get an ice scrapper for your windshield. It is a simple tool that helps you remove ice from the windshield that blocks your view. Use it before you drive your car after you park your car outside.


The heater also must work perfectly during winter driving. It affects a lot on the comfort of the driver and passenger during the trip. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip without any problem during winter.

Moreover, a comfortable interior also allows you to concentrate more on the road. Therefore, it will reduce the risk of accidents because of human error. Of course, the other benefit is that your beloved family that rides the same car will feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Those six steps in the How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving Conditions guide will help you get two things. You will have a safe trip in your car. The other one is that the car will last longer and be free from problems during winter. Try them now!

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