How to Perform Basic Car Maintenance For Beginners

How To Perform Basic Car Maintenance For Beginners

Avandacar – A car is said to be one of the best investments for your daily activity. However, to keep it beneficial as an investment, you should know how to keep it working for a long time. For that reason, here, we have a guide on How to Perform for Beginners. It is necessary for you who bought a car for the first time.

Check the Manual

People often skip the manual whenever they buy a car. They want to hit the pedal and run on the road with their new car. Beginners are also no exception here.

You shouldn't skip this step. It doesn't feel that important because you think you already know how to drive a car. However, the car manual contains information about your car's condition and specifications. You must understand and get familiar with that to help you maintain your car.

If you bought a second-hand or used car, you might not get the original manual. As for this situation, you can always find a copy of the manual for your car model on the internet. After reading the manual, follow all the recommendations to ensure your car works well. A beginner car owner must use it as recommended without trying anything else.

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Check the Oil

Oil is a lubricant that keeps your car engine running smoothly. It prevents any damage to engine components, which affects your car's performance. Therefore, the next thing you should do is check your car's oil condition.

You can bring your car to the car workshop to find out about your car oil. It is the best choice because you also can change it when you find it needs to be replaced by new oil. Make sure you only use the oil recommended by the manual.

Or, you can check it manually. Here is how to do it:

  • Open the car hood,
  • Find the dipstick (it is a bright yellow or orange thing with a can of oil picture on it),
  • Pull the dipstick slowly and wipe the oil that sticks on it. You will find marks that indicate oil condition,
  • Put it back gently and pull it again to see what mark the oil left. That mark tells you whether you need to change it.
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Check the Car Fluids

You should also check other car fluids. Yes, your car has many different fluids, like brake fluid, washer fluid, and coolant. Make sure they are all at a good level. As for car coolant, you can read our article, How to Check and Refill Your Car's Coolant, to learn more about it.

Make Sure the Battery is Still in Good Condition

Battery is the source of power for all kinds of car functions, such as headlights and audio systems. To check the battery, you can take a peek at the top of the battery. You will see a hole where it indicates the condition of the car battery. In general, blue is good condition, white is normal, and red means you need to change it.

Inspect the Tires

Inspecting the tires is another essential point in this How to Perform Basic Car Maintenance for Beginners guide. You need to check two things here, the air pressure and tire surface condition. Your car should have an air pressure level that is recommended by the manual. Otherwise, it has a risk of blowup or damage to the wheel and the rims.

Tire surface affects the grip on the road. A good tire surface condition will have a clear pattern that was designed to give the grip necessary to drive that car safely. A smooth surface with a pattern that almost disappears is dangerous. Therefore, you should change it.

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Tire inspection should be a regular thing you do before any trip, short or long distance trip. A small problem in this part could lead to an accident. It is necessary for all car owners, beginner or experienced.

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“Warming Up” Your Car

Starting your car engine and letting it run for a few minutes will help the car to last longer. You should do it daily or once every two days if you have no time. You should do it whenever you are going to go on a trip. Then, while you do it, you also can check your tires.

This maintenance step is essential, especially for you who park your car outside for too long. It allows the oil to flow and lubricate the engine. You also get your engine ready before using it for a trip.

Clean Your Car Regularly

Try to wipe the exterior with clean fabric to remove the dust. As for the interior, use the cleaner specially made for the car interior. Do this and your car will look beautiful for much longer. That is How to Perform Basic Car Maintenance for Beginners.

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