How to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient With Simple Mods

How To Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient With Simple Mods

Avandacar – High fuel consumption is one of the common issues for those who have a car. The higher the fuel consumption, the more money they have to spend per week or month. The good news is that you can make your car more fuel-efficient with simple mods.

Here, we will share with you how to make your car more fuel efficient with simple mods. Increase your knowledge of by learning how to change your car's oil and filter yourself.

Check the Tire Quality and Pressure

You won't believe that applying the right tire pressure can save you money from buying more gasoline. Surprisingly, you can save up to fifteen percent of your money from buying gasoline. One of the solutions is to apply the right tire product.

Cars that have a higher fuel efficiency level are those that use a specific type of tire. The tires have more silica and lower roll resistance. The manufacturers design this tire with the ability to reduce friction between the tire and the road. At the same time, this tire is more aerodynamic. Aerodynamic tires are about to improve fuel efficiency.

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Only Bring the Most Important Items on the Vehicle

It seems that there is no relationship between the weight of the items you bring on the vehicle and the fuel efficiency. The truth is the heavier the weight of the items you bring on the vehicle cargo, the more fuel the car needs to run smoothly. Imagine that for every 100lb weight you add to the vehicle, it loses 1 to 2 percent of the fuel efficiency.

So, the next simple method you can apply to make your car more fuel efficient is emitting all the unimportant items from the cargo. Ensure that you only bring the most important items in the vehicle. Then, you will be surprised with the result since you don't need to buy more gasoline than before. At the same time, you can be more effective since you only bring the most important items instead of bringing all of them, including junk.

Consider Your Driving Speed

You will consider your driving speed after reading this article. The truth is that it is one of the effective tricks on how to make your car more fuel efficient with simple mods. The key is only by slowing down your driving speed. The higher your driving speed, the higher the burning gas the vehicle must use.

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Based on the report, you can save up to 20 percent of your gasoline by driving your vehicle for about 65 miles per hour on the highway. On the other hand, you can save 5 to 10 percent while driving on 65 miles per hour on the surface streets. Just drive your car at 50 miles per hour in case you want to get an ideal speed while saving gasoline as well. This driving trick not only increases fuel efficiency but also your safety.

Activate the Cruise Control Feature

Some automotive manufacturers support its product with a cruise control feature. Unfortunately, not all drivers use this feature since they want to hit the gas of the vehicle as they want. The thing that you don't know is that you can increase vehicle fuel efficiency by activating the cruise control feature.

The function of this feature is to help you drive a vehicle at a constant speed even when taking your foot off the gas pedal. Remember! The more constant the vehicle speed, the less gasoline the vehicle uses. As a result, you can make your car more fuel-efficient than before. Again, it is also about your safety while driving your vehicle.

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Apply the Coast Method

Coasting is one of the driving methods you can apply to improve fuel efficiency on your vehicle. The coasting method means that you drive your car slowly up the hill, along with constant speed. Wait until the vehicle reaches the top of the hill.

Right before the vehicle down the hill just coast it! This trick is similar to a roller coaster. Indeed, you must do this method safely, such as hitting the gas at a constant speed and the brake pedal when the vehicle starts to go downhill. Interestingly, the coasting method allows your vehicle to turn the fuel injection off.

Open the Windows Instead of Using Air Conditioning

Using Air Conditioning inside the car seems more comfortable, yet it is not a fuel-efficiency option. The best alternative to make your car more fuel efficient is by opening the windows. It sounds so traditional, but you will say thanks later because it saves your gasoline budget a lot. So, there are so many alternatives you may not realize yet to make your car more efficient. Interestingly, all of the methods are easy to do! Now, you know how to make your car more fuel efficient with simple mods without spending a lot of money to modify it.

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