How to Jump-Start A Car Safety

How To Jump-Start A Car Safety

Avandacar – Some car owners often do a jump-start if they can't turn the car on. Mostly because the battery on the car is dead. This trick is helpful when you are on the side of the road and no one can help you.

So, learn how to jump-start a car safety and bring it to a car repair service. In the process, you need another car that will supply the power of the dead one. You must also learn how to install an electric car charger at home in case you are a new electric car owner.

Take the Vehicle Key Off and Save It

Most car owners ignore this step before doing a jump-start. They don't care about it and directly jump-start their cars. It is a critical step to ensure that the vehicle is off during the process.

Imagine if the car suddenly moves after doing the jump-start technique. The point is that turning the ignition off and removing the key is for your safety while forcing the battery of the vehicle to work.

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Take Jumper Cables

Continue the process by taking jumper cables. Indeed, it is the reason why you must bring specific vehicle repair kits inside the car, including jumper cables. At least, you can take and use it in urgent conditions, such as when the is suddenly dead.

Connect the Jumper Cables to the Vehicle

Take the positive cable of the jumper and hook it onto the lead of the vehicle. Remember! Connect the positive cable with the positive lead! All you have to do is look for the battery terminal. The terminal is covered with a red cover with a positive symbol on it.

Open the cover and hook the red jumper cable to the positive lead. Ensure that the cable is well-connected before continuing the jump-start process. Next, find out the negative lead of the battery.

Most vehicle manufacturers use a black cable and a negative symbol on the battery. It makes car owners or technicians find it and do the procedure they want. Take the negative jumper cable and hook it to the negative lead of the vehicle cable.

Ensure that Cables are Safe

Ensure that the jumper cable is safe from the fans or hot components on the vehicle. It is also a critical thing you must understand while learning how to jump-start a car safely. The best thing you can do is put the cables outside the vehicle.

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Connect the Other Jumper Cables to the Other Vehicle

Now, move to the normal vehicle that will give the power to the dead one. You must do the same thing as you did with the dead car. In this case, you must connect the jumper cables to the positive and negative leads.

Once again, hook the positive cable to the positive lead and the negative cable to the negative lead. Despite you are handling a dead vehicle, you still have to put the cable outside it to prevent unwanted conditions.

Turn the Normal Vehicle On

Go to the normal vehicle once everything is ready. Then, ignite the vehicle for a few minutes. Let the normal car on for a few minutes.

It is better not to directly turn the dead vehicle on even if you are in a rush. This process is critical to ensure that you can do the jump-start process successfully.

Turn the Dead Vehicle On

Go back to the dead vehicle after turning the normal one for a couple of minutes. In this step, do the same thing as you did with the normal car. Yes! It is the right time to turn the dead vehicle on.

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Voila! The dead vehicle should be on by now. Yet, you still have some work to do to accomplish this process. Let both cars on for a few minutes.

Disconnect the Jumper Cables

In this phase, there is no problem with the dead vehicle. It means that the vehicle is on even after you leave it for a few minutes. If so, move out of the car and start disconnecting the jumper cables. Be careful! Don't disconnect the cables randomly.

You must start it by disconnecting the negative cable on the dead vehicle. Next, go to the normal vehicle and disconnect the negative cable on it. Continue the process by disconnecting the positive jumper cable on the normal car and then on the dead one.

Another critical thing you must understand during this process is keeping the cable away from another cable. Ensure that the dead vehicle is still on after disconnecting the jumper cables.

The jump-start process is accomplished! Remember to bring your car to the repair service once you can drive it. Let the expert technicians help to diagnose the problem of your vehicle. As a result, your car can move as smoothly as before.

Indeed, you don't need to worry if the battery will be dead again next time. Best of all, you know how to jump-start a car safely in case it happens again.

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