How to Install LED Lights In Your Car’s Interior

How To Install LED Lights In Your Car’s Interior

Avandacar – There are so many ways to improve the performance of your car interior. One of them is by installing . The interior of your vehicle looks so mesmerizing after installing LED lights.

Indeed, you must learn how to install LED lights in your car's interior correctly. It limits the effects because you are applying the wrong installation method. Go check another article, such as how to make your car more fuel efficient with simple mods. As a result, your car is not only stylish but also comfortable enough to use.

Choose the Best LED Lights You Want to Use

Nowadays, you are about to find a lot of LED light products in the market. Ensure that you read the product description before purchasing the LED light.

For example, you must know the length, color variation, and the system of the product. It helps you not only to install the LED light more easily but also get a satisfying result as you wish. For instance, some LED light products are sophisticated enough with an automatic system.

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The lights can even dim according to the song you listen to while driving the car. Some others come with a remote control to control the lights easier.

Determine the Location Where You Want to Install the LED Light

Determining the location where you want to install the LED light is critical. It affects the aesthetic sense of the car after installing the lights. You can also determine the length of the light you need to accomplish this lighting installation project. Some car owners prefer to install the lights underneath the seat back, the dash, and other areas inside the car.

Plug the Cable Power Cord into the USB Port inside the Car

So, how to install LED lights in your car's interior? Check the items you get once you open the package. In this phase, the focus is looking for the power cord of the LED lights. Most LED light products are using a power cord system.

If so, you have to connect the cable to the USB port inside the car. It is great if you have a USB port at the back of the seats, so you have more areas to install the LED lights. The next thing to do is plug the cable power cord from the lights into the USB port on the car.

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You can turn the lights on once you connect the cable to the USB port. It is a good trial to know that the lights are in good condition and ready to use.

Attach the Lights Based on Your Plan

Continue the installation process once you are sure that the lights are ready to use. Put the lights on the locations where you want to install them. In this step, you also have to think about the way to manage the cables.

For example, you must know where to hide the cables to keep them safe and aesthetic once the installation is ready. Test it by turning the lights on. Then, ensure that you are satisfied enough with the result. If it is not, you still have an opportunity to change the position of the lights.

Pull Off the Protective Cover on the LED Light Strips

Go back to the LED light strips and check the back of them. Each of the light strips contains a protective cover. The manufacturers often give a solid color to the protective color.

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Your job now is pulling off the protective cover on the back of the LED light strips. It is the same if you want to use a sticker. There will be a sticky surface once you pull off the protective cover.

Stick the LED Light Strips on the Location You Have Decided

Pull off one of the protective covers on an LED light strip and directly stick it to the targeted surface. Ensure that the strip is strongly attached to the surface. Now, move to the other light strip and do the same process. Repeat the process until all the LED light strips are attached to the targeted location inside your vehicle.

Recheck the Condition of the Installation

Congrats! You have installed the LED light on the interior of your vehicle when reading this phase. Yet, your job is not done. You should recheck the condition of the installation, such as the light attachment, cables, and other additional items you use during the installation process. Ensure that everything is hidden and clean. Turn the lights on once again to know the result.

Well done! The LED light installation is accomplished. One thing is for sure you know how to install LED lights in your car's interior through the steps above. Plus, you also understand that installing is not as complicated as you can imagine.

You can even do it yourself without the help of an expert or your friends. The most important this is that you are following the instructions on the package. Soon, you will have a more stylish vehicle with an LED light system in the interior.

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