How to Install Bluetooth In Your Car

How To Install Bluetooth In Your Car

Avandacar – Having a car with Bluetooth is great. You can turn this feature on to connect with your mobile phone. Then, it helps to make phone calls, stream music from your smartphone, and many more. Unfortunately, not all car models are supported by a Bluetooth feature.

Don't worry! You can still . We will guide you to learn how to install Bluetooth in your car. Next, learn how to upgrade your car's sound system to make it more comfortable to drive.

Install a Bluetooth Receiver

One of the easiest tricks to install Bluetooth in your vehicle is by installing a . Just like its name, this device is about to receive a Bluetooth signal from your smartphone. Then, the receiver with transfer the data to the vehicle.

Finding a high-quality Bluetooth receiver is easy nowadays. The way to install this receiver is also easy and fast. All you have to do is plug the Bluetooth receiver jack into the input jack or the auxiliary in the vehicle.

Now, turn on the audio source on the vehicle and wait for the Bluetooth receiver to connect to the audio source. Ensure that the Bluetooth on all devices is active. That's it! You can start to listen to podcasts, music, and other audio content while driving the vehicle.

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The most important thing is that you pick the right receiver model. Some Bluetooth receiver models are USB-powered, whereas others are battery-powered or wireless.

Install a Dedicated Bluetooth Speakerphone

How to install Bluetooth in your car simply without too many additional tools or devices? One of the answers is by installing a dedicated . This device is critical if you often receive or make a phone call while driving your car.

Despite the expensive price, installing a dedicated Bluetooth speakerphone can be a great option for car owners. The installation of this device is also simple nowadays. You only have to install the speakerphone above the driver areas. Then, pair this device to your phone just like pairing any other Bluetooth speaker.

You can make and receive a call once Bluetooth on both devices is active. It means that you don't need to move your hand to grab the smartphone, only to make or receive a call. Indeed, having a dedicated Bluetooth speakerphone inside the car is a safer option for car owners since they often use smartphones even while driving. Best of all, you can install this device and pair it yourself in only a few minutes.

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Install an FM Transmitter

What if your car doesn't have an auxiliary input? Does it mean that you can't install Bluetooth in the car? The good news is that you can still use Bluetooth inside the vehicle even if it doesn't have an auxiliary input. All you have to do is purchase an FM transmitter and install it.

Another good thing about a modern FM transmitter is that it is also a Bluetooth receiver. The difference between an FM transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver is that it works. The FM transmitter broadcasts the audio over an open FM radio frequency.

Because of that, you must tune your stereo FM tuner first to get the correct frequency. Soon, you are about to listen to the music streamed from your smartphone on the radio in the vehicle. All you have to do is plug the FM transmitter into the car's cigarette lighter and do the process above. Surprisingly, this device can't only help you to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and other audio files from your smartphone but also to make hand-free calls!

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Install a Universal Unit

Installing a universal unit is another simple way to have Bluetooth in the car. Some car owners choose to use this device since it includes a built-in speaker and microphone. The installation is also as easy as the devices above.

For example, you can clip the universal unit onto the sun visor. You can even mount this device anywhere you want inside the car by only using a suction cup or tape. The drawback of using this unit is that you must ensure that it is wired into the factory audio unit. If it is not, the device will not integrate with your phone's music apps.

The point is that you can still have Bluetooth in the car even if your car model doesn't include this feature. You should install Bluetooth, especially if you want to use your smartphone even while driving. The benefit of using these devices is that you don't have to lose your focus only to operate your phone.

Bluetooth works to help you listen to your favorite audio files and even make or receive a call. Indeed, learning how to install Bluetooth in your car is important to keep you driving the vehicle safely while enjoying the driving.

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