How to Install An Electric Car Charger At Home

How To Install An Electric Car Charger At Home

Avandacar – A charger is a good investment if you decide to have an electric car at home. At least, you always ensure that your car is ready to use since you are recharging it at home. It is also a solution if you don't want to wait in line only to recharge the electric car.

The most important thing to know before buying a charger is how to install an at home. Here, we will guide you to install the charger. Read also how to negotiate the best deal when buying a used car in case you want to do it.

Choose the Right Electric Car Charger Service

First thing first, you must check the most reputable electric car charger service in your living area. It ensures that they get the right charger model that is suitable for your vehicle model. Remember to inform the socket on the car so the team can give you the right charger cable.

Some electric vehicles use a type 1 electric charger, whereas others need a type 2 electric cable to transfer the electricity smoothly. The easiest way to find out is by checking the socket on the vehicle.

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Check Your Electricity Socket at Home

Most houses have a three-pin electricity socket. It takes at least 28 hours to recharge your vehicle using this normal socket at home. At the same time, you can directly use the socket for the electric car charging installation without upgrading it first.

Call A Technician to Check the Electricity Supply in Your House

The next thing to do is check the electricity supply in your house. You must ensure that your house has enough electricity supply. It is the reason why not all areas can .

In this step, you need help from an expert technician. Call a technician or an officer of the electric car charging service you are about to use to check it. If it is safe and you are allowed to install an electric car charger continue to the next process. If it is not, you can find an alternative to pass the requirements, such as upgrading the electrical system at home.

Wait for the Engineer

You don't have to do everything by yourself while learning how to install an electric car charger at home. It is because you are about to deal with a sophisticated process that only engineers can do it. For example, you have to ensure that the electrical system is safe and ready to use.

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Indeed, you can't decide it by yourself, isn't it? Let the engineer decide it! Even if it is not ready yet, the engineer can give you some suggestions so you can still install the charger at home.

The Engineer is about to Set the Installation

The engineer will set the installation once everything is ready. In some cases, they have to drill a hole to connect the charger cable outside. As a result, you can install the charger at the most suitable location. Indeed, it is a critical decision to ensure that you can charge your electric car pleasantly.

In this case, the engineers must ensure that the charging port is not more than 100 meters from the fuse box. They also have to ensure that the cable doesn't pass other people's land.

Install the Electric Car Charging App

Some electric car charging companies often offer an app to make charging easier. You can download the app on your mobile phone while waiting for the engineer to accomplish their job. Then, you can try to operate the app to know whether it is working well to support the car charging activity.

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It is also a perfect time to ask the things you want to know about the app, including the way to use the features on the app. For example, some apps have a scheduling feature to remind car owners to recharge their cars. One thing is for sure, you can control the charging activity as long as your mobile phone is connected to the charger at home.

Connect the Charging Cable Socket to the Socket on the Electric Vehicle

Congratulations! You have a new electric car charging station at home when reading this part. All you have to do is to ensure whether the charging system works well or not. Take the charging cable socket and connect it to the socket on your electric vehicle.

There will be a sign if both systems are connected. Then, you just need to wait just like when you are waiting for your mobile phone fully charged. Don't worry! You don't have to sit inside the vehicle and wait until the battery is fully charged.

You can do other activities while waiting for it as long as you have the app. If it is not, check the vehicle after a few hours to ensure the charger keeps charging.

Installing an electric car charger at home is complicated. At least, you know how to install an electric car charger at home if you have to. Best of all, the charger keeps your electric car fully loaded anytime you want to drive it, especially if you are in a hurry.

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