How to Install An Aftermarket Car Stereo System

How To Install An Aftermarket Car Stereo System

Avandacar – Many people think that using the OEM part on their car is the best thing to ensure safety and compatibility. That's not wrong, yet you can get more than that by using aftermarket parts on your car. It also includes a car stereo system. Here, we have a guide on How to Install an Aftermarket Car Stereo System to get a much better sound quality and audio performance.

Best of all, nowadays, you can find aftermarket car stereo systems on the market that fit with all kinds of car models. Once you find one you like, you only need to install it. The question is, do I need to hire a mechanic to do this? That would be better, but this article will guide you on how to install an aftermarket car stereo system yourself.

Disconnect the Battery

Installing an aftermarket car stereo will involve electricity. Therefore, for your safety, the first thing you should do is disconnect the ground connection to your car battery. It is the black connector on the side of the car battery body. Disconnect that part, and you are ready to start the aftermarket car stereo installation.

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Uninstall the Old Car Stereo System

Here are the steps to uninstall the old car stereo system from its frame:

  • Remove the cover of the car stereo. It is the part where the button was placed. Some car stereos have a pop-off type cover, which you can remove easily by applying pressure. However, if you have a car stereo system that uses a bolt, make sure to remove the bolt first.
  • Remove the protection collar, which is the frame that goes around the cover, and protect its edge.
  • Use the release key to unlock the whole car audio system from the audio system bracket. The release key comes with the new car stereo system you bought or in the car maintenance kit you have.
  • Remove the old car stereo system by pulling it off the bracket. You can use pliers to pull it out if you have difficulty doing it with your hand.
  • Please, pull the car stereo gently, because all cables are still connected on the back of its body.
  • Once you pull all the car stereo bodies from the socket, remove all the cables, starting from the antenna cable (the black and thick cable) and the speaker and power connector (multi-color cables).
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Installing the New Aftermarket Car Stereo System

Now, you are ready to install an aftermarket car stereo to the already-removed car stereo bracket. Here are the simple steps on How to Install an Aftermarket Car Stereo System:

  • Pull out the antenna cable and connector cable from the bracket.
  • Connect those cables to the new car stereo system. Make sure you connect them firmly, so it can work without any problem.
  • At this point, you can just push the new car stereo into the bracket. But, make sure it does work, you should try it first before pushing it into the bracket.
  • So, reconnect the car battery to get the power back.
  • Put the cover back, start your car, and turn on your car audio.
  • If it works, you can use it normally. However, if it does not work, you can try to fix it. That is why we do not recommend you put the car stereo back into the bracket before checking it first. So, you don't need to start over from the beginning to install the new car stereo.
  • If it does work, you can push the new car stereo into a bracket until you hear the “click” sound.
  • Install the protector frame. That's it.
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Now, you have a better car stereo system for your entertainment needs. You also can make your interior more entertaining by installing LED lights. Learn more about that in our article, How to Install LED Lights in Your Car's Interior.

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Things to Remember Before Installing New Car Stereo

All the steps above only work on the new aftermarket car stereo system that is the same size as your old car stereo. However, if the new car stereo system is slightly bigger or smaller, you need to modify the bracket to make it fit with the new one. Thus, you might want to remove some parts of the dashboard to remove the bracket and install a new one that fits with the new car stereo system.

Also, if you are not confident to do all the steps yourself, you can always ask for help from experts. That will help you to save more time. Moreover, it reduces the risk of mistakes that can ruin your car audio system.


In conclusion, changing your old car stereo is doable without help from the expert. Follow our guide on How to Install an Aftermarket Car Stereo System to do it smoothly. So, try it now

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