How to Install A Roof Rack On Your Vehicle

How To Install A Roof Rack On Your Vehicle

Avandacar – Installing a roof rack on a vehicle is one of the solutions to add extra storage. It is an important consideration for car owners who often bring a lot of luggage on the cargo. A roof rack is also suitable for big items you can't put inside the cargo.

The most important thing is that you understand how to install a roof rack on your vehicle safely. As a result, the items at the top of the vehicle are safe during the trip. Then, take your time to learn how to jump-start a car safely.

Choose the Best Roof Rack Product

Nowadays, you can find a variety of roof rack products online. The problem is that not all of the products are suitable for your vehicle. On the other hand, the products come with different designs and features, and even they are designed for a specific vehicle version.

Choosing the best roof rack helps you to install it easily and fast. The most important thing is that this product can optimally accommodate your need to bring items to the top of the vehicle safely. Ensure that the brands give you a complete package, such as the roof rails, roof rack, and other critical items to install the product based on the standard.

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Install the Roof Rails

Now, find the roof rails first on the package. You can also buy this product separately before installing the roof rack. Roof rails are the tool you must install from the back of the vehicle to the front of it. Install these rails on the left and right of the vehicle.

Take the cross bars and rubber buffer on the package. Insert the rubber buffer into the cross bars. Next, take the roof rail legs on the package. You will get four legs to install the roof rails. Insert the roof rail legs into the cross bars.

Two legs for the left rail and two more for the right rail. Check the jaws on the legs and ensure it open during this process. Carefully install the rails at the top of the vehicle. You can pass this step if your vehicle has rails on it.

Install the Roof Racks

The next job you must do while learning how to install a roof rack on your vehicle is installing the roof racks. The first thing to do is take out the roof rail attachment and install it on the rack rails on the side of it. Don't worry! The way to attach the roof rail attachment to the rack rail is easy.

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All you have to do is slide the roof rail attachment to the side of the rack rail. Take the screws and washer on the roof rack package. Use the screws to strongly attach the roof rail attachment into the rack rail. Complete this process for both sides of the rack rails.

Install the First Rail Rack on the Front of the Vehicle

In this step, your rail racks are ready to install at the top of the vehicle. Now, take one of them and go to the front of the car. Open the front door of the vehicle so you can reach the rails on the vehicle roof.

Attach the rack rail attachment to the roof rail. You can finish one side first before going to the opposite side of the vehicle. Lose the screw if it is necessary to adjust the position of the attachment before strengthening it.

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Check the strength of the attachment by pulling or shaking it a little bit. The attachment is strong enough if the position is steady even if you shake or pull it. Move the opposite side and do the same process to attach the rack rail attachment.

Go to the back of the vehicle and install the second roof rack. The installation process is the same as the way you did on the top-front of the vehicle.

Check the Strength and Position of the Roof Racks

Congratulations! You have installed roof racks at the top of your vehicle. Ensure that you recheck the strength and position of the roof racks before you go. It is necessary to do this for the safety of your items while driving the vehicle. It ensures that roof racks will not move or even off, especially when driving the vehicle on rocky or gravel terrains.

That's it! Your new roof rack is ready to use. You can use it to bring a kayak, fishing tools, and many more. Carefully learn how to install a roof rack on your vehicle above, especially if it is your first time to install it. The more you get used to this installation, the faster you finish the process. Soon, you can drive the car while bringing items to the top of it safely.

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