How to Install A Dash Cam And Hardwire It For Continuous Power

How To Install A Dash Cam And Hardwire It For Continuous Power

Avandacar – Some vehicle owners install a dash cam to add more comfort while driving. A dash cam gives you wider views. At the same time, some dash cameras also have a recording feature.

It helps to record critical events while on the road, such as an accident. Learn how to install a dash cam and hardwire it for continuous power if you want to have it too. Before that, you should also learn how to choose the  for an optimal usage.

Prepare the Properties to Install a Dash Cam

Ensure that you have all the properties before installing a dash cam. Indeed, you must have a dash cam, along with its components. You also need to prepare a clean cloth, wax, and grease remover.

There are some optional items you can prepare before doing this installation project, such as hardware kit, test light, long nose pliers, screwdriver, and trim removal kit. Preparing everything well is essential so you can do the process well.

You don't have to stop the process only because you can't find a specific item you need. As a result, you can accomplish this process right away.

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Pick the Best Location to Mount the Dash Cam

You must mount the dash cam in this project. Because of that, you must pick the best location to mount the dash cam. The position of the dash cam inside the car determines the vision you get from it.

The best location to mount the dash cam is the location that allows you to see the camera clear while driving. You also must ensure that the mirrors will not disturb the lens of the camera.

Start Mounting the Dash Cam

Indeed, you will learn the way to mount the dash cam while learning how to install a dash cam and hardwire it for continuous power. Don't worry! The way to mount a dash cam is not as complicated as you can imagine. Go to the chosen location to mount the device and bring a clean cloth.

Soak the clean cloth in a wax and grease remover. Then, install the dash camera on the location. No matter the type of the mounting tool, whether it is a suction cup or adhesive mount, you should use this trick.

The function of covering the area with wax or grease remover is to ensure that the dash cam is steady enough. As a result, the device will not easily fall, especially when you are driving the car on the rocky terrain.

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Use Wiring System to Hold the Dash Cam Well

Another trick to hold the dash cam in place is by applying a wiring system. It can be used as an extra protection to the dash cam in case the standard holder can't hold it. All you have to do is plug the dash cam in first. Then, route the wire across the windscreen.

The last thing to do is tuck the wire into the headliner to ensure that it is strong enough to hold the camera. You can add the process by tucking it behind a specific pillar underneath the dash cam. This wiring system also helps you to operate the dash cam easier. The dash cam is active once you turn the vehicle on and vice versa.

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Hardwire Your Dash Cam

Now, you should hardwire the dash cam. One of the purposes of this process is to replace the wiring kit on the package. Indeed, it ensures that the dash cam works well and steady enough even after a few months inside your vehicle.

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Experts often hardwired the dash cam on the fuse block, along with the same ways as explained above. The most important thing in this process is finding a good point. For an optimal result, use a specific material, such as a bare metal, a nut, bolt, and the dash frame.

This combination is about to hold the dash cam stronger. Remember to pop the fuse out and slot a fuse adaptor in. In this phase, you also need to replace the fuse into the adaptor. You must attach the negative terminal to the chosen point.

This process is about to give the dash cam constant power. Best of all, you don't need to do a sophisticated step, such as cutting or soldering a specific part during the process.

Test the Dash Cam

The dash cam is ready to use now. Test the dash cam performance by activating it while driving the car. Ensure that you are satisfied with the result before using the vehicle.

Revise the process if you think the position of the dash cam is not good enough yet. Stop the process only when you are satisfied with the result.

Now, you know how to install a dash cam and hardwire it for continuous power through the article above. It is a great activity to do if you love DIY projects. You only have to read the installation instructions while doing it. You can be an expert or a person who has installed a dash cam before if you think you can't do it by yourself.

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