How to Detail Your Car Like A Professional

How To Detail Your Car Like A Professional

Avandacar – Detailing your vehicle is one of the ways to keep it fresh and stylish. Most of you think that detailing a car is not as easy as you can imagine. This article is about to guide you on how to detail your car like a professional.

It is great information for DIY lovers who want to detail their vehicle at home. Learn also how to safely tow a trailer with your car or truck here.

Wash Your Vehicle

Don’t underestimate the washing process before detailing your vehicle. It is a critical process to ensure that the detailed result last longer. A professional team will use a specific tool to wash your car. You can still do this process by yourself at home by rinsing the vehicle from the top to the bottom, including the wheels.

You don’t have to dry the vehicle after the rinsing process. All you have to do is leave your vehicle wet for a long period. The most important thing is to ensure that all the dirt on the surface of the vehicle is gone. You must have a clean vehicle to continue to the next detailing process.

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Soap Your Vehicle

Now, prepare a soap that is made specifically for vehicles. Apply the soap based on the instructions on the package while your vehicle is still wet. Just like washing the vehicle, start soaping from the top of the vehicle to the bottom and all the parts of it.

This process is about to get rid of the dirt that can’t be washed with water. Wash the vehicle with clean water again to remove the soap and the dirt on the surface. Ensure that no soap is left on the surface of the car before continuing the detailing process.

Dry The Exterior of Your Vehicle

Dry the exterior of the vehicle once you are done with the washing and soaping process. A soft microfiber towel is perfect for this process. It prevents scratches on the paint of the vehicle. Remember to recheck all the parts of the car, especially the small or hidden parts.

Most of them are hard to reach so vehicle owners decide not to clean them. A professional detailing team will not do it.

They will check the small parts and the hard-to-reach areas to ensure that the vehicle is clean. They even do this process several times if it is necessary. That is how to detail your car like a professional for a satisfying result.

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Lubricate the Exterior of the Vehicle

In this phase, the exterior of your vehicle should be dry. It doesn’t have to be 100% dry because you have to lubricate it. Nowadays, you can find a variety of vehicle lubricate products in the market.

Choose the best lubrication product so it doesn’t affect the paint of the vehicle. Lubricate the exterior of the car from the top to the bottom.

Decontaminate the Exterior of the Vehicle

The next thing you must do to detail your car like a professional is decontaminating it. You need a specific item known as a clay towel to accomplish the decontamination process. Remember! Always do the process from the top of the vehicle to the bottom.

Dry the surface of the car with a microfiber towel once you are done with the decontamination process. You can polish the paint of the vehicle to finish the process.

Vacuum the Interior

The exterior detailing process is done! But your work is not done yet! You must detail the interior of the vehicle. Vacuuming is the first interior detailing step you must do. The interior is more sensitive than the exterior because it contains a variety of materials.

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Ensure that you choose the right cleaning products and brushes to handle a variety of interior materials. As a result, you don’t damage it and get a satisfying result. A professional detailing team uses sophisticated machines and tools to get rid of the dirt on the interior. They even repeat the process twice to ensure that there is no debris or dirt left on the interior, especially in the hard-to-reach areas.

Clean the Carpet

One thing that most car owners forget about is the carpet at the bottom of the vehicle. The truth is that this item can be so dirty. A professional detailing team understands that vacuuming the carpets is not enough. That’s why they often use a specific carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpets in your vehicle.

Just like the name of the process, you must pay attention to detail while doing all the steps. The way you execute all the steps determines the result you get.

The tools you use may be a little bit different compared to the professionals, yet as long as you are concerned about the details, the result will not disappoint you. The most important thing is that you know how to detail your car like a professional by following the steps above.

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