How to Choose The Best Dashboard Camera

How To Choose The Best Dashboard Camera

Avandacar – Nowadays, some car owners support their vehicles with a dashboard camera. It is a great device since you can record the road while driving. You can use the recorded videos as evidence when involved in a car accident.

Some dashboard cameras also have a sharing feature to let users share recorded videos with friends. Learn how to  below if it is your first time to buy it. Check also how to save money on car insurance here.

Check the Size of the Dashboard Camera

The first thing you should check to get the is the size. Nowadays, dashboard cameras come in a variety of sizes. Choosing the small ones is a great option to keep the interior of the vehicle aesthetic.

You can also hide the cameras in the strategic spots around the vehicle to record any unwanted conditions. For instance, the camera can perfectly record if someone breaks into your car and steals something. Yet, most small dashboard cameras use a Wi-Fi connection. You should take a larger product if you want to have a screen on it.

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Ensure that the Dashboard Camera is Easy to Install

As a beginner on dashboard cameras, it is better to find an easy-to-install product. It ensures that you can install the product by yourself. Plus, the dashboard camera is ready to use within a few minutes. For example, buy a dashboard camera with a sticky suction feature on the back of the camera.

This feature allows you to stick the camera right away without a complicated installation process. This dashboard camera model is also perfect if you want to move the device from one vehicle to another vehicle immediately. Some brands even design the sticky suction, along with a GPS.

The GPS will automatically be active once you mount the suction feature on a surface. Then, connect the camera to the ports on the suction feature to activate the dashboard camera. That's it! the camera is on and ready to record anything while you are driving.

Check the Resolution of the Dashboard Camera

The resolution of the dashboard camera is another critical thing you must understand while learning how to choose the best dashboard camera. It ensures that the footage on the recorded videos is sharp, clear, and bright enough to see. The higher the resolution of the dashboard camera, the higher the quality of the videos.

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Some brands support their devices with a 4K resolution camera. Yet, the standard dashboard camera resolution is 1080 pixels or 720 pixels rear camera resolution. A dashboard camera with a standard camera resolution is a good option for beginner users.

Ensure that the Dashboard Camera is Compatible with Your Mobile Phone

Ensuring that the dashboard camera is compatible with your mobile phone is also a critical thing to get the best device. Indeed, the device can't work well if it is not compatible with a specific mobile phone. Imagine if you have to buy a new compatible mobile phone only to operate a dashboard camera.

Some brands include compatibility devices. For instance, some dash cameras are only compatible with Android, whereas other brands are compatible with iPhones only. Nowadays, there are also so many dashboard cameras that are compatible with both, Android and iPhone devices.

Ensure That the Dashboard Camera is Using the Latest Technology

A dashboard camera with the latest technology is also an essential consideration. The latest technologies often help to operate the dashcam more easily, efficiently, and even accurately. For instance, Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest technologies most industries use, including the dashboard camera industry.

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One of the functions of Artificial Intelligence is to identify important clips and automatically put the save tag on them. As a result, the system will never overwrite the clips with other new clips except if you want it.

Imagine how complicated it would be if you have to do this process by yourself. You have to find the clips one by one and move them to a specific folder. Saving important clips manually takes time and energy.

Check the Buttons and Ports on the Dashboard Camera

Checking the buttons and ports on the dashboard camera is also critical if you want to operate a single device. It means that you can still operate the dashboard camera even without connecting it to another device, such as your mobile phone. If so, the device must have buttons so you can directly hit it to operate the device. At the same time, you can still connect the dashboard camera to another device by connecting a cable to the ports.

The point is that there are so many things you must check to get the best dashboard camera. At least, you can learn how to choose the best dashboard camera as a beginner by considering the six critical points above. As a result, you get optimal benefits after installing the dashboard camera on the vehicle.

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