What Is The 2023 Toyota Sequoia Price?

2023 Toyota Sequoia Price

2023 Toyota Sequoia Price – One of the questions that car enthusiasts ask about the new Toyota Sequoia is, of course, the 2023 Toyota Sequoia price. It is always interesting to talk about the price of a new car in many ways. It is the chance to see where the vehicle sits in the marketplace with its competitors. So, what about the price of the SUV from Toyota that is already available for purchase?

2023 Toyota Sequoia Price

The Price of Toyota Sequoia 2023

Without a doubt, there are several variants of the that come with different prices. So far, there are five trim levels of this new car from Toyota with the SR5 trim being the cheapest one. The SR5 trim costs $59,895 to take home. On the other hand, the Sequoia is the most expensive one which costs $77,595 to purchase.

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Between those trim levels of the are three other variants to consider accordingly. The Limited trim comes at $66,295, with a significant price gap from the SR5 trim. Furthermore, the Platinum trim costs $72,495, which comes after the Limited variant. Then there is the Capstone trim that costs $76,895 to bring the vehicle home.

2023 Toyota Sequoia Price

Comparison to the 2022 Toyota Sequoia

So, where does the 2023 Toyota Sequoia price sit in comparison with the 2022 version? There is a significant increase in the price, indeed. The SR5 trim for the 2022 model comes at $52,095. Meanwhile, the highest trim level for the 2022 model is the Platinum trim which costs $68,145 to buy. It is easy to see the price comparison of the 2023 and .

The 2023 model of Sequoia is more expensive than the 2022 version, indeed. There are three trims of the that have a higher price than the entire trim levels of the 2022 Sequoia. So, it is best to check the new upgrades, updates, and features of the new model before choosing one of the available trim levels to acquire.

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Which One to Buy?

It is all about personal considerations and preferences when choosing one of the trim levels of the new Sequoia from Toyota. For example, the TRD Pro trim can be the best choice for those who look for its off-road capabilities. Nevertheless, the standard SR5 trim itself can probably be enough for some people. It is best to consider the 2023 Toyota Sequoia price according to the available budget.

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