Review 2024 Toyota Highlander, The Grand SUV

2024 Toyota Highlander

2024 Toyota Highlander – On the third row, nobody short of a small person has ever dared to go back there because it's virtually always been a tight and unpleasant penalty box. Unless, of course, you are inside a minivan or a massive SUV. However, for any reason, the minivan is becoming as unloved as some third rows, as the larger SUV is, the more challenging it is to operate in metropolitan environments. Recently, however, numerous huge (but not too enormous), three-row SUVs have entered into the void in an attempt to make everything a bit easier out of the back behind the steering wheel, with 's interpretation on the subject being the brand-new .

2024 Toyota Highlander

Indeed, the all-new Toyota Highlander, a vehicle that shares certain components, a powerplant, and a name with the Toyota Grand Highlander, features a third row. It's definitely not as luxurious as Grand Highlander's, which at first was built from the ground up to be a 7/8 passenger SUV. It features a 4-inch larger wheelbase and approximately 4 inches longer generally than the largest Highlander, as well as being two inches higher and wider. That implies greater space for hips, legs, heads, knees, shoulders—you name it, you'll find more of it inside the Grand Highlander.

There's also additional cargo space, as you might expect. Toyota featured a picture of seven luggage crammed behind the enormous Highlander's 3rd row throughout the media show and share. They were able to make it work because of a SUV's 20.6 in cubic feet of capacity. There are additional 57.9 cubic feet behind the second row as well as 97.5 cubic feet right behind the main row (the seating fold flat for simpler freight loading). That is 10 cubic feet larger compared to the Kia Telluride and nearly 13 times bigger than this Grand Highlander's main rivals, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

We comfortably made the journey back there after a fast turn forward of the 2nd row captain's seating (top-tier Platinum feature heated as well as ventilated second-row seating). Since the bottom as well as back supports are not particularly comfortable, they're also not particularly board-like. Headroom was enough for this six-footer, as proved legroom having the second row raised up just a smidgeon. In brief, 2 not-so-short grownups would be quite content to spend more than an hour back there. There also exist USB-C connections on both sides (seven in total throughout the cabin), as well as enough of space for beverages and even tablets. Overall, it's a strong third row.

What Motivates It?

There's no all-new Toyota car that is genuinely all-new, according to Toyota history. This is one of the company's initiatives for exceptional dependability. In this instance, the Grand Highlander uses one engine taken from the newest Lexus RX along with two from the existing Highlander. It shares its fundamental architecture with the other Toyota vehicles.

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Review of All New 2024 Toyota Highlander

If you like the SUV Highlander from Toyota but believe it isn't large enough for your loved ones, the one called 2024 Toyota Highlander could be the answer. Its grand name tradition comes from the fact that it is an extended version of the present Highlander, not due of its styling, features, or luxury trimmings. The Grand Highlander has additional capacity within its lengthened body for passengers and baggage, with the majority of the length going to a large third row.

Three engine options are available, beginning with the turbocharged 2.4-liter 4-cylinder. There are two powertrains available, including a 362-hp variation named Hybrid Max. A slew of driver-assistance systems is standard, as well as the new Grand Highlander is merely available in expensive XLE, Limited, as well as Platinum trims, so maybe it is a little grander after all.

What Is New in 2024 Toyota Highlander?

Despite its Toyota Highlander moniker, the new Grand Highlander will be an entirely new model to Toyota's portfolio once it comes on market by the summer of 2023.

The debut of the larger 2024 Toyota Highlander becomes the major news. It has a longer and larger wheelbase than the basic variant. It's also bigger and higher, and it doesn't have the packaging constraints of the new Toyota 's tight third row. Being Toyota's most practical three-row SUV, this Grand Highlander sits between the Highlander and the Sequoia.

It also appears to be more stylish than the other SUVs. The design bulge from the Highlander along with Sienna is smoothed out inside the Grand Highlander with smooth body sides, clean, as well as a more vertical profile.

The new Grand Highlander XLE variant shifts into Lexus territory, alongside standard amenities which includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen combined with wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, synthetic leather upholstery, wireless mobile charger, power front seats with heating, a power tailgate, 7 USB ports, as well as 18-inch alloy wheels.

At $59,460, the new Grand Highlander with the variants of Platinum Hybrid Max featuring standard AWD enters the premium segment. That's a lot of money to buy a Highlander, Grand and otherwise.

Pricing and Choosing Which One to Purchase

The all-new Grand Highlander is available in just three trim levels, so buyers looking for a low-cost L or LE model will be disappointed. The XLE represents the entry-level trim, which is usually reserved for Toyota's mid-range . It arrives well-equipped alongside amenities that include power-adjustable heated in the front seating, a 12.3-inch multimedia touchscreen, a wireless mobile charging pad, one power-operated liftgate, including a suite for driver-assistance functions, so we believe it's the one you ought to go for.

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It is entirely dependent on the body design and engine selection. The Highlander L basic model costs around $38,000, which includes $1,335 shipping fee. It features the essentials, like an 8.0-inch of touchscreen featuring smartphone connection, yet all-wheel drive will cost $1,600, while the standard hybrid engine costs a further $1,600. To put it another way, a Grand Highlander XLE will cost $44,405 while the Highlander XLE only requires $43,355. The Grand one is well worth the additional grand.

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

This Grand Highlander is available with 3 different engine options, two of which are shared by the normal Highlander version. A turbocharged with 265-hp 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with front/all-wheel drive as well as an automatic transmission with eight speeds is standard.

The Hybrid Grand Highlander employs the identical hybrid engine found in the Highlander Hybrid, that features a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with two electrical motors to provide 243 hp. The model of Hybrid Max engine, which merges a turbocharged 2.4-liter engine alongside an electrical motor to create 362 hp, will be available on the highest-tier model.

Toyota claims that the Grand Highlander is capable of accelerating to 60 mph within 6.3 seconds as well as haul up to 5000 pounds when equipped using the Hybrid Max system. When testing both the non-hybrid as well as the Hybrid Max throughout the road and were delighted by the latter's rapid acceleration and the pleasant ride of both variants. While a Grand Highlander won't get a driver's heart racing on a tight road, it serves its function admirably, and aside from a steering wheel with a too light feel, it's well-suited for kid-toting, errand-running, or even road-tripping.

Fuel Economy: Is It Good on Gas?

Yes, particularly the hybrid. The base Highlander's turbo-4 gets 29 highway, 22 mpg city, 25 in combination with front-wheel drive, as well as 21/28/24 mpg using AWD. That's the same thing as the Highlander's rating, though with FWD; AWD reduces it by 1 mpg to be 21/27/23 mpg. On the interstate, the one rich in features Limited or Platinum versions lose roughly 1 mpg. It narrowly gets a score of 3 on the scale we use, but hybrid sales may eclipse turbo-4 sales during the year, in which instance it gets a 5.

Front-wheel-drive hybrids get 36/35/36 mpg, while AWD hybrids get 35/35/35 mpg. The new Grand Highlander hybrid achieves 36/32/34 mpg in either FWD or AWD mode. The new Grand Highlander Hybrid Max with basic all-wheel drive comes in at 26/27/27 mpg, yet in our tests, it fell significantly short of that, falling low of even the standard Grand Highlander turbo-4 using all-wheel drive.

Cargo, Interior, and Comfort 2024 Toyota Highlander

The new 2024 Grand Highlander truly lives up to its moniker, having a larger cabin over the basic Highlander model. The last row of seats, which has adequate room for full-grown adults, gains the most through the Grand Highlander's increased dimensions. The interior style of the Grand Highlander is also distinct, with a more symmetric design for the dashboard. The new 2024 Grand Highlander XLE represents the entry-level vehicle, and it has lots of convenient amenities that family customers will love, like as an electrical-operated liftgate, heated in front seats, with second-row window blinds, and a slew of USB as well as power outlets around the interior. There is enough for eight people when outfitted with a bench seat in the second-row, but customers looking for a seven-seating layout can switch the bench seats out for captain's seats.

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2024 Toyota Highlander

Connectivity and Infotainment

All versions include a 12.3-inch infotainment or entertainment touchscreen utilizing Toyota's newest software system; a 7.0-inch digital indicator display also comes standard, while Limited as well as Platinum versions get a bigger all-digital 12.3-inch indicator display. Each design also has a wireless mobile charging pad. On Limited as well as Platinum variants, an 11-speaker JBL audio upgrade is available.

Features for Driver Assistance and Safety

Each Grand Highlander variants include Toyota's TSS 3.0 package of driver-assistance systems. The set of features offers adaptive cruise control, automated high-beam headlights, as well as a road-sign detection system, added to the essentials like blind-spot tracking and automatic emergency brakes. The following are important safety features:

  1. Automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition as standard
  2. Lane-departure alert with lane-keeping support as standard
  3. Normal adaptive cruise control featuring lane-centering capability

Warranty and Maintenance Protection

Toyota's warranty coverage is standard in the market; however, owners receive two years of gratis regular maintenance, which is a pleasant feature that most competitors do not provide. Electrified Grand Highlander vehicles are covered by a special hybrid-component warranty for eight years or 100,000 miles.

  1. Three-year or 36,000-mile limited warranty
  2. The powertrain warranty is valid for a total of five years or as 60,000 miles
  3. The warranty on hybrid components is for eight years or as 100,000 miles
  4. Two years or as 25,000 miles of complimentary maintenance are included

What sort of vehicle belongs to the Toyota Highlander? What will it compare to?

The new 2024 Grand Highlander corrects the 3-row Highlander's flaws by providing additional passenger space in all 3-rows, providing it the usefulness that comes from the , the minivan, yet with a more famous SUV design. The three possible powertrains provide the Highlander an advantage over 3-row rivals including the Ford Explorer, Grand Cherokee L, Honda Pilot, Kia Telluride, and many more.

A Relaxed Crossover Thus Knows How to Move

If you're wondering why, you shouldn't just acquire a Sequoia, you'll find two simple solutions. The bigger body-on-frame SUV features a truck-like driving experience and begins at $59,865. The new Grand Highlander, feels multiple times better, with a smooth and silky ride as well as well-controlled body movements. It's significantly comfier than its larger sibling and thus the one to choose if you aren't required to pull more than 5,000 pounds (2,268 kilograms).

The smooth ride is due in part to a tweaked variant of this TNGA-K platform, that underlies everything that starts with the Camry through the underappreciated but brilliant Venza. It also serves as the foundation for subsequent three-row vehicles like as the Highlander with Sienna.

The autonomous front as well as multi-link rear suspensions effectively absorb small road irregularities, but the Grand Highlander doesn't seem too soft. When hurled into edges, the crossover handles level and solid, with little body roll. The latter is suitable for a huge crossover measuring 201.4 inches or 5,116 mm in length.

Having said that, this Grand Highlander serves as a three-row crossover with a distinct emphasis on comfort. There's an overall laissez-faire attitude, although Sport mode improves steering feel as well as overall responsiveness significantly.

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