2025 Land Cruiser: A Deep Dive Into Pricing, Specification, And Expert Feedback

2025 Land Cruiser: A Deep Dive Into Pricing, Specification, And Expert Feedback

Avandacar – The name Land Cruiser has served the famous car brand for so many years, creating the reputation of its off-road prowess, durability, and long-standing presence in the car global markets. Right now, there are three models of Land Cruiser on the market which are the 300 series, the Prado and the classic 70 series. But apparently, Toyota is not going to stop with its Land Cruiser.

With the 7-seater Land Cruiser Se electric already shown at Japan Mobility 2023, Toyota also hinted at another Land Cruiser 250 in early 2023. People believe this Land Cruiser will be smaller and is an off-road focused vehicle. From the latest reports, this new model will be hitting the market at the end of this year. This is everything we know so far about : a deep dive into pricing, .

What Will This Model Be Called?

A lot of details about this new Land Cruiser are still foggy, including the name itself. When Toyota went and secured the trademark for “Land Hopper” people thought that would be the name of the new Land Cruiser, but it appeared that it was meant for Toyota's three wheeled electric bike. People are guessing that Toyota might revive the name “FJ Cruiser” which is iconic. Or since the new model could be Hybrid and have an EV version, the name “Compact Cruiser” could be the answer.

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Or, Toyota could also continue to use the alphanumeric names like the Land Cruiser 300. But regardless of what the name would be, this new model will be drawing inspiration from the off-road capabilities of Land Cruiser while built on a smaller platform. This is pretty similar with one of its main competitors, the Ford Bronco.

2025 Land Cruiser: A Deep Dive Into Pricing, Specification, And Expert Feedback

Teaser Image

Toyota shared a teaser image during the presentation of the 2024 Land Cruiser 250. The image itself was kind of reminiscent of the Compact Cruiser with EV concept. Because of this, people are speculating that the new model will have some design elements from the concept and the new 2024 Land Cruiser.

This fusion would result in a Land Cruise with a design that is boxy, rugged bumpers, and cladding for protecting the car's body. It could also lead to a spare tire externally mounted to the tailgate of the vehicle just like how the teaser image looks like.

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The Powertrain

Now let's focus on the inside of the new car. It is reported that the new Land Cruiser will have both hybrid and internal-combustion-only powertrains. Not only that, it is believed that in later stages, there is a possibility to introduce a pure electric version or EV to the mix. But these are just speculations, the precise options for the powertrain are not yet confirmed by Toyota.

These speculations are based on what kind of powertrain Toyota have in their disposal. These engines ranged from the Corolla Cross to RAV4 and for enhanced power, the Prius. The Prius in North America is available with a four-cylinder hybrid gasoline engine that will generate 194 hp, with a hybrid variant that produces 220 hp.

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2025 Land Cruiser: A Deep Dive Into Pricing, Specification, And Expert Feedback


When we talk about 2025 Land Cruiser: a deep dive into pricing, specification and expert feedback, we have to talk about the appearance of the new vehicle. According to multiple sources, the new upcoming model of will have a width about 1,800 mm or 71 inches, identical to the Toyota Corolla Cross.

The height of this car is expected to be 1,850 mm or 73 inches, making it taller than Toyota Corolla Cross for 204 mm while its length will be estimated around 4,500 mm or 177 inches. So overall, the new Land Cruiser's footprint should be quite comparable to its main competitor, Ford Bronco with 173 inches in length, 74 inches in width, and 70-71 inches in height.

So, based on this speculation, the new Land Cruiser would be slightly smaller than the older version of the same Toyota Land Cruiser. But don't worry, this vehicle will still be fully capable of clambering obstacles and have real bona fides off-road. After all, the name is still the Land Cruiser.


Due to its smaller size, this new Land Cruiser is expected to come at a more budget-friendly price compared to the 2024 Land Cruiser which priced around $55,000 in the United States. It is reported that in Japan, this new Land Cruiser will cost around 3.0-3.8 million Yen which is equivalent to 20,000 to 25,000 US Dollars at current exchange rates.

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However, the  pricing and specs is expected to be up once it is available in North America, with the range starting from $30,000 to $35,000. Usually, the new more compact model will be available around the globe even though the options of available powertrain may vary in different regions.

But unfortunately, all we have so far are speculations based on older models, Toyota early presentations, and what kind of technology Toyota have in their disposals. For the accurate and confirmed full details of the new Land Cruiser, we need to wait for Toyota to unveil them. But there's a possibility that we might get to see more accurate details of the new Land Cruiser in the several months to come.

If you can't wait for Toyota to officially unveil their new Land Cruiser and really want to take a sneak peek yourself. You can satisfy your curiosity by watching the prediction video of the brand new 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser.


So that is everything we know so far about the 2025 Land Cruiser: a deep dive into pricing, specification and expert feedback. Toyota Land Cruisers have been known to be very reliable and durable vehicles, making a lot of people are always waiting for the new models or versions. Unfortunately, we still need to wait until at least the end of this year to know the official and confirmed details about the new Toyota Land Cruiser.

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