2024 Toyota RAV4 Specification Review

2024 Toyota RAV4

2024 Toyota RAV4  is back with its new vehicle, the 2024 . Most automotive experts and enthusiasts say that this car is the best generation of RAV4. So, what makes this product so special? The review of the latest Toyota RAV4 below will explain everything. After that, you may agree with the experts.

2024 Toyota RAV4

2024 Toyota RV4 Specification

You should check the specification of this car to know its specialty. Learn more about this car below.


Toyota lovers will automatically notice that it is a vehicle by Toyota even seeing it at a glance. It is because the design follows the previous generations. There is no big change in the design. The overall design is similar to the Toyota GA series.

Due to the design, we can conclude that RAV4 is simple in design, yet it has sophisticated technologies. The handling system is good though it is not too sporty as the other cars in the class. You will not see a significant improvement in the design, yet it is still quite attractive to see.

The dimension of the car is 180.9 inches long x 73 inches wide x 67.2 inches height. The wheelbase of this is 105.9 inches, whereas the ground clearance is 8.1 inches.


It seems that Toyota will release three different versions of RAV4, which are the gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. Experts predict that the gasoline version is supported by a 2.5-liter inline-four. This engine produces up to 203 horsepower, along with good fuel economy. It reaches 27 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway.

The hybrid engine is even amazing. The engine will produce up to 219 horsepower. The speed reaches 41 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. How about the plug-in hybrid? You will be amazed by the engine. The RAV4 will produce up to 302 horsepower.


Just like the design, Toyota seems not drastically change the interior of the RAV4. The manufacturer keeps its interior characteristics, such as a clean dashboard design, along with nice materials and a spacious cabin.

Indeed, Toyota gives a touch of sophisticated technology and safety features in the interior. This vehicle is good for a long journey. The ergonomic and aesthetic seat fixes driving and sitting positions. The rear seat is fit and comfortable enough for three adults.

Interestingly, this comfort doesn't sacrifice the cargo area. There are approximately 37.6 cubic feet of cargo to safely put your bags. The front headroom is 37.7 inches, whereas the rear headroom is 39.5 inches.

The leg room is also spacious to boost passengers' comfort. In specific, the front leg-room size is 41 inches and the rear part is 37.8 inches. Your shoulder will also feel comfortable once enter and sit in the car.

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It is because of the 57.8 front shoulder room and 56.4 inches rear part. The passenger volume is up to 98.9 cu ft. Indeed, Toyota carefully measures the dimension to ensure that the driver and passengers get maximum comfort while using this car. A comfortable vehicle is suitable for both, short and long journeys.

Entertainment Features

Indeed, you will not lose the high-tech features in all Toyota's vehicles, including the 2024 Toyota RAV4. This vehicle has the standard features, such as touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, navigation, and Wi-Fi.

This car even has a virtual assistant made by Toyota itself known as Hey Toyota. The driver can use several entertainment features, such as radio, speaker stereo, Bluetooth, and others. The keyless feature also works effectively for the drivers.

The Safety Features

Toyota fans understand that Toyota will always care about the safety of its users. The manufacturer does the same when designing RAV4. That's why there are several safety features in this vehicle. First, this car has a safety-sense feature. This feature is a sensor and camera. The function of this feature is to detect potential hazards on the road. It even directs drivers to prevent fatal accidents.

Second, Toyota also supports this car with blind spot monitoring. It is also a sensor to detect other vehicles in your blind spots. Another function of this feature is alert you when a car near you tries to change lanes.

Third, you are also about to drive an SUV with a rear cross-traffic alert. This feature works well to alert you when a vehicle coming from either side. Fourth, Toyota also installs automatic emergency braking. It helps to break the car to prevent accidents.

Fifth, the multi-terrain selection is an interesting feature of Toyota. This feature is about to guide you to pass through different terrains. Indeed, driving in the sand and mud needs a different setting.

Imagine if you have to set the car features by yourself manually. It takes time and skills. This feature reduces setting time by automatically adjusting the traction control setting of the car.

The Range of the RAV4 2024 Version

As a hybrid SUV, the range of this vehicle is approximately 507 miles on a full tank. Indeed, the result may differ between drivers. It depends on the way you drive the car, road conditions, weather, traffic, and many more.

Yet, you get the average range when filling the tank. The acceleration range of this car is from 0 to 60 mph in only 5.5 seconds. The manufacturer designs this car with a 120 to 130 mph of top speed.

The Colors Toyota Uses for Toyota RAV4 2024 Edition

On the exterior, Toyota will apply several different hues, such as white, grey metallic, black metallic, red, and silver. The metallic colors will make the body of the car looks stylish, elegant, and eye-catching to see. In the interior, this brand combines two colors, which are black and nutmeg. This simple combination makes the interior modern, neat, and clean.

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RAV4 Trims 2024 Version

Toyota wants to grab a variety of target audiences. Because of that, this brand offers up to thirteen trims with petrol and hybrid trims. Say there are three trims in the bottom levels, which are LE XLE, and XLE Premium.

In the middle trim levels are including Adventure, TRD Off-Road, and Limited. In the hybrid levels, RAV4 offers Hybrid LE, Hybrid XLE, Hybrid Woodland, and Hybrid XLE Premium. Buyers can also choose the other three trims, Hybrid SE, Hybrid XSE, and Hybrid Limited.

The more trims option offered by an automotive brand, the more flexible your option. You can even choose the vehicle trim option based on your driving style. As a result, you get the most comfortable driving experience compared to driving other vehicles.

The Technology You Get from RAV4 2024 Version

You seem to have a companion while driving even when driving the car alone. Thanks to the Multi-Information Display (MID). This technology guides your driving directions, gives safety info, and much more.

A panoramic View Monitor (PVM) is also an interesting thing you will get in this car. This technology helps to scan the surrounding. The purpose of this technology is to help you in specific conditions, including when parking the car.

The PVM will create an animated virtual view from above and on all sides. As a result, you get a bigger picture of the surrounding. You can safely park this car without any difficulty.

2024 Toyota RAV4

2024 Toyota RAV4 Versus 2023 Toyota RAV4

Toyota made an extreme improvement to its 2018 RAV4. Then, they released it in 2019. Toyota did it again in 2023. Because of that, Toyota seems not to make an extreme improvement to their RAV4 2024 version.

We can see it from the full specifications of the RAV4. Both of the vehicles are about to use an 8-speed transmission and Multi-Terrain Select. It hopes that the 2024 version will be more flexible in all types of terrains.

It means that you can drive this car pleasantly whether in the mud and sand, rock and dirt, and snow and normal terrains. The focus of this system is on the automatic traction setting. The better the traction setting, the better the driving performance.

Say for the TRD off-road version, the 2023 and 2024 versions use Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD with real driveline disconnect (TV-AWD). The function of this system is to boost the responsiveness and stability of the car.

The system works by delivering up to 50 percent of the power to the rear. Then, the power distributes to the right and left wheels. Don't get surprised when you feel that gasoline is economical when driving a 2023 RAV4. It is because the system also works to boost fuel efficiency. In this case, you get maximum power from the car without spending too much gasoline.

In contrast, this system will stop the power to the rear wheel when it is necessary. Due to this efficiency, Toyota will reinstall this system in the 2024 RAV4 version. We also need to see the driving modes.

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The 2024 version seems also to have three distinct drive modes. Change the driving mode to Sport mode to drive the car with sharper acceleration. Say you are on a long trip and want to save more fuel. If so, change the system to Eco mode. For the daily driving experience uses Normal mode. This mode leads the system to mix between great performance and fuel efficiency.

You may think that driving these cars is so smooth. The secret is in the multi-link rear suspension. This system enhanced the handling and control of the vehicle. The suspension will detect the body's rigidity and does the best way. As a result, the traction keeps steady. It is the reason why you are still calm and relaxed while driving RAV4 no matter the terrain.

2024 Toyota RAV4 Release Date

Toyota lovers seem can't wait to see this vehicle in the dealers and on the road. So, when will Toyota release this latest RAV4? It seems that Toyota will release this cool car in early 2024. People who want to buy this car earlier can book it by the end of 2023. We can only wait for the official release date by Toyota.

2024 Toyota RAV4 Price

Besides asking about the release date, Toyota fans are also curious about the price. So, how much Toyota will offer this sophisticated and stylish RAV4? The manufacturer doesn't release the price yet. The price depends on the trims.

In this case, we can see from the 2023 price. For example, the 2023 Toyota RAV4 LE version is $29.000, whereas the XLE is $31.000 and the XLE Premium is $34.000. The Adventure trim version is $36.000.

If you want to drive the TRD off-road version, you should spend approximately $39.000. Toyota will offer the Limited version at $38.000. What about the hybrid version? The price of the hybrid RAV4 also varies.

The Hybrid LE can be the cheapest one. You can get it for about $32.000. On the other hand, the most expensive version will be Hybrid Limited. Toyota may offer this version at $40.500. Hybrid XLE and Woodland are $33.500 and $35.000.

You will not run out of options because this brand still has Hybrid XLE Premium, Hybrid SE, and Hybrid XSE. The prices of each version are $36.500, $35.000, and $37.500. Remember! The prices here are taken from the 2023 Toyota RAV4.

So, the cost can be a little bit more expensive than it. Yet, it is reasonable enough since you will get a stylish car with great features and comfort.


According to the specifications and detail of the latest RAV4, Toyota does the best improvement. You will see a different RAV4 compared to the 2018 version. It seems that Toyota doesn't want to lose its characteristics on all of its vehicles, including the 2024 RAV4.

The best part is that buyers get more options in the following year since Toyota provides up to thirteen different trims. It means that you can choose to drive the latest RAV4 based on your driving characteristic.

The price is also reasonable enough because this vehicle offers more high-tech and safety features. Indeed, we can't wait until this 2024 RAV4 is available on the official dealers and the road, right?

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