2024 Toyota Crown Review – Toyota New Crown Series

2024 Toyota Crown

2024 Toyota Crown will launch its new product at the end of this year, which is the continuation of the new series released last year in the United States. The new will receive its new update this year with the . This series replaced the Avalon series which has been around for a while. Toyota decided to discontinue this series with their last 2022 model and put the Crown in its place.

The Crown's name is not a stranger to the Toyota market, especially in the Western market. This model has been around for around 70 years. In the U.S. market, the Crown made its first appearance in the early ‘70s. But, it went into hiatus and returned as a 2023 model.

As for the 2024 model, we believe Toyota will keep the main concept of the Crown, which is comfort and luxury. It covers everything on this model, including the driving experience, appearance, and interior comfort. Yet, many experts warned the Crown lover to not put their hope on its . It might be the same without improvement compared to the 2023 model.

2024 Toyota Crown

However, before you think that this new model is a big letdown in terms of performance, let us review it a bit. Then, you can use our data as a reference whether you buy it or check for other models. At least, you know what the 2024 model for the Toyota Crown series offers to its buyer. Let's start!

2024 Toyota Crown Appearance

The will have three models, which are Sedan, Estate, and Sport. The sedan is the longest of the three. Also, this model is the best model that represents the design concept of the Crown series, which is comfort and luxury. Before we move to how it looks like, let's see the details dimension of each model:

  • Crown Sedan – 198 x 74.4 x 57.9 inches (L x W x H) with 118.1 inches of wheelbase,
  • Crown Estate – 194.1 x 74 x 63.8 inches with 112.2 inches of wheelbase,
  • Crown Sport – 185.4 x 74 x 61.4 inches with 109 inches of wheelbase.

Three models have similar designs, carrying futuristic looks like the previous 2023 model. However, we also can say that Toyota didn't make too many changes to this new release. It is reasonable because the 2023 model was the redesign of the series to prepare for the re-enter stage in the U.S. market. So, Toyota seems to keep most of the design from 2023 on this new release.

How about its looks? The front side uses a sharp-style design. The slim headlight with three lights provides bright illumination while keeping it looking stylish. The grille covers almost the whole front side area. Some people see it as a strange design. But, we know Toyota tries to make trademark looks on this model. And, the similar grille design and position also was used on the previous Toyota Crown model.

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The rear side is the coolest part of its exterior appearance. It doesn't have too much accent. The looks are also simple. But, the line-style rear light gives it a big difference. Moreover, this rear light goes through the Toyota logo on the trunk door.

Unfortunately, Toyota doesn't include the logo as part of the rear light. In our opinion, it will be even cooler, if the logo also is a part of the rear light. So, whenever you turn it on, it also can show the car on your back that you are riding a Toyota. It is one of the best ways to add promotional elements to this model design.

The brake light is located on the bottom part of the rear side, right on the bumper. It is also similar to the headlight. It uses a slim-style design, which gives this sedan a different look than other sedans in its class.

However, this design is only available on the Estate and Sedan model. As for the Sport, Toyota uses a bolder rear light on each side. It is reasonable because this model is the closest model to the to the other two. As a reminder here, Toyota Crown is a crossover model, except for the sedan model. We can't even call the sedan model is like a regular sedan. When you see its ground clearance and the muscle trim on its side, it looks stronger than other sedans.

2024 Toyota Crown Colors

As for the color choices, Toyota gives you so many options, such as:

Crown Sedan

It has only one color series, which is Monotone. In this series, you can choose six colors, which are white, black, beige, metallic, navy blue, and brown. We don't know which color will be available in the overseas market. But, from Toyota Japan, these colors are available for Japan market.

Crown Sport

This model offers two color series, Monotone, and Two-tone colors. The Monotone series consists of six colors, which are white, black, dark grey, red, brown, and yellow. For Two-tone series has five choices, which are white+black, grey+black, red+black, brown+black, and yellow+black.

Crown Estate

This model has two color series like the Sports model. The Monotone colors are white, yellow, dark grey, red, and brown. As for the Two-tone color, it offers white+black, grey+black, red+black, brow+black, and metallic+dark grey.

2024 Toyota Crown Interior

Let's move to the inside of the car. Luckily, the Toyota YouTube channel has uploaded videos that show you from close range about the interior of the 2024 Toyota crown. Here is what you got from each model.

Crown Sedan Model Interior

Toyota uses black leather as the main theme for this model's interior. It doesn't have too many standout colors, which makes it look luxurious. It also has four seats, two in the front and two in the back. In the middle of each seat row, you can find an armrest. The back seat armrest also has a display screen where you can operate various features on this model.

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On the backside of the front armrest, you can find the AC controller with a beautiful Crown logo printed on it. On this panel, there are also ports for charging mobile devices. Uniquely, to control the AC, you need to turn the knob, which gives it a traditional touch you might never find on the latest released car product.

We have information about the interior feature or infotainment system for this new Crown we will reveal later. However, we like a unique feature in this car's interior, which is a small light that illuminates the door handle. It helps you to open the door when you are in a minimal light situation, like after you put this car in the garage and turn the engine off.

Crown Sport

The Crown Sport uses a combination of two interior colors, which are red and black. This is the standard option. But, you also can choose other color combinations when it is released.

The interior looks spacious, especially the back seat. Toyota removes the armrest and adds the middle seat. So, it fits three people.

When we said spacious, it has indeed more spaces where you can relax your leg. It is a perfect size for long trips where you spend hours in this car. Moreover, the cargo area is also very large. Toyota shows it by putting a golf bag in it, and it still has more space you can use.

Toyota uses beautiful leather on the steering wheel. Then, the dashboard also uses the standard digital display to show the car's status, like speed, fuel, and others. The transmission stick has an ergonomic design that fits in your hand comfortably. In short, it gives you the Crown vibe, comfort, and luxury.

Crown Estate

Crown Estate has a similar interior style to the Sport model. It has beautiful leather upholstery covering almost all parts of the seat and dashboard. The dashboard also has a control panel with a display that shows all statuses of this car.

But, the most noticeable part of the Crown Estate's interior is the cargo area. The back seat is foldable. And, when you fold it, you get a huge space where you can put many luggage and stuff. There is no information about the dimension of the cargo area you can get after you fold the seat. But, from the preview of its interior, it is big enough for adults to lie down comfortably in it.

2024 Toyota Crown

2024 Toyota Crown Infotainment Features

Each model has 12.3 inches screen with a touchscreen feature. You use it to control various features in this car. It also displays all information about this car.

Furthermore, this model's infotainment system is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can use it for playing the music you like. As for its audio system, it has two options, the six-speaker audio system, and the eleven-speaker JBL premium audio system. You also can find the SiriusXM Satellite Radio feature.

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Other than those features, you also can find an extra feature that gives you a comfortable trip. For example:

  • Wireless Smartphone Charger
  • Smart Key System
  • Rear Window Defogger
  • Heated and Ventilated Front seats on top trims
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Power Window Auto up and Down
  • Leather Shift knob
  • Dual-zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Four USB- C Charging Ports
  • One USB-A Charger Ports

All these features are available on all models in this new release. However, the premium audio system is only available on a specific model. We have no information about it, so you might have to wait until its release date.

2024 Toyota Crown Safety Features

The 2024 Toyota Crown also comes with several standard safety features you can find on most Toyota cars. However, we also find out about the upgrade or improvement on this feature. One of them is Safety Sense 3.0. This feature is the latest Toyota standard feature consisting of a Pre-Collision System, Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert, and Full Speed Dynamics Radar Cruise Control.

Also, we have a list of safety features you can find on this new Crown:

  • Road Sign Assist
  • Automatic High Beams
  • Proactive Driver Assist
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Collision Sensors
  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • Rear Seat Reminder
  • Safe Exit Assist
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Brake Assist
  • Smart Stop Technology
  • Standard Eight Airbags
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Backup Camera with Dynamic Gridlines

2024 Toyota Crown Specifications and Performance

2024 Toyota Crown is available in two types of engine, which are HEV and PHEV. The HEV type uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and three electric motors. This combination produces 236 horsepower output. Then, it also uses the AWD (All Wheel Drive) drivetrain. This engine can make this car run from 0-60 MPH in 7.6 seconds. It is quite fast for a crossover model from Toyota.

The other type uses a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Toyota combines this engine with an electric motor, which produces power output bigger than the first type. It produces 340 horsepower and uses a similar AWD drivetrain. As for its acceleration, it can run from 0-60 MPH in 5.7 seconds.

The Fuel Economy on this car is also something that you can expect. However, we have no official information about its MPG. But, we believe that this new release will have a similar fuel economy as the 2023 model. So, you can expect it to have 41 MPG for highway driving and 42 MPG for city driving. But, Toyota also can improve it even better, so you can expect a better MPG for this new Crown.

Price and Release Date

Toyota has officially announced that the Sedan model and Sport model will be released in autumn this year. As for the Estate model, it will be available on the market sometime in 2024. How about the price? Toyota has not released the price for the three models. So, we only rely on the estimation by comparing it with the previous model. You can get it starting from $41,000. That concludes our review of the 2024 Toyota crown.

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