The 2024 Tesla Model X Is A Lot Better Than Ever

2024 Tesla Model X

The 2024 Tesla Model X is one of many new cars to hit the market for the year 2024. As usual, some questions surround the latest version of a specific automobile. The most fundamental question is whether or not the new model is better than the previous one. So, what about this new take from for the 2024 model year of the famous Model X?

Undoubtedly, there are good and bad things about the 2023 . The fans are expecting the bad things to be there no more in the newer version of this . Of course, it is pretty much up to Tesla whether to refer to those things or not in designing the 2024 version of Model X. It is necessary to look back to the older version of the vehicle in the first place before checking the new one, right?

2024 Tesla Model X

What Is Tesla Model X

The so-called Tesla Model X is an electric vehicle from Tesla that sits in the mid-size luxury market segment. It comes from the base platform of the which is a full-sedan model from Tesla. The prototype of the car was shown in 2012 in the design studio of Tesla. The car itself has been around in the market since 2015 following its first deliveries in September 2015.

Only a year after its first delivery, the car leaves a mark in the automotive industry by being the 7th world's best-selling electric vehicle. It is only reasonable for this particular automobile to have a noticeable fan base today. At that point, it is necessary for Tesla to always pay attention to the updates and upgrades for the Model X in its newer version. The perfect combination of performance and efficiency is one of the best things to expect from this vehicle which may remain in the 2024 Tesla Model X.

The 2023 Model Year Of the Tesla Model X

Regardless of its popularity, the vehicle itself is not exactly the best in its class. The 2023 version ranks only in the 18th spot respectively according to Car and Driver. The top leaders in the segment include BMW iX, Genesis GV60, Cadillac Lyriq, Genesis Electrified GV70, and Rivian R1S. Nevertheless, It has a strong fan base, that is longing for the newer version of this electric SUV.

That is a reasonable thing because the 2023 version has no significant changes at all from its predecessor. The only new thing Tesla offers for the 2023 model year is a new keycard with the classic car-shaped fob available as an option. It also comes with a $700 retrofit option for those who want it. Other than that, the car carries on from its previous release without any change at all.

Hopefully, it will change for the newer 2024 Tesla Model X for the better satisfaction of its customers. Overall, Tesla Model X is an electric vehicle with a long-range battery, very fast acceleration, and quick recharging performance. All of those things will certainly be there in the 2024 version of the vehicle. Nevertheless, some things desperately require updates and upgrades for the newer release.

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One of the most noticeable flaws of the automobile is the somewhat mediocre interior trim. It is not too difficult to find other cars in the price range of Model X with better interior finishes. It becomes a crucial factor since Model X is a luxury vehicle according to Tesla. Well, the cabin looks pretty but it is just not right for its price.

Another pain for Tesla to delete from the car is the steering yoke. The traditional round-shaped steering wheel is a much better choice for drivers to handle the car. Hopefully, those bad things about the car will be there no more following the release of the Tesla Model X 2024 model year. Although, some upgrades for some sections of the car will be greatly appreciated by fans and enthusiasts out there.

Things To Get From The 2024 Version Of Tesla Model X

The most important thing to notice from the newer version of Model X is the return of the classic round-shaped steering wheel. It gets better since the steering wheel comes as a no-cost option for buyers. It is certainly the answer from Tesla for those who complain about the difficulty in controlling the car using the so-called steering yoke of Tesla. It brings more excitement to experiencing the ultra-fast acceleration of this electric vehicle.

Another thing about the 2024 Tesla Model X is the fact that it continues its habit of retaining almost everything even from its first model for 2016. Many other vehicles would have lost several things when they are as old as the Model X. Nevertheless, Tesla keeps as many things as possible from its oldest version to maintain its identity. It is crucial to keep the iconic traits of a vehicle without neglecting many chances to improve it at the same time.

Performance And Efficiency

Without a doubt, the performance sector of a vehicle is always crucial to check whenever a new model comes out to the market. It comes with a pair of two electric motors to form a reliable all-wheel drive drivetrain. The acceleration is insanely fast with 0-60 mph is reachable within only 3.3 seconds. That is just for the base model with the availability of the Plaid version being the faster one.

The higher trim of the Plaid model comes with faster acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The slick setup of the dual motors is the key to that staggering performance. The motor sits pretty on each one of the axles of the front and rear. Even the base model of the Model X is enough for the majority of people especially because the car itself is a crossover SUV.

Furthermore, the battery range of the car is just a bit more than 330 miles. Tesla claims that the standard version will reach 348 miles while the Plaid version sits at 333 miles. In terms of the charging speed, it can be fast with the available Tesla Superchargers around the state. Nevertheless, it takes up to 14 hours to fully charge the car at home using a 240V connection. Keep in mind that in-home charging equipment is available for purchase separately as well.

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In terms of the so-called MPGe for an electric vehicle, the car is capable of levering 102 MPGe combined, 97 highways, and 107 cities. It is the part where the car outruns its rivals in the market segment. Both Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace are not as good as the 2024 Tesla Model X in that particular matter. That makes it a decent choice for those who need to stay mobile every day.

2024 Tesla Model X

Interior And Cargo

Apart from the performance sector, talking about the interior space of the new Mode X is also necessary. It is that way because the vehicle is a crossover SUV that often becomes the choice of families to go electric. It requires a reasonable space inside which can hold more people and stuff at the same time. Fortunately, it is easy to get that in the Tesla Model X interior.

The vehicle holds up to seven people with three-row seating available. When there are fewer people to sit in its cabin, the vacant spot can be useful to put some stuff. It is a thing that Tesla focuses on in providing for its fans with their families. In other words, there is no need to worry about the interior capacity of Model X from Tesla.

On the other hand, the overall appeal of the interior is strong with almost no buttons present there. It is a classic Tesla design which is a good thing for it to remain inside the cabin of the Model X. Of course, the iconic windshield or glass roof that runs from the end of the hood to above the front seats is there. It provides the driver and front passenger with an uninterrupted view of the road ahead and the surrounding.

Yet, there are still some rooms for improvement concerning the interior of the 2024 Tesla Model X as mentioned earlier. Misaligned panels, non-descript air vents, and mediocre seats can be better in some ways for the vehicle to attract more fans. Nevertheless, Tesla may leave those things for improvement due to the price factor. The car can be much more expensive when those things are replaced with better alternatives.

Entertainment And Safety Features

Without any reasonable doubt, it is a must for cars today to provide as many safety features and entertainment options as possible. The Model X from Tesla comes with a bunch of that stuff for those who need to use them. So, there is no need to even worry about getting bored or running out of entertainment inside the cabin of Model X. What is it that Tesla has in the interior for this purpose?

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There is a huge touchscreen that acts as the dashboard and control center for almost anything in the car. The infotainment system is there as well unfortunately without any support to connect to Android Auto ad Apple CarPlay. Believe it or not, it is a noticeable setback when many other vehicles put those app supports among the standard features. Apart from that, the overall infotainment system looks and feels high-tech in many ways.

Even the rear passengers have their small display screens in front of them. The screens become the center of infotainment for the rear seats, as well as a bit of control over some of the features. Of course, there are no physical buttons on those screens to go with the sleek and seamless design of the interior cabin. Overall the interior of the 2024 Tesla Model X is following its exterior appeal.

Lastly, there are the so-called safety features or assistances that people are looking for in this particular car. Techy features are not enough to sell the vehicle without reliable safety assistance features to prevent anything terrible from happening while driving the car: There is no need to worry about that at all even if the Tesla Model X performance is a top-notch one. There is a bunch of safety-related features to expect from this vehicle.

The so-called lane-departure warning and automated emergency braking system come as standard features. There is also the adaptive cruise control system alongside a hands-free driving option for those who want to use them. There is also the so-called Summon feature to safely park or retrieve the car from tight spots in public. That Summon feature is beneficial in many ways since Tesla Model X comes with top-hinged doors, unlike many other vehicles in the market.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, the choice of an electric vehicle as a daily driven choice of transport may not be for everyone. It is crucial to assess and consider several things in the first place before deciding to pick an electric vehicle, such as the Model X. When it is time to go for an electric car, the Mode X from Tesla can be the ultimate choice for many. Is it that way with the pricing of $101,380, even for the base model?

In many ways, buying an electric vehicle means spending a noticeable amount of money. So far, Tesla brings several things that are reasonable enough to be in a car that costs more than $100,000 to purchase. Performance and efficiency sectors are among the best things about the new Model X. It comes with an outstandingly fast acceleration that many people may not reach its fullest potential when driving it.

Apart from that, Tesla also makes sure that the car functions as it should as a mid-size crossover SUV in its market segment. It comes with a set of up to seven people at the same time. That spacious seating and top-hinged doors allow people to get in and out of the car seamlessly. In many ways, the 2024 Tesla Model X is a top-notch choice for those who want to have and drive an that is versatile, powerful, and stylish at the same time.

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