2024 Tesla Model S Base And Plaid Specifications

2024 Tesla Model S

2024 Tesla Model S – Talking about electric vehicles, we have to talk about . It is considered one of the first electric vehicles worldwide. This model is not a new one.

released this model in 2012 with its Establish . So, what about the 2024 Tesla Model S? Are there any significant improvements? Learn more from the review below.

2024 Tesla Model S

2024 Tesla Model S Design

Tesla Model S seems to be different from other traditional sedans. One of the differences is the power. In this case, Tesla offers a more powerful sedan in its class. It seems that this car will be on the top that beats its competitors in the electric vehicle market.

Specific vehicles, such as Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQS, and Lucid Air should be worried about the arrival of this car on the market. The design looks futuristic and luxurious. The sensation of driving this vehicle looks like driving a car with the most attractive design on earth. The team used the aerodynamic system and even improved it to boost the performance.

2024 Tesla Model S Interior

Surprisingly, the interior of this vehicle is not as amazing as it looks. Tesla can install more sophisticated touchscreen infotainment, yet this manufacturer chooses to use the standard system. It looks simple for this sophisticated vehicle.

The problem is using this system is that the driver should manually control it. On the other hand, other automotive brands think about producing an automatic infotainment system. You even can't see Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in this car.

The manufacturer only installs a 17-inch touchscreen, along with an HD radio, stereo speaker, Bluetooth, and USB ports. Tesla chooses a screen with 2200 x 1300 resolution. The company claims that the screen will produce true colors.

Drivers can even play their favorite games, watch movies, and do other things pleasantly on the screen. The point is that you will get a cinematic experience while driving this latest Tesla Model S. Gamers will love this vehicle since Tesla provides a specific feature.

This gaming feature is compatible with the newest consoles. Passengers can play games on a long trip. Don't worry about the system. Tesla makes everything simple, yet sophisticated with a wireless system.

No more boring long trips. Passengers can kill time by playing their favorite games inside the car. In case you don't want to play games, just listen to your favorite music, movie, or podcast. The sensation is also as great as playing games. Thanks to the speaker and audio system.

Tesla even uses active road noise reduction. As a result, you can listen to the sounds clearly with studio quality inside the car. This vehicle also has a Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless charging ports. It sounds so old school for a high-tech car such as the Tesla Model S, isn't it?

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The Engine of the 2024 Tesla Model S

You may curious about the engine used in this 2024 Tesla Model S. As an electric vehicle, this vehicle is powered by a 100 kWh-lithium-ion battery pack. Tesla boosts its performance with two electric motors.

The manufacturer put the first motor on the front wheels. The second motor is for the rear wheels. In case you are using the plaid trim version, there will be another motor for the rear axle. Because of the engine and its motors, the speed of this vehicle is fantastic.

It seems that you are riding the future sports car. Imagine that this car can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in only 3.1 seconds. The automatic torque also helps drivers a lot. It provides more power when driving the Model S in the city and on highways. The Model S Plaid version is even insane! This version can reach 100 km/h speed in only 1.99 seconds.

Tesla Model S 2024 version Efficiency

So, does Tesla Model S an efficient vehicle to ride or not? The good news is that this car receives good fuel economy estimation. Based on the record, this latest Model S gets approximately 124 MPG in the city and 115 MPG on the highway.

Unfortunately, the result is a drop-down for the Model S Plaid version. This version is using 19-inch wheels and 21-inch wheels. The vehicle with 19-inch wheels leads the car to get up to 119 MGP in the city and 112 MPG on the highway. The result is even dropped when the Model S uses 21-inch wheels. It receives 102 MPG in the city and only 99 MPG on the highway.

2024 Tesla Model S Cargo

Can you bring your luggage using this sporty and futuristic sedan? Unfortunately, this vehicle offers smaller cargo compared to its competitors. You can only use the rear cargo space and the front trunk. The best way to get extra space for keeping more items is by folding the rear seats.

Tesla also adds compartments to organize and bring small items in the front. This car has a cupholder to keep your favorite drinks. Too bad, experts think that this feature is uncomfortable since there is no anti-slip system. Because of that, this holder can't hold a cup well. At least, you can use the door pockets to bring more small items.

The Safety Features of the 2024 Tesla Model S

The safety features are the next thing that we should analyze about this car. Is it safe enough to drive this car on the road? Remember! You are about to drive a car with a super-fast speed. It seems so dangerous if drive this car without having proper safety features.

Indeed, the latest Tesla Model S triggers a pro and cons. People even thought that driving this vehicle is dangerous after knowing about a fire incident. The fire came out once the driver increased the speed.

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It is an uncommon incident since there are no fire cases found in electric and gasoline vehicles. So far, Tesla only installs standard safety features, such as cruise control, pedestrian detection system, blind spot monitoring, collision warning, and emergency braking.

The manufacturer seems to want to follow the standard for the common vehicles by adding other safety features, such as automatic lane change, automatic highway driving, parking sensors, departure warning, and hands-free parking assist.

This car may pass the safety standard test since it has all the safety features. The thing that Tesla doesn't realize is the extra safety features to anticipate accidents because of the speed and other incidents such as fire.

2024 Tesla Model S

2024 Tesla Model S Versions

Tesla's latest car launches in two different versions, the base Model S and the Plaid version. Let's discuss a little bit about the standard features of both versions.

Base Tesla Model S Version

The first interesting thing about this version is the dual electric motors. These motors can produce up to 670 horsepower. The manufacturer also uses 19-inch wheels to make this vehicle sporty.

It is even more eye-catching and futuristic with the design of the LED headlights and fog lights. Overall, the features and system meet the standard, although you will not see something spectacular on it.

Plaid Tesla Model S Version

The thing that makes the Plaid version different from the base version is the battery system. The Plaid system is using an advanced battery system. Instead of using two electric motors, Tesla even added another motor.

It means that this Model S version has three motors to boost its power. Indeed, it produces a higher horsepower than the base version. Imagine if you are driving a vehicle that can produce up to 1.020 horsepower.

We can't underestimate the speed of this version. It is even faster than the base model. Say in the speed trial, the Plaid Tesla can reach 60 mph in only 2.3 seconds. This speed leads its drivers to 396 miles of range when it is fully charged, along with 19-inch wheels.

The bigger the wheels, the slower the speed. In another test using 21-inch wheels, this model can only reach 348 miles. The autopilot feature is one of the most interesting things.

Tesla upgrades it to make it more responsive. As a result, you can let the vehicle delivers you to the chosen location without touching the steering wheel. This feature also works well for parking the car.

Tesla Model S 2024 Version Pros and Cons

Take a look at the pros and cons to understand more about this vehicle. The latest Tesla Model S is superb in its acceleration. It is on the top compared to its competitors whether it is EV or a regular version.

Buyers also have access to an extensive Supercharger network by Tesla. In contrast, the steering wheel seems to be uncomfortable to use. We even can't expect too much on the interior. People who drive this car may get difficulty accessing their mobile phones.

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It is because Tesla doesn't install Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Tesla only installs a charging port inside the car. You also don't get more paint color variations or customizations. As a result, you should learn more to drive the car in case you are new to the setting.

Things You Can Enjoy in Tesla Model S 2024 Version

The sensation of driving the Tesla Model S 2024 version is similar to the sensation of driving the 2012 version if it is your first time. You may feel that the handling and braking systems in this car are better than other sedans in its class.

At least, it leads you to feel the sensation of driving a car with a futuristic model, despite the lack of sophisticated features on it. One thing is for sure is the speed. According to the system, the speed is so fast than other vehicles. You should consider the speed when driving this car on the road.

The Price of Tesla Model S 2024 Version

Price is also an interesting thing you should know. Indeed, automotive lovers are curious about the price. Based on the model, features, and system in the car, the base Tesla Model S 2024 version is around $100.000.

The Plaid Tesla Model S 2024 version is even more expensive. This company may be offering this version for approximately $135.000. In case you want to buy the fully-loaded version, it seems that you should spend up to $150.000. It is a reasonable price since you get more features from this version.

Tesla Model S 2024 Version Release Date

Tesla started the Pre Order in February 2023. You can check its official website to order this modern car. It seems that people who order the 2024 Tesla Model S will receive it in 2024.

Final Verdict

Tesla makes a revolutionary improvement on its product by launching the latest Model S. It offers an electric car with advanced technology. Due to the features and technology, it seems that the 2024 Tesla Model S is not suitable for a mobility car.

We have to consider the high-tech speed system. It makes this vehicle has a speed level above other vehicles in its class. On one side, Tesla offers regular features. It seems too simple for this car. Automotive lovers and experts want to see something more.

On the other side, Tesla doesn't cover something critical that all people need, connection to their mobile phone while driving. Imagine how desperate people are if they can't use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto inside the car.

Luckily, Tesla still gives a charging port so drivers can recharge their mobile phones. Another interesting part is the gaming system within the vehicle. Not all automotive brands give access to their passengers to play games in the car. Best of all, the system is designed to be compatible with the latest console.

The 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid version is the premium model. It offers something that you don't get in the base model. Still, the car is good on the entertainment side, and not for daily usage. The launch of the latest Model S by Tesla is good news for buyers who want to drive this car.

The sensation of driving a vehicle from Tesla is so amazing at first. Indeed, Tesla still has to improve this model to ensure that the vehicle is safe to use and accommodates things that buyers need.

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