2024 Tesla Model 3 – New Fresh Version With Better Performance?

2024 Tesla Model 3

2024 Tesla Model 3 released the Model 3 series for the first time in 2017. Since then, this company has made many remodel and upgrade several times. The 2020 model was the most noticeable one as it changes its whole vibe. Then, we will have another upgrade of this series with the launching of the new . What kind of change does Tesla give to this new release?

2024 Tesla Model 3

The Appearance

The experts' prediction about Tesla would give a big change in the hit the mark. The spy photo we received from our source shows clearly a significant change in its outer appearance, especially the front side. Other than that, Tesla also makes an unusual change in the mirror of this new model.

As for its detail, the front side changes we saw are the new headlamps and front bumper. The headlamps are much slimmer than the previous model. It is similar to those of the . However, it comes with cool graphics as you can have on the next-gen car.

Also, the front side has a horizontal line at the top of the front area and another line in the middle that divide the front area. The bumper looks new thanks to the removal of the fog lights. It gives a neater and smoother look, which adds a more futuristic vibe to this new model. Even though the rumor said Tesla would change the mirror, the spy photo shows that the mirrors seem to have a similar design to the current Model 3.

The rear side also has not that much difference. The tail lights of the new Model 3 are similar to the current model. The C-shape and line-type light is still there. It still can provide a good level of illumination during driving, especially at night. Whether it has no changes or Tesla cleverly hides the changes, these tail lights appear as one of the coolest parts of the design of this new model.

Model 3's design is starting to age. The new design of the is indeed a refresh for all Tesla cars. And, we think it is necessary as other manufacturer launch EVs with refreshing designs. Some of them even stand out among the crowd. Hyundai, Volkswagen, Polestar, and some Chinese car manufacturers took the design seriously.

Moreover, the design also could be another selling point Tesla can use to face the competition with other brands that just starts to enter the EV market. Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti, Lexus, and other brands will launch their EVs and add more competitors Tesla has to face.

We all know they are willing to do more for attracting people to buy their products, and design is one of the elements that could do more for that. The 2024 Model 3 has what it needs to face that competition from a design point of view. So, we think Tesla has moved in the correct direction with this model, at least from the spy photo we saw.

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2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior

The interior of the new Model 3 will have substantial changes. According to various spy photos and videos, we can see many changes that bring a new nuance to the interior of this new model.

  • New Steering Wheel

The most noticeable changes we found are the new steering wheel. The new model uses a three-spoke unit, similar to the current Model 3. However, it has better color and cover, which give it a sleeker and more elegant look. It seems that Tesla uses a similar concept as Tesla Semi for the new Model 3 steering wheel.

  • New Materials for Dashboard

You won't find wood trim anymore on this new model. Instead of wood, Tesla uses Alcantara material to cover the whole dashboard. According to Tesla, this is their effort to keep everything fresh from the outside to the inside of their release.

Furthermore, if you look at the exterior appearance of the 2024 Tesla Model 3, you can feel a more sporty vibe on it. Therefore, the wood trim is not suitable for this design concept. We believe customers will feel satisfied by this change. Moreover, it also looks beautiful when you pair it with its entire design.

  • New Seats

Seats will affect the comfort level you get when using these beautiful EVs. Therefore, Tesla seems to pay more attention to this part to ensure you can enjoy the ride for much longer. Our source revealed that the 2024 Tesla Model 3 seats will have a big improvement.

The drive-side seat has a unique design with holes, which will act as ventilation. This new ventilated seat is indeed an innovative feature and design. Furthermore, the seat also comes with an ambient lighting system. It gives a different vibe than the previous Model 3.

In short, appearance-wise, the inside of Model 3 is much simpler than before. Rather than simple, the best way to describe it maybe is futuristic. It has not that much accent and the placement of the digital equipment also gives that futuristic vibe. Moreover, it also doesn't have too many tools. This new model uses one display screen on the dashboard to control various things and display information.

How about the screen size? The current Model 3 uses a 15.0-inch landscape-oriented display with a touchscreen feature. Therefore, the 2024 model will most likely have this size as well. Tesla could even use the 17.0-inch display from Model S and Model X. As a refreshed version of Model 3, we also expect or hope that Tesla also will improve its chipset, at least with a better AMD chipset. Therefore, you can use this display to play games as well.

Unfortunately, we think Apple Car Play and Android Auto won't be compatible with this system. Tesla will use its original system. Moreover, the interface will also be different than what you usually see on those two popular car systems.

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2024 Tesla Model 3

The Safety Features

The safety features of the 2024 tesla model 3 are also something that you can't ignore. Tesla has created one of the impressive safety features called Full Self Driving. It is available on the previous model. Therefore, we believe that Tesla also keep this safety feature in this new model.

Even though it doesn't work as its name implies, it is still an impressive safety feature on Tesla products. It helps you to monitor various things around your car. If Tesla can design this safety feature well and keep or improve its performance, it is not surprising if this car also can keep its IIHS Top Safety Pick+ status.

The camera is also another safety feature you have to know. This new model will have three cameras. One camera is located in the center of the front bumper. And, the other two are on the side profile. These three cameras are the new addition. But, we believe that Tesla will also keep the two rear-facing cameras from the outgoing model on this new model.

All cameras you can find on the exterior will support the Full Self Driving feature. It assists this feature to detect objects surrounding the new Model 3. Therefore, its main function as an autopilot feature can be much improved.

The other changes in its safety feature are the temperature sensor. This feature is available on the ongoing Model 3. However, Tesla will remove them. To measure the temperature, it will utilize the GPS location and weather data.

The removal of temperature sensors might be an effort to reduce the inefficiency of energy consumption on this car. However, it means that you won't be able to get accurate data when you enter a small or closed space, such as your garage. The sensor will use the location through GPS data, which could be different.

Yet, we can still see Tesla trying to solve this by improving the GPS model on the new 2024 Model 3. Therefore, we can expect more accuracy from it. It might not be as accurate as having a temperature sensor on the car's body. But, it will give you a rough estimation of the temperature around your car. Furthermore, we also find that we don't use this feature too often.

Those are some of the safety features that we found through spy photos and videos. We can say that is enough to give you a piece of mind when riding this Tesla EV. However, we also expect that Tesla will add more to ensure better protection than the previous model and its competitor. That will give this 2024 model more value which makes it worth buying.

Engine Specifications and Performance

Unfortunately, we have no information about the detailed specification of the 2024 Tesla Model 3. However, we believe that Tesla will bring a change to its powertrain. It will give it more output and improve its performance significantly.

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The current Model 3 is available in three variants, which are Standard Range with RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) drivetrain and Long Range and Performance with AWD (All Wheel Drive) drivetrain. The Standard Range can run 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds. While Long Range is much faster, which is 4.2 seconds and Performance is even faster with 3.1 seconds to reach 60 mph. As for their top speed, Standard Range can run at a maximum speed of 140 mph, the Long Range at 145 mph, and the Performance variant at 162 mph.

As a refreshed model, the new 2024 Model 3 should have improved performance than those three. We also have no information about the variants this new model will have. But, if Tesla can make the standard or basic variant run as fast as the Long Range variant of the current Model 3, that's enough.

As for the EPA of each variant in the current Model 3, the Standard Range has 267-272 miles, Long Range has 334-358 miles, and the Performance can run 315 miles after one charge. The 2024 model should have at least 375 miles for its medium variant.

By the way, we also have no information about the variants that will be available on the new Model 3. But, we guess Tesla will keep the previous variant, as this model will “only” be refreshed or upgraded. So, you can expect three variants, which are Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance variant.

But, we have information that Tesla won't continue the RWD drivetrain on the new model. So, maybe we can get another AWD for the variant that will be available on the 2024 Tesla Model 3. We need to wait until its release date.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Battery

We also expect that Tesla will keep the battery option for the new Model 3. The current Model 3 has two battery options. You can get a 54-kWh unit. This battery is available for the base variant, which uses a single motor. The other battery option is an 82-kWh battery pack. It is available for the current Model 3 Long Range and Performance.

However, there is also a possibility that Tesla will simplify the new model production. That means you will lose one of the battery options and stick to one of them. That would be too bad because we'd also love to see better performance on this new model.

The Competitor

Many car manufacturers will be the top contender for the new Tesla EV. But, one name that we think gives it a real threat is the Hyundai new EV, Ioniq 6. This EV has 340 miles of EPA, which is the goal the new Model 3 needs to surpass.

Price and Release Date

Tesla has not announced the official release date of the 2024 tesla model 3. But, according to our source, the production of this car has started. We might get an official announcement around July to September. If that is so, we can predict this model will be available on the market in the Q4 of 2023 or early 2024. As for its price, it might start from around US$ 41,000.

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