The Complete Review Of The 2004 Range Rover Sport

2004 Range Rover Sport

2004 Range Rover Sport – The 2004 stands alone as the ultimate luxury sport-utility vehicle, unrivaled by any other contender. While the Mercedes-Benz G-Class boasts impressive 4×4 capability, its cabin and demeanor lean toward utilitarianism.

The Rover Range is the highest luxury in its class, unparalleled by all of them. While competitors like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Lexus LX 470, and Toyota Land Cruiser have their strengths, none can match the 's blend of off-road capability, opulent cabin, and advanced safety features.

For 2004, updates to the Range Rover are minimal, primarily introducing a new interior package and an exclusive Westminster limited-edition model, with a production run limited to approximately 300 units.

2004 Range Rover Sport

Model Lineup

The 2004 Range Rover Sport offers a single, fully equipped LSE model priced at $71,585, ensuring that every driver can enjoy a luxurious experience. There is also an exception to this standard model in the form of the exclusive Westminster Limited Edition.

 The vehicle proudly displays a permanent four-wheel drive system incorporating two wheels, an automatic transfer case and the Torsen Center differential ensuring exceptional off-road capability.  Furthermore, the vehicle offers advanced all terrain traction and stability control systems with four-wheel disc brakes fitted with Advanced Antilock Braking Systems to enhance safety.

Stepping inside the Range Rover, drivers and passengers are greeted with a host of standard amenities that elevate the overall driving experience. These include a convenient three-zone climate control system, a 10-way power-adjustable driver's seat for personalized comfort, and a cutting-edge GPS navigation system to ensure seamless navigation on any journey.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the Harman/Kardon digital surround-sound system, which includes a six-disc CD changer and a discreetly placed cassette player. However, these amenities merely scratch the surface of what the Range Rover has to offer.

While it is only possible to customize a vehicle according to individual preferences, the choice of package remains very interesting for those wishing to adapt their own vehicles. The Heated Accessories Package, priced at $1,300, provides the luxury of dual-level heated front and rear seats, a heated multi-function leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an integrated ski bag, perfect for winter adventures.

A new addition for the 2004 model year either for Range Rover Sport or 2004 is the enticing Luxury Interior Package, which comes at a price of $5,000. This comprehensive package includes everything from the Heated Accessories Package, along with the inclusion of Contour seats offering 14-way adjustment and memory functions for the driver.

Moreover, the package enhances the interior with additional leather elements, such as seats, door pulls, grab handles, center console lid, and upper dashboard, exuding a refined and opulent ambiance.

For those seeking the epitome of exclusivity, the limited-edition Westminster package is the ultimate choice, priced at $12,415. This extraordinary package encompasses all the features of the Luxury Interior Package while adding exclusive enhancements.

These include Rain Sensor automatic windshield wipers for improved visibility, a striking Java Black pearlescent paint color that sets it apart from the crowd, a Jet Black interior adorned with Ivory accents for a sophisticated aesthetic, and 20-inch bright-finish aluminum wheels fitted with 255/50 V-rated all-terrain tires, delivering both style and performance. It's important to note that only a limited production run of 300 Westminster models will be available, making them truly exceptional and highly sought-after.

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The Range Rover boasts an unmistakable and striking design that sets it apart from the crowd. Despite its recent redesign in 2003, it continues to exude the iconic Range Rover DNA that enthusiasts instantly recognize. The vehicle's exterior showcases smooth and well-defined contours, striking a balance between elegance and strength.

Unlike other bulkier and more ostentatious SUVs, the Range Rover maintains a trim and athletic appearance, akin to a formidable middleweight fighter standing next to a flashy professional wrestler. In its latest iteration, the Range Rover has grown in size, emphasizing its commanding presence on the road. With an increase in height, width, length, and ground clearance, it exudes an imposing aura.

The wheelbase, measuring over 5 inches longer than previous models, contributes to enhanced stability and interior space. Additionally, the track has expanded nearly 4 inches, further enhancing its muscular stance. Impressively, the Range Rover offers a remarkable 11 inches of ground clearance, ensuring that it can confidently conquer various terrains.

Although the use of lightweight aluminum in its body panels helps to mitigate weight, the vehicle still possesses a substantial mass, weighing close to 5400 pounds, approximately 400 pounds heavier than its predecessor.

At the front, the Range Rover exhibits a robust and horizontal appearance, highlighted by its signature clamshell hood, a hallmark of Range Rover design. The sleek and high-tech headlamps wrap around the corners, incorporating power washers for added convenience and visibility.

The bumper features two purposeful round ports and a horizontal slot, serving as functional elements that supply air to the engine while imparting a sense of strength. The tail lights at the rear echo the futuristic design language established at the front, creating a cohesive and contemporary aesthetic.

When viewed from the side, the latest Range Rover showcases a high beltline, contributing to its commanding presence. The smooth expanse of sleek metal is visually accentuated by striking Brunel-finish louvers, positioned to extract air from the rear of the engine bay. This design element adds a touch of drama and sophistication to the vehicle's profile.

Beneath its stylish exterior, the Range Rover utilizes a steel monocoque structure with an integrated chassis, resulting in a remarkable 32 percent increase in torsional stiffness compared to pre-2003 models.

This enhanced body rigidity not only enhances the overall ride quality and handling dynamics but also empowers the Range Rover with remarkable towing and hauling capabilities. Whether on or off-road, the Range Rover proves itself capable of effortlessly transporting a variety of cargo, making it a versatile companion for any adventure.

2004 Range Rover Sport


The interior of the 2004 Range Rover offers a spacious and luxurious environment. While long time admirers of the brand will appreciate the opulent features, some may find the latest design surprising with its austere and straight lines.

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However, the interior maintains a sense of lightness and airiness, drawing inspiration from ocean-going yachts, first-class jetliner seating, and even elements of fine furniture and jewelry.

The dash is characterized by flat panels, tastefully accented with discreet metal finishes around the instruments and controls. Essential vehicle information is displayed on an in-dash LCD array. The Range Rover comes equipped with a standard navigation system designed to cater to both on- and off-road navigation needs.

Additionally, the vehicle offers adjustable cup holders capable of accommodating various sizes of bottles and cans. As a premium feature, a Harman/Kardon 15-speaker surround-sound system enhances the driving experience, while a power glass sunroof adds to the overall ambiance.

Generous headroom and legroom surpass previous models, ensuring ample space for occupants. The seats are both large and comfortable, providing adequate side bolstering and lumbar support. Furthermore, the headrests are designed with comfort in mind. In the rear, the seats feature split powered backrests, adding to the versatility and convenience of the interior.

The Range Rover doesn't compromise on storage capacity either. The tailgate is designed to support the weight of two adults, making it ideal for tailgate parties or outdoor gatherings. The cargo area is longer and taller than in previous models, offering ample space for belongings.

The rear seats are split 60/40, providing flexibility for accommodating both cargo and passengers. Luggage hooks on the cargo floor ensure that items remain secure during transit. Additionally, a full-size spare tire is conveniently stored in a well beneath the cargo floor.

The 2004 Range Rover offers a range of interior color schemes to suit individual preferences. These include Aspen/Ivory, Jet/Charcoal, Navy/Parchment, and Jet/Sand. All variations feature contrasting piping on the seats, and buyers have the choice between traditional walnut burl trim or avant-garde cherry trim, allowing for a personalized touch.

In the exclusive Westminster edition, the powered driver's seat boasts an impressive 14-way adjustment, while the front passenger's seat offers 12-way adjustment. Both front and rear seats feature two-level electric heating for added comfort, and even the steering wheel is electrically warmed, a luxurious touch for colder climates.

The interior leather is Jet Black, complementing the pearlescent black exterior, while the wood trim is finished in grand piano-grade ebony. The headliner and grab handles provide a striking contrast in ivory.

Safety is a top priority in all Range Rover models, and the 2004 version is no exception. Comprehensive safety equipment includes eight airbags as standard, offering protection for both front and rear occupants. This includes front, side, and head airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger, as well as head airbags for rear outboard passengers.

The vehicle also incorporates security features such as deadlocks and an ultrasonic alarm system. For added peace of mind, a panic button activates the locks, providing extra security against potential attacks.

Driving Performance

The 2004 Range Rover combines enhanced off-road capability with improved on-road handling. The Range Rover showcased remarkable stability and agility, effortlessly maneuvering through narrow, winding lanes. Notably, the current model exhibits minimal body roll in corners compared to its predecessor.

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The vehicle's exceptional ride and handling are attributed to its refined and interconnected air suspension, which allows for softer spring rates, prioritizing comfort.

The suspension system also features a convenient ride height adjustment, enabling easier entry and exit for passengers. An Access setting can be pre-selected, automatically lowering the body as the vehicle comes to a stop.

Equipped with BMW's powerful 4.4-liter V8 engine, the 2004 Range Rover offers significantly improved performance over previous models. With an output of 282 horsepower and 325 pounds-feet of torque, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes approximately 9 seconds.

The top speed is electronically limited to 122 mph. The vehicle has also seen slight improvements in fuel efficiency, with an EPA-estimated rating of 12/17 mpg City/Highway.

The V8 engine is paired with a five-speed automatic transmission featuring CommandShift, a manual override system that operates in both high and low ranges for versatile on- and off-road driving.

Safety features of the Range Rover include four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes with electronic Brake Assist and electronic brake-force distribution. Ford's Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system helps maintain stability by preventing skidding.

This advanced system utilizes sensors and the traction control system to apply appropriate braking force to specific wheels, ensuring the vehicle stays on its intended path.

While the Range Rover's on-road handling has significantly improved, its off-road capabilities have also been enhanced. With increased ground clearance, a sharper angle of approach, and a sturdier chassis, tackling rugged off-road tracks becomes effortless.

The vehicle boasts the industry's slowest low-range crawl speed of 2.4 mph at 1000 rpm, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrains. The transfer case allows for seamless switching between low and high range on the fly, up to speeds of 30 mph, eliminating the need to stop for gear changes.

Advanced electronics further enhance off-road performance, providing dual-range throttle calibration for precise control in extreme off-road situations.


The Range Rover Sport offers a luxurious and powerful driving experience with a price that reflects its premium status. Starting at a base price of $72,950, this high-end SUV delivers exceptional performance and sophisticated features. However, for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and cutting-edge technology, the price can increase to $77,950 when fully equipped.

With this elevated price point, the Range Rover Sport caters to discerning buyers who value exclusivity, refinement, and the ability to command the road with confidence. The Range Rover Sport justifies its price tag by offering an extraordinary blend of style, capability and prestige, whether it's the excitement of off-road adventures or luxurious interior.


The 2004 Range Rover Sport sets a new benchmark for excellence in the realm of high-end SUVs, encompassing unrivaled style, prestige, luxury, and capability. Its impressive construction features a monocoque body with an integrated chassis, complemented by an advanced all-independent suspension system and a refined five-speed automatic transmission.

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