2024 Nissan Patrol Specifications

2024 Nissan Patrol

2024 Nissan Patrol surprises its fans by launching the 2024 . Indeed, its fans expect something sophisticated from this vehicle. So, does the latest Nissan Patrol give something surprising?

Check the review of this car below to know the answer. It also gives you the approximate and release date. Learn it and you may be fascinated with this new .

2024 Nissan Patrol

2024 Nissan Patrol Exterior

Just like the other Nissan Patrol versions, this latest Nissan Patrol looks modern, stylish, and robust. The manufacturer installs black mirror caps, a grille, along with a red bash plate. The front bumper is also another eye-catching part you can see in this vehicle.

Driving this SUV in all terrains even in hard and difficult to pass is not a problem anymore. One of the reasons is the type of tires, alloy wheels, and protection system the manufacturer uses. Nissan chooses to use 34.4-inch tires with 18-inch alloy wheels.

The tires and wheels are more durable due to the use of fender flares and mud flaps. That's why you can pass through all terrains, including mud and sand using this vehicle.

2024 Nissan Patrol Interior

Now, let's go inside the car. Does it look fantastic just like you think? It seems that Nissan doesn't make a significant improvement on the interior. At a glance, the interior of this latest Nissan Patrol is similar to the previous Nissan Patrol versions.

For instance, the manufacturer covers the interior with a black hue. This color boosts the elegant, neat, and modern atmosphere inside the car. The other ornaments, including the Alcantara door and Warrior badge, show how gentle this vehicle is. Nissan also uses black trim, but in a high-gloss version to corroborate its design.

The Infotainment Features of This Nissan Patrol

It seems that Nissan also doesn't create drastic improvements in its features. The infotainment features even look a little bit old school. All you can see is an 8.0-inch touchscreen.

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There is also satellite navigation on it. You may not believe that this latest Nissan SUV is using a CD/DVD player. The infotainment features and interior of this car seem to remind you of the 2022 Nissan Patrol Ti.

2024 Nissan Patrol Engine

What about the engine that will be powered by the vehicle? You will not get a surprise because Nissan decides to use the same engine. It means that you are about to drive a car with a 5.6-liter V8 engine.

The peak torque of this engine is up to 560 Nm, along with 298kW power. It works optimally in the range of 4000rpm. Indeed, this vehicle is still supported by a 4×4 system and a seven-speed automatic transmission. It looks so conventional for a new vehicle. You can also easily set the system from 4H to 4L or vice versa.

Driving Modes

One of the secrets to why you can drive this 2024 Nissan Patrol comfortably no matter the terrain is the driving mode system. Set the vehicle whether it uses Road, Sand, Snow, or Rock mode before driving it. You can set it based on the terrain condition you are about to pass that day. This mode will automatically set the traction calibrations once you choose the driving mode.


There is good news about the suspension. Nissan redevelops this feature into a 50 mm lift suspension. This feature is also softer in the front, yet progressive on the rear. The rear suspension consists of three rates, which support soft, soft, and hard.

Interestingly, Nissan also uses sophisticated technology to keep this car durable enough for off-road use. Imagine that specific vehicles, such as McLaren and Range Rover also use similar technology to this Nissan Patrol.

The Driving Sensation

You may be curious about the driving sensation with the specification above. Due to the system and features, this SUV will be smooth to drive no matter the road surfaces. You can even enjoy off-road terrains pleasantly.

This car is a great option in case you should pass through a road with mud, sand, or snow. The truth is that this vehicle is below the expectation. Say the speed of this vehicle will be similar to a standard Nissan Patrol series.

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It doesn't mean that it is bad. It seems that Nissan wants to produce a vehicle that is not only suitable for off-road but also pleasant and safe enough for a family. At least, a small family can make a long trip using this car without any problem.

Parking the car is another consideration when driving this vehicle. We can't doubt that the Nissan Patrol is a big and tall car. As a result, you should seek a large parking area to park this car safely.

Driving 2024 Nissan Patrol on the Smooth Roads vs Off-Road

On smooth roads, this car runs better. It is the reason why this SUV is perfect for those who need a vehicle to support daily activities, such as going to the office. The sensation is similar to driving a standard Nissan Patrol if you ever drive it before.

What about if you drive it on rough routes? It is also not a problem at all! Due to the tires, suspension, and other features, this Nissan Patrol will beat the challenges.

You can bring this vehicle to run along the pebbles and stones road surfaces. It means that this car is also suitable for travelers who love to drive a personal vehicle to go to the mountains, beaches, or forests.

The Safety of Driving This Vehicle

Don't worry! Driving this car is safe enough. You can even bring the whole family while driving it. Thanks to the safety features, including Autonomous Emergency Braking, blind-spot monitoring, 360-degree camera, and even tire pressure monitoring.

The Price of the 2024 Nissan Patrol

So, discussing the price of a vehicle is interesting. How about the cost of this latest Nissan Patrol? So far, Nissan hasn't announced the exact price of this car yet.

We can only compare it with the previous Patrol series. Plus, we can predict the cost by seeing the system and features. Say the previous series, such as the 2023 Nissan Patrol Ti.

The cost of this vehicle is $82.160. Seeing everything you will get when purchasing the latest Nissan Patrol, the cost seems to be $95.000 to $100.000.

2024 Nissan Patrol

2024 Nissan Patrol Release Date

You can't wait to see this vehicle on the official dealers and roads, right? You still have to wait a little bit longer since Nissan will release the complete specifications and price by the end of 2023. Then, the manufacturer will launch the vehicle in 2024. In case there is more improvement on this vehicle, it seems that Nissan will launch this Patrol in early 2025.

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2024 Nissan Patrol Pros and Cons

It will be great if you know the pros and cons of this latest Nissan Patrol after reading the specification above. The information is about to give you a wider perspective about the vehicle. The best part of having this car is because of its stylish and modern design.

It looks so sporty and strong. Nissan keeps all the effective systems and features from the previous Patrol generation. Then, the manufacturer makes useful modifications to improve the performance, comfort, and safety.

Indeed, it is more effective instead of introducing an all-new vehicle. Because of this simple improvement, this Patrol is ready to drive on off-road terrains. The drawback of this small improvement is that the interior looks so old school.

It seems that you get nothing. Yet, it will be great for people who are about to drive a Nissan Patrol for the first time. Seeing this specification, we are sure that the Nissan Patrol 2024 version is not on its top spec. It even remains with the 2010 and 2022 Nissan Patrol.

Final Verdict

There are no extreme changes made to this latest Nissan Patrol. The truth is that Nissan adopts the sixth-generation Y62 Patrol. This vehicle version was launched in 20210. This version was improved in 2022. That's why Nissan keeps almost all the systems and features.

Indeed, it doesn't mean that you will not get a comfortable and safe car. You can even drive this vehicle whether on smooth roads or off-road. Besides using more durable and stronger tires, this Nissan Patrol also uses a better suspension.

This combination allows you to drive this car in all terrains even in a terrain that is hard to pass with other vehicles. The driving mode is also a helpful feature in this car. You don't need to worry about the terrain and the comfort while driving this car.

All you have to do is set the right driving mode and you are ready to go. Plus, Nissan also supports this 2024 Nissan Patrol with a variety of safety features. It is not only helping you while driving the car but also parking it.

This vehicle is not only suitable for a single driver but also for a family even if the family has kids. You can bring this vehicle for short, medium, or even long trips. So, wait and see the announcement from Nissan Patrol's official team.

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