2024 Nissan GTR Exterior Design Updates

2024 Nissan GTR Exterior

2024 Nissan GTR Exterior – The exterior comes with a lot of updates although the engine is pretty much the same with the previous models.

2024 Nissan GTR Exterior

GTR Premium

You will no longer find the V-motion grille that can be found in the mug of GTR for the past six years. Instead, you will find a broad grille opening for the new nose that will remind you of the R34 generation Skyline GTR.

You will also find the reshaped whole front bumper that comes with a wider look and an array of funky-designed hexagonal auxiliary lights at each corner. A thinner lattice is used even for the mesh pattern in the grille to reduce drag and improve engine cooling.

The 2024 exterior redesign can also be found at the rear end that comes with character lines. The quad taillights that are iconic for GTR are still there but redesigned, as well. Aerodynamic improvements are combined for the new Nissan GTR look for providing greater downforce without ignoring the drag coefficient of the previous model.

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2024 Nissan GTR Exterior

GTR T-Spec Trim

The T-Spec trim returns with the release of the 2024 Nissan GTR. This trim comes with additional wider front fenders, as well as, carbon-ceramic brake rotors that can be found in the Nismo trim. You can also find the Rays 20-inch forged wheels in gold that are wrapped in Dunlop SP Maxx GT600 tires from the Nismo.

The T-Spec comes with two exclusive exterior color options, Millennium Jade and Midnight Purple, that are inspired by the previous Skyline GTR. According to Nissan, the 2024 Nissan GTR T-Spec will be limited production although there is no information about how many units will be produced. Of course, you can expect several badges that will denote the special T-spec trim.

GTR Nismo

More sophisticated updates can be found in the GTR Nismo since it comes with a front limited-slip differential addition that complements the GTR Premium's new front and rear fascia. A front lip, canards, and massive rear diffuser are added to the Nismo along with the new swan-neck rear wing that can deliver 10% more surface area to support downforce.

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The Nismo pays attention more to performance and that is why lightweight components are used for improving the overall performance of the . The carbon fiber is used for the roof, trunk, hood, side sill covers, side mirrors, as well as front and rear fascia. The unibody design is upgraded as well along with other upgrades to make the Nismo a great circuit carver.

An exclusive Stealth Gray color is available for the but for the Nismo model only.

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