What You Need To Know About The New 2024 Mazda CX 90

New 2024 Mazda CX 90

New 2024 Mazda CX 90 comes up with the new 2024 Mazda that sets out to debut in 2023. It's still in the early development process and hopefully, we can get more information about the specifications soon. But here are some things that we already know and can be good consideration factors for anyone who seeks to get their hands on this car.

New 2024 Mazda CX 90

Design New 2024 Mazda CX 90

The first thing that Mazda trying to highlight in their design section is the interior stitching. They are using “Kakenui”. It is a unique Japanese stitching technology. This stitching method gives a sense of space between the trim fabrics. Kakenui then creates the illusion of depth and dimension for the interior.

The  also comes with a panoramic moonroof. Something that has been very famous in the automotive world. It gives the car a natural light and enriching open ambiance for a long trip. This is a great interior addition so that the passenger can enjoy the surrounding view.

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Another thing that you can expect from this new version of Mazda CX is the exterior color. Mazda developed a new hand-crafted color that is named Artisan Red. The elegant shade accentuates the car very nicely along with its strength and beauty.

New 2024 Mazda CX 90


Running out of phone battery in the middle of nowhere sucks. That's why the CX 90 offers a wireless charging pad. You only need to place your phone down and wait until a green light turns on in the indicator.

Stay connected with your 2024 Mazda CX 90 with MyMazda App. You can use this app to start the engine remotely, check the status reports of your car and connect with Wi-Fi capabilities and access emergency services. This technology also gives a 3-year complimentary trial to Mazda Connected services.


This new version of comes with a safety feature known as i-Activsense. It also includes Mazda Radar Cruise Control with stop and Go. This is a feature where you can maintain speed and minimum following distance. This system will assist you in the traffic and make your driving experience easier.

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That concludes all the features the new  offers for you. It's a luxurious but also very handy with a capacity of 8 people. It is surely a great choice if you want to change your car. Modern technology also offers a high-end feel to the car, making it very lavish but also convenient.

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