Review 2024 Lexus LM, Everything About This Luxurious Minivan

2024 Lexus LM

The 2024 Lexus LM, a more premium variant of both the Toyota Alphard or Vellfire people movers offered in Japan, which has been authorized for several country ahead of its scheduled showroom debut at the end of 2023. This luxurious people mover set to debut in the last quarter of 2023 with the ‘LM350h' model.

From Alphard to Luxury Mover

The 2024  LM represents a luxury that sprang from the popularity of Toyota Alphard, an Asian MPV. Toyota released the Alphard as their top-tier minivan in 2002, replacing four previous models in the range, which included the Granvia as well as the Regius. Alphard derives its name from Greek word “alpha,” that refers to the brightest star found in the Hydra constellation.

With an option of 2.4-liter or 3.0-liter gasoline engines, the Alphard was built from the ground up to provide a large and pleasant cabin for up to 8 people. Toyota introduced a hybrid model, the Alphard Hybrid, in 2003, utilizing their Hybrid Synergy Drive. It has gained popularity in the industry over the years, making its way into the majority of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

The Alphard was mostly sold in Japan during its early years, yet it also discovered a market in many other Asian nations, as well as the Belarus, Middle East, as well as Russia. Its popularity rose over time, and it expanded into other areas such as Indonesia and China.

The Alphard quickly became a popular choice in chauffeur-driven services, particularly in China, where consumers appreciated its luxury and privacy characteristics. The first-generation Alphard had two major facelifts throughout 2005 and 2008, and also a second iteration with a more exciting and polished appearance was introduced in 2015.

Lexus planned to join the luxury minivan category in 2020, debuting the LM, which was based on Alphard but featured a distinct Lexus personality. The LM designated for “Luxury Mover,” which means it was the very first minivan in the Lexus series.

2024 Lexus LM

The Premium People Mover, 2024 Lexus LM

The Lexus LM350h has seven seats, two in front, three in the center, and two in the back, and it's powered with a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine combined with electric motors. The petrol engine as well as electric motor combo is identical with the Lexus RX350h, generating 184kW on the SUV twin-under-the-skin, with drive delivered to the front wheels via a continuously-variable auto transmission (CVT), or all four wheels alongside the addition of the rear e-axle on the all-wheel-drive models.

Release Date

The has been certified for 17-inch and 19-inch wheels, allowing the carmaker to distribute both sizes across different classes of the people mover throughout several nations. Although it has not yet been certified for some roads, Lexus has already indicated that a four-seat LM500h will be available in dealerships in the beginning of the year of 2024 (January to March).

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The LM500h, like the LM350h, is likely to share their petrol engine along with electric motor of the Lexus RX SUV. The Lexus RX500h, the company's most powerful hybrid, integrates a 2.4-litre turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine with two electric engines, producing 273kW and 551Nm in total.

If this petrol engine and electric motor combination is employed in the Lexus LM500h, it will easily outperform the Kia Carnival or Hyundai Staria twins, which both produce 216kW from a 3.5-litre V6.

Lexus has previously said that the LM people mover will come equipped with a comprehensive package of sophisticated safety systems, but no specifics have been provided.


The 2024 Lexus LM along with everything of its expensive features are yet to be priced. Based on prior models, you should definitely expect to pay more than £100,000 (approximately $124,000). It's not inexpensive, but who doesn't want to feel like they're flying on wheels? Clients that are able to afford this type of minivan are going to tell you that the experience is invaluable.

Pros and Cons of 2024 Lexus LM


  • Completely New for the 2024 Model Year
  • Exterior and interior completely redesigned (facelifted)
  • High-quality interior design with a 48-inch screen
  • a larger interior with luxury features
  • There are two versions available: 4 and 7 seats.
  • Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Powertrain


  • Small Wheel Dimensions

Interior Design

The inside of the 2024 Lexus LM seems to be more opulent and upscale, as seen by the interior photographs provided in this article. First and foremost, its interior is constructed with more premium along with high-quality materials. It is also available with ambient lighting.

In addition, the all-new Lexus LM will come available in two seating configurations: four seats and seven seats. Its four-seat model will include two front captain chairs and two back captain seats. With the addition of a leg rest and a headrest, these chairs will be very comfortable and supportive. Its foot rest as well as head rest are also heated.

You will also have a big back 48-inch multimedia screen that may be utilized for entertainment as well as online meetings. The internal room is larger in the four-seat Lexus LM model. One of the most astounding features of its enormous back screen is that it can be utilized as a broad screen or divided into two screens, allowing both rear passengers to watch separate things.

The front driver cabin also includes a huge touchscreen panel with more current amenities. It will also include a luxury armrest made of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing materials. This new Lexus LM also includes a 3D Surround Sound Reference Audio System. It is also available with seven seats. It has third row seating in its seven-seat LM form. and it comes with a 14-inch back multimedia screen. As a result, the inside of the all-new Lexus LM is going to be more opulent and roomier, with fantastic ambient lighting and luxury amenities.

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2024 Lexus LM

Exterior Design 2024 Lexus LM

Lexus went even further after the popularity of the first-generation LM. On April 18, 2023, they unveiled the all-new 2024 year of manufacture version of the LM in the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, called Auto Shanghai for short. The second version of Lexus' flagship “Luxury Mover” will signal the brand's global entry into the upscale, chauffeur-driven minivan class, with the company planning to sell this luxurious minivan for over 60 countries globally, including European continent.

In a word, the all-new LM has a more prominent but still wonderfully exquisite spindle grille, improved LED headlights and taillights, as well as restyled alloy wheels, to mention a few exciting elements of this .

The huge spindle grille, which is among the most iconic aspects of the Lexus design words, dominates the front view, which is even more evident on the LM minivan. The grille design, which is similar to that seen in the latest RX models, produces a dynamic and elegant impression by fluidly merging with the exterior structure, which is now known as the “Spindle Body.” The grille is also flanked by new LED headlights with a sleek and beautiful form, which is completed by the distinctive Lexus L-shaped DRL.

The LM's side profile hints at its big cabin, featuring a long wheelbase as well as a high roofline that includes a dual moonroof that adds to the interior's impression of openness and spaciousness. The LM is outfitted with multi-spoked alloy wheels, which add to the LM's apparent sophistication. The LED taillights placed in a horizontal lightbar pattern dominate the rearview, emphasizing the LM's feeling of breadth, spaciousness, and dynamic stability.

Features for Infotainment and Connectivity

The new 2024 LM's infotainment system is yet to be announced with accurate data. For example, it will include a huge front driver touchscreen entertainment system with cutting-edge technology. It is also available with a big 48-inch back screen. We previously knew about that in the Interior design portion of this article. However, we will return with accurate infotainment and connection facts shortly.

Engine, Performance, Power, and Efficiency

Lexus has said that the new Lexus LM is available in Europe with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters along with a self-charging of Hybrid electric drivetrain, and that this same technology is also utilized in the recently introduced Lexus NX 2024. This will result in a total output of power of 250 HP as well as 239 lb-ft for torque. This new Lexus LM also comes standard with an E-Four electric all-wheel drive system and a Hybrid transaxle transmission.

Lexus has not yet commented on its fuel efficiency rating. As a result, we will be updating this section as soon as Lexus releases information about it.

The 2024 Lexus LM Appears to Be the Ultimate Uber That Americans Will Not Acquire

Assume it's late at night and you've had way lot of adult beverages. So, you click the Uber app, request a ride, and shortly thereafter, a 2024 Lexus LM premium van arrives outside Taco Bell where you have just destroyed a whole taco party pack.

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This LM's sliding door lifts revealing a magnificent interior completed with a set of cabin-style seats confronting a 48-inch display on a space which separates front and rear passengers. All you've got to manage is lift the privacy glass, then slip to the comfy-looking seating with a body-temperature tech, raise the improved ottoman for more extent, you'll probably fall asleep easily as the all-new van's silent cabin protects you from everything around you.

Will Not Come to America

Unfortunately, luxuriating inside the all-new second-gen 2024 Lexus LM which debuted in the Shanghai auto event is only available in imaginations and dream for those who reside in United States. While the U.S. has ultra-luxurious cars such like the famous Mercedes-Benz S-class or costly like the Bentley Bentayga, we don't have van counterparts like the LM.

Lexus is also increasing the new LM's availability by introducing it in more than 60 countries, including Europe and Japan for the first time. Those blessed people may be capable of experiencing the van's huge enhancements, which includes a frame which is believed to be half way stronger and an updated suspension that is meant to enhance the riding experience way more comfortable and reduce vibrations. There is also a new mode of driving committed to rear-seat comfy, which enhances dampening forces as well as the sensations from accelerating or braking.

Lexus states it prioritized peacefulness by reducing several sources of noise, particularly wind or road noise, in order to make the Lexus LM interior as quiet as possible. The accessible engines along with mounts were upgraded to decrease vibration and noise in addition to better sound proofing. Both engines are hybrids, with one driven by a four-cylinder, 2.5-liter gasoline engine and the other by a turbo-four, 2.4-liter gasoline engine.

In Contrast to Any Influencer’s Van

The Lexus LM can't be confused for anything else. The company achieved such a thing with what seems to be some of its craziest spindle grille interpretations yet. Lexus enables the body's color to seep towards the grille, reducing gaps between separate portions, rather than establishing the design using a definite border. This LM 2024 is 201.8 inches for long side, 74.4 inches wide, and roughly 77 inches for the tall. Despite the fact that all of these dimensions have risen, the wheelbase stayed to be constant on 118.1 inches.

The 2024 Lexus LM indeed a massive van, and the size contributes to an equally massive interior, with way more broad space for enjoying road time than any Bentley or Mercedes. Although business executives and other rich persons are likely to favor the four-seating configuration, the LM can also seat from 6 to 7 people.

Whether enjoying in the shine of the van's various ambient lighting themes or just controlling the climate or sunshades using one of the two accessible touchscreen controllers, this 2024 Lexus LM appears to provide an experience that Americans will not get to enjoy and that this country's bothersome influencers will not be able to imitate with an obligatory vanlife. Instead, we'll have to content ourselves with thinking about the opulent van and its future potential as the ultimate Uber.

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