2024 Lexus GX Redesign

2024 Lexus GX

2024 Lexus GX – Finally, after the redesign is overdue, the 2024 gx will hit the market in early 2024. People cannot wait to see this mod-size and conquer any challenging terrain that will make any off-roading enthusiast excited.

The previous generation of can be considered outdated and that must be the reason why people are curious about the new features planted in the new generation of Lexus GX. The car comes with an all-new platform, but it is getting better with the updated engine and new modern features added to the latest model.

Yet, you can still feel connected to the old generation of the Lexus GX because both models still come with similar exterior designs. The exterior styling of the new Lexus GX can be the classic design in the future because of its boxy design inspired by Land Cruiser.

It is great that the Lexus GX keeps the classic exterior design since the GX model comes with a long product cycle. Many people love this model the most so it does not seem that the company will stop its production in the future.

The platform used by the new Lexus GX is the same body-on-frame used by Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Tundra. There will not be a V-8 engine anymore. The powertrain for the old Lexus GX generation will be replaced with the twin-turbocharged V-6 engine to deliver much better performance on the road.

The becomes the SUV between the flagship LX model for luxury off-road and the TX SUV model. Considering the size, the 2024 GX comes in a similar size to the TX model. However, the new Lexus GX has better improvement in interior space, as well as on-road refinement aspects.

2024 Lexus GX

New 2024 Lexus GX

If you are into vehicles for off-roading, you must be very familiar with the Lexus GX model. This car can be considered one of the most popular off-roading vehicles by Lexus and at the same time, it can be considered the oldest model offered by GX.

Many off-roading enthusiasts admire this model the most and that is why releasing a new model of Lexus GX in 2024 can be a smart move by Lexus since the redesigned will come with essential hardware to tackle any terrain. The new GX is expected to hit the road in early 2024.

2024 Lexus GX Prices

The price for the new Lexus GX will depend on the model. Nevertheless, since the 2024 model is a redesigned one, you can expect that the price will not climb too far from the current model's.

The Premium model will start at $60,000 and you need to add $5,000 to get the Premium+ one. The starting price for the Luxury model is $70,000 and just like the Premium+, an additional $5,000 is needed to get the Luxury+ model. The Overtrail model can be bought for around $75,000 and the 2024 Lexus gx Overtrail+ will be around $80,000.

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2024 Lexus GX Performance

You will not find the hybrid powertrain offered for early release, but you can still expect a lot from the standard powertrain for the 2024 lexus gx which will be a twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 engine. It comes with 349 horsepower which makes this engine more powerful than the V-8 engine used by the previous generation.

Another standard feature for the new Lexus GX is a ten speeds automatic transmission. Four-wheel drive is used for all models of the new Lexus GX.

Hardcore off-road enthusiasts might be more interested in the Overtrail and Overtrail+ models which are packed with more features for a better off-roading experience compared to the standard one. The 18-inch wheels come with not only 33-inch all-terrain tires but also an aluminum skid plate, as well as an adaptive suspension system. Do not forget about the wheel articulation, a feature to control crawl, and drive modes that can be selected according to different terrains.

The towing capacity of the Premium, Premium+, Overtrail, and Overtrail+ trims can reach 8,000 pounds. The Luxury trim can tow up to 6990 pounds while the Luxury+ trim can reach 6780 pounds of towing capacity. There is no official information about the towing capacity of the hybrid powertrain yet.

Talking about the performance of the new Lexus GX, you must be pretty curious about the fuel economy of the SUV with all of its great specifications for an off-road SUV. The V-8 engine from the previous generation has been changed into the twin-turbocharged V-6 engine but you might not be able to expect much better fuel economy than the 2023 models, after all. The fuel economy estimation for the new Lexus GX is 15 mpg on the city road and 19 mpg on the highway.

2024 Lexus GX Exterior

The new Lexus GX might still maintain the exterior design of its predecessor. Nevertheless, people can always say that the boxy and rugged exterior styling of this SUV model makes it look cool.

It is informed that the new Lexus GX will have Overtrail trim level that can be the biggest difference from the previous generation. This trim level can determine how great the new Lexus GX can be from the outside.

The skid plates are added to the Overtrail trim level. Furthermore, it also comes with better approach and departure angles. These additional elements can make the new Lexus GX Overtrail luxurious enough but there are more to come with its exterior styling.

All trim levels of Lexus GX have a low range, as well as center locking differential. However, the Overtrail trim level is added with a rear-locking differential.

If you are familiar with the old Lexus GX, of course, you will notice its side-opening tailgate. However, this tailgate will no longer be found in the new model. The 2024 GX comes with a more conventional liftgate that comes with a glass portion with the ability to open separately.

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The old model has the L badge as part of its exterior styling, but it will not be found in the new model any longer. Instead, you will find the new Lexus script across the rear side of the SUV. This new script can also be found in all new models, after all.

The exterior styling will not be completed without the color choices. As for the exterior, you can choose from eight available exterior colors. However, some color options will only be offered for certain trim levels. You will fall in love with the available colors, such as the Nightfall Mica, Nori Green Pearl, Caviar, Nebula Gray Pearl, Incognito, Atomic Silver, and Eminent White Pearl.

You are also offered a two-tone combo including a black roof if you choose the Overtrail trim level. You can pair Earth, Incognito, Atomic Silver, or Nori Green Pearl. Besides the exterior colors, you can also feel free to combine the colors for the exterior with the interior colors to make the most personalized SUV with the new Lexus GX.

2024 Lexus GX

2024 Lexus GX Interior

The engine performance of the 2024 lexus gx is not the only interesting thing people want to know because they want to dig further into the interior design of the SUV. No matter how you feel about the exterior design, you will feel the luxury within the SUV interior. You can choose the colors of faux or genuine leather upholstery for the cabin. The Overtrail trims offer faux-suede accents in dark green shades that can enhance the luxury of the car interior, for sure.

Three rows of seats are available for the Premium and Luxury trims that can afford up to seven passengers. The second-row bench becomes a standard interior element but you can choose to get a pair of captain's chairs although it means that the passenger's capacity will be reduced to six.

As for the Overtrail trim, there are only two-row seats for up to five passengers. However, the option of power control is available for this row of Lexus GX. Some extras are also available as optional elements, such as a cooled storage bin, a digital key fob, and a head-up display.

There is no way a car can be considered a luxury car without any sophisticated infotainment and connectivity support. Of course, you can find an infotainment system with 14.0 inches size that becomes standard for all Lexus GX models. It is completed with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is also a separate 12.3 inches digital gauge display for showing various kinds of information to the driver.

Six US B2C ports are available for almost all Lexus GX models although the Overtrail and Overtrail+ only have four ports. You can also have a wireless smartphone charging pad in the car but it is optional.

A great entertainment experience in the car cannot be separated from the sound system. The standard sound system for Lexus GX is the 10-speaker stereo but if you want to enjoy a much better experience, you can upgrade the sound system to a 21-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system.

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2024 Lexus GX Safety

Why has the 2024 lexus gx become a favorite off-roading SUV for many off-road enthusiasts? It is not only about the SUV's performance but also supporting features, such as safety. Of course, this SUV also comes with some great driver assistance features that play an important role to help you avoid any accident while driving.

If you want to know more about the safety features added to the new Lexus GX, you will feel relieved since this SUV comes with automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and pedestrian detection. You might be more convinced of the safety concern of the Lexus GX by checking the result of the crash test.

One thing is for sure, you will get these standard safety features of the new Lexus GX. The first one is the standard automated emergency braking that comes with pedestrian detection to protect you and the pedestrians around your car. The lane-departure warning also becomes a standard feature and it will be completed with a lane-keeping assist function. Last but not least, adaptive cruise control also becomes a standard feature and it is getting better since it comes with a lane-centering feature.

2024 Lexus GX Warranty

The new Lexus GX can be considered a luxury in the off-roading SUV world and that might be the reason why people have to spend a lot of money to buy this car. Because of the investment you have made in buying the car, you want to make sure that your car purchase is protected with a suitable warranty. Before buying any new Lexus GX, understanding the warranty offered is essential.

Compared to the brand rivals, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Lexus can ensure much better warranty coverage including for the GX models. The very first protection comes from the limited warranty that will cover the car during the four years of use or 50,000 miles of mileage.

The powertrain becomes the key to the great performance offered by the new Lexus GX for conquering any terrain. This might be the reason why this SUV is also protected with a powertrain warranty for six years or 70,000 miles of mileage.

You will not just buy the Lexus GX SUV and use it for exploring challenging terrains without keeping it in good shape. Car maintenance is a must, especially since you have spent a lot of money on this car and use it on challenging roads. The maintenance cost for this car model will not be cheap at all, but at least you can utilize the complimentary maintenance as part of the car warranty that can cover maintenance costs for one year or 1,000 miles of mileage. With this kind of coverage, you can take a break from spending another large amount of money after paying the initial purchase price of the 2024 lexus gx.

With the new Lexus GX, you can explore any terrain with a great performance packed in luxurious style inside and outside.

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