2024 Infiniti QX60 Review – A Luxury SUV With Many Top Features

2024 Infiniti QX60

2024 Infiniti QX60 – This year SUV and crossover competition will be heated up. Many brands and the top car manufacturer have announced the release of their new model. is no exception. This luxury vehicle manufacturer also announces the launch of its popular series, QX60, this year. This time, Infiniti will release the .

2024 Infiniti QX60

What is the 2024 Infiniti QX60?

The 2024 Infiniti QX60 is the new model of the popular three-row mid-size SUV from this brand. It provides enough space to carry six to seven passengers. That also makes this model popular among many families. Also, this brand is known for its luxury product. Therefore, we also can expect many luxury features in this new model.

However, many experts believe that the new model from the QX60 series will have little change compared to the previous edition. As we all know, the 2022 QX60 was the redesigned version of the previous model. And, we thought that model was the peak of this series. Of course, there is a chance that the 2024 model will have many improvements. But, looking back at the history of the Infiniti car, there is a possibility that Infiniti will add a little change to this new model.

One great change is the addition of the hybrid engine. The electric car and green energy trend these days is the reason why Infiniti add this type of engine to this new model. It is not only to adapt and fulfilling the current market. But, it is also a preparation to face the future market. Many car experts believe that the environmentally friendlier car will dominate the future market.

Luckily, we have collected information from the official release and various sources regarding this model. Let's see what kind of car Infiniti will release this time. Here is our review of the 2024 Infiniti QX60.

The Smooth Appearance

The “smooth” words came into our mind when we see this car's exterior design. The no-muscle side stands out the most out of its whole outer appearance. The gap between the door and the panel is so thin, almost invisible. It creates a beautiful smooth appearance, unlike its status as an SUV with a crossover vibe.

The window glass also comes with a frameless design. When you close the door, the side door window looks like merges into each other. We believe this design also is related to the aerodynamic performance of this SUV. Appearance-wise, it gives a luxurious and special feeling, which matches the Infiniti branding as the manufacturer of luxury vehicles.

Let's move to the front. The face of this car has the opposite feeling of the smooth design on its side area. The slim headlight with a huge grille that covers almost the entire front side creates a cool look. Combined with the fog light at the bottom of the front bumper, you can see why men love this car's appearance. It doesn't make you feel embarrassed when you drive it around in your town. Plus, its large body also is suitable as a family car.

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The grilled use a unique web design that you also can find on the previous model. The Infiniti logo sticks on the grille. It feels like showing off that this car is made by this manufacturer. How about the rear side?

The back feels so futuristic. The connected backlight that stretches from side to side across the trunk door is the reason why we felt that way. It also comes with a pair of brake lights on the rear bumper. It is small but shines bright enough to warn the car behind you. The muffler is hidden on the bottom right of the bumper. It does not stand out, which is a bit letdown when you want to show off the beautiful rear of this new model.

In general, we see a bit of change on the front side of this model compared to the 2023 model. But, this little change five this new model a different and fresh vibe. We can even say that the 2024 model is more appropriate to be called a luxury SUV from Infiniti. That is what you get when you see its appearance for the first time. So, we think Infiniti has successfully created something worth expecting, at least from its outer experience, with this new car.

The Luxurious Interior

At first glance, we also know that the interior ooze the same vibe as its exterior. Once again, Infiniti did a great job to create the interior that can represent this three-row SUV concept. The luxury vibe is there combined with the comfort feeling.

Let's start from the surface. Infiniti covers almost the whole interior with beautiful leather material. Our source shows the gorgeous light brown, which emphasizes the high value of this car. It covers the armrest, door panel, dashboard, and the seat. Furthermore, it has a diamond pattern on the seat sitting area and the top of the dashboard. Diamond is the best way to convey the value of this SUV as a luxury vehicle.

This uniformity looks also gives us a much more satisfying feeling compared to other cars that use too many colors with high contrast for their interior. It is a good option for a long trip where you spend hours inside this car. Moreover, the armrest also looks even wider than the previous model. It will be even more comfortable to put your arm there during your trip. We haven't tried to ride this model because Infiniti has not released it yet to the market. But, from the looks of it, we can say that this interior feels comfortable.

Standard Luxury Features of QX60 Series

The 2024 infiniti qx60 will have a similar feature to the previous model with improvement. It means you can still find the huge 12.3-inches display on the dashboard. It shows you various statuses and information, including a navigation system. Other than that, the passenger seat also has a similar display with a new infotainment system. We have no information about what this new system looks like. But, at least, we believe Infiniti will use a new interface that is more user-friendly, attractive, and intuitive.

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Other digital instruments will also be in the same place. They are within the driver's reach which helps a lot during a ride when you need to activate or use some function. Also, each of these digital instruments is the latest and the best one on the market. So, you can expect much from this part of this new 2024 model.

The audio system that supports the infotainment system will have an upgrade. Infiniti adds 17-Speaker with Bose Premium Sound System. Get ready for a crystal clear sound. Or, you can blast your favorite song on this car.

The connectivity feature will use the standard feature you can find on the previous QX60 model. That means you can use your Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on this car. Moreover, it also has Bluetooth connection features, plus Satellite Radio and Smart Device Integration. It helps you to pair your mobile device with this car system. Then, use it for various purposes, including navigation or listening to your favorite songs from your mobile phone through its 17-Speaker Bose.

However, we believe that those standard luxury features will also have some improvement. One of them is the upgraded driver-assistance system. Maybe, you can get the new technology package as an optional feature as well. Other than that, you also get a wireless charging pad, motion-activated power liftgate, and more features. We can only find it more when they release the 2024 Infiniti QX60 on the market. How about security features?

2024 Infiniti QX60

2024 Infiniti QX60 Safety Features

The standard safety feature for the Infiniti car will be available on the 2024 Infiniti QX60. It is including a Back-Up Camera, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Parking Aid, Lane Departure Warning, Brake Assist, Tire Pressure Monitor, Traction Control, Stability Control, ABS brake, and seven airbags on each side of the passenger and driver to ensure you are protected against impact on collision.

However, among those standard safety features, we notice one feature that Infiniti seems to upgrade a lot. It is the ProPilot Assist feature. This feature helps you during parking, especially in tight and difficult parking spots. Furthermore, it also integrates with adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition technology. It minimizes various problems and risks when you ride this new QX60.

The Engine

Infiniti will use similar specs to the previous model for the 2024 model's engine. So, do not expect a great change in its performance compared to the previous model! It means this model will use the same V6 3.5-liter engine that produces 295 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. As for its drivetrain, Infiniti will use the standard FWD (Front-Wheel-Drive) system with optional AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) you can order separately.

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This model will use a 9-speed automatic transmission. It means you can expect a high speed coming out of its engine. We have no information about the test result for its acceleration and max speed. At least, the new will be able to run from 0-60 MPH within 6.2 seconds, similar to the previous model. Not much difference, but the new model will be much more satisfying and smooth thanks to the new technology that Infiniti use under its hood.

We also need to remind you here that this model will be the debut of the QX60 series using the first hybrid powertrain. Once again, there is no official information about what kind of hybrid system it will use or its efficiency. EPA also has not listed the test result for this hybrid powertrain.

As for its fuel economy, the new model will have at least 26 miles per gallon for highway driving and 21 miles per gallon for city driving. That number is considered a good one and saves you more fuel. If you use the AWD system, it will lower its fuel efficiency by 1 mile. So, you might need to consider this matter before choosing this system.

Packages and Trim Levels

The 2024 Infiniti QX60 will be available on four trim levels. They are Pure, Luxe, Sensory, and Autograph. Autograph will be the premium model for this new release. It will have much better features and interior design but without too much difference in its performance. Here are some details of each trim level:

  • Pure

It uses 18-inch wheels. The interior has high-quality leather with various LED lights for illumination. The panoramic moonroof is also available for this trim level. The front seats and steering wheel have a heating feature. It uses a 12-inch touchscreen and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

  • Luxe

The Luxe edition has a huge display in the driver area for navigation and other functions. Its front seats have a unique ventilation design that allows you to drive comfortably. It uses a 20-inch sporty wheel with a front parking sensor. Furthermore, it has a 360-degree camera for parking assistance. As mentioned earlier, this edition has ProPilot Assist.

  • Sensory

Infiniti focuses on comfort for the Sensory edition. It uses high-quality leather material for its interior. Moreover, it also has an air purifier feature inside, which adds more comfort value to this car. It uses Bose audio system. Its second row has a heating feature. Then, the front seats have a massage function.

  • Autograph

The autograph edition offers the most advanced features of the Infiniti QX60. It has a beautiful black roof inside. The adaptive headlights also improve safety, especially during night driving. Premium leather covers the whole interior for a higher comfort level.

Price 2024 Infiniti QX60 and Release Date

The 2024 model for the QX60 series is available on the market this summer. So, you can find it soon on the market. As for its price, it starts from around $47,500 for its basic trim level (Pure). As for the Sensory trim, it will be available for around $58,000. Then, the advanced model, the Autograph, will be available starting from $62,500. That is everything about the 2024 infiniti qx60.

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