2025 Honda Civic: Price, Specifications, And Expert Opinions

2025 Honda Civic: Price, Specifications, And Expert Opinions

Avandacar Civic is one of the most popular from Honda, known for its value, practicality and driving fun. This makes the fans of Honda Civic eagerly waiting for the newest model of this , Honda Civic 2025. It is expected that for this latest model, Honda will give a new option for hybrid powertrain and maintain the car's fresh look.

But unfortunately, you need to wait longer if you want to know every detail about this car since Honda will be releasing the Honda Civic 2025 later in this year's summer. Honda Civic is predicted to have a tight race with Toyota Prius, Hyundai Elantra, and Toyota Corolla. There are several details that we know so far, and this is : price, specifications, and expert opinions.

What’s New?

Honda Civic has long been a favorite car for a lot of customers, because of its compactness. The current Honda Civic is the eleventh generation launched in 2021 while the first one was launched in 1973. The first thing we are able to expect for the 2025 Honda Civic is the hybrid which was discontinued in the US in 2015. And they are going to revive the Civic Hybrid since the demand is quite high right now.

The new Honda Civic is also expected to have some upgrades in another area. After seeing how their models change from time to time, we can assume some changes in their new model. But we don't know anything about the model right now since Honda hasn't given anything to the public yet.

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2025 Honda Civic: Price, Specifications, And Expert Opinions

Honda Civic Price

Honda hasn't given any information about the price range yet, but we can assume that the price for the 2025 Honda Civic would be slightly increased from the current model. Civic  has eight trims with this current model so with that, we can expect that it will be the same for the new model next year.

These trims are: LX Sedan: $25,500, LX Hatchback: $26,500, Sport Sedan: $27,000, Sports Hatchback: $28,000, EX Sedan: $30,000, EX-L Hatchback: $32,000, Touring Sedan: $32,500, and Sport Touring Sedan: $33,000.

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Engine and Performance

For the EX and LX models, Honda would give a standard 158-hp 2.0 liter four-cylinder or the 180-hp turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder. But with either engine, the newest Honda Civic would be solely a car with a front-wheel-drive.

While for the Civic Hybrid, we can assume that Honda will use a version of the gasoline-electric setup from Accord Hybrid, with possibly less horsepower and smaller engine for gasoline. But since Honda hasn't given any confirmed information, this is just a prediction. Either way, Honda will be maintaining the Honda Civic's communicative steering, well-balanced ride and nimble handling.

Interior and Cargo

The new 2025 Honda Civic is expected to have the same materials for design. The current Honda Civic has an interior design which is streamlined and has clean lines with a dashboard featuring mesh design element of full-width honeycomb pattern that elegantly hides the air vents.

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This car provides two rows of sets and can seat up to five passengers with adjustable features for the two front seats. In the front, you can see multiple features like USB ports, Wi-Fi hotspots, voice recognition, smartphone apps, and wireless charging.

While talking about cargo, the wide center console is providing plenty of space for storage including a deep and large bin of the shift lever for stashing your road-trip snacks, keys and smartphones. For the class of compact car, the passenger space inside is spacious and the trunk is large enough for a big grocery haul or multiple suitcases for a long trip.

2025 Honda Civic: Price, Specifications, And Expert Opinions

Connectivity and Infotainment

When we talk about , specifications, and expert opinions, you must want to know about the connectivity and infotainment this has. Honda always cares about making every ride in their cars comfortable and enjoyable.

We expect some upgrades and improvements for the new 2025 Honda Civic from the current model that has many useful and convenient features such as smartphone apps, wireless charging and even voice recognition.

The current Honda Civic also has 12-V power outlet, radio data system, automatic climate control, USB charging ports, cargo light area, power door lock, power windows, USB ports, push button start, Bluetooth hands-free link, available dual-zone automatic climate control, standard seven-inches touchscreen display, and 10.2-inches digital gauge cluster display.

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Safety and Driver Assistance Features

When you want to buy a car, one of the first things you should take a look at is the features of safety and driver assistance, and Honda is always making sure they give the best in this aspect. The current Honda Civic has a lot of features that make sure of your safety and assist you in your driving such as child-poor door locks, multiple airbags, automatic brake system and many more.

These features include LED DRLs, auto high beam, seat belts, driver attention monitor, lane departure warning, vehicle stability assist, low-speed braking control, traffic jam assist, road departure mitigation system, traffic sign recognition system, collision mitigation braking system, anti-lock braking system and vehicle stability assist.


Honda Civic is known for its sporty and aerodynamic design. And with the color, it is expected that Honda will release the same ranges of colors you can choose. The colors available for the current model are: sonic gray pearl, rallye red, Aegean blue metallic, crystal black pearl, lunar silver metallic, meteorite gray metallic, and platinum white pearl.

This information is based on current models and predictions since we are waiting for Honda to officially release the 2025 Honda Civic that will face tough competition from 2025 Toyota Camry review and other brands such as Hyundai.

There you go, all we know so far about 2025 Honda Civic: price, specifications, and expert opinions. For more detailed and confirmed information, we should wait for later this year when Honda finally officially releases their latest version of the very popular Honda Civic.

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