2024 Honda H-RV Specifications, Features, And Prices

2024 Honda H-RV

2024 Honda H-RV – Having a small SUV for a small family is enough. 2024 H-RV is one of the answers. Yes! Honda is about to launch the smallest SUV. Don't underestimate the small size because this manufacturer seems to offer something spectacular. The below will explain everything about this latest product, including the and .

2024 Honda H-RV

2024 Honda H-RV Design

The design of this shows modernity. The lines are flowing, along with smooth finishing touches. The 18-inch alloy wheels balance the design. It makes this car look more elegant and stronger on the road.

Interestingly, Honda applies a new technique known as laser brazing. This technique intercorporate the roof and side panel smoothly. Another eye-catching part of this vehicle is the honeycomb grille. It looks so attractive, along with the body lines, headlights, and the Honda badge.

Honda seems to want to reduce the formal model by adding a gloss black grille and a matte-black bumper. The uniqueness can also be seen in the slim spoiler. Because of this combination, this latest HR-V also looks sporty. Driving this car at night is not a problem with LED headlights, along with automatic high beams illuminating.

The Interior of the 2024 Honda HR-V

The interesting part is not only on the exterior and its design but also on the interior. The 2024 Honda H-RV offers something luxurious, versatile, and comfortable. Just like the grille, Honda also applies a honeycomb model on the dashboard.

This model makes the dashboard look elegant and modern. There is also a moonroof button in the interior. Push the button and the roof of the car will open. It is perfect for those who drive a car in the summer.

Travelers can also stop the car on the beach, forest, or hill and open the roof to enjoy the view inside the car. It is so uncomfortable to drive in the cold weather. Honda understands it and installed a heating system on the front seats.

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The heating system and high-quality leather seats keep you warm even if you have to drive in the winter or cold temperatures. The leather is not only used on the seats but also on the steering wheel and shift knob.

This style creates a luxurious feel once you are entering the vehicle. Honda chooses a black color for the interior. It is not only to show elegant style but also sporty. That's why it is a great option for those who have a dream to drive a sports car.

Honda HR-V Engine 2024 Version

So, how about the of this vehicle? Is it as attractive as the exterior and interior? Honda supports this HRV with a 2.0-liter . This engine boosts the power to produce up to 158 horsepower.

This manufacturer even uses two different suspensions to improve the performance of this car. Because of this improvement, the HR-V 2024 version is so flexible to drive. It is nimble enough throughout the city traffic and smooth enough for a long trip.

The Technology on Honda HR-V 2024 Version

A pleasant vehicle is not only because of its performance but also the technology inside the car. Honda understands it so well and applies it to all of their vehicles. In the case of the 2024 version, Honda installs a 9-inch touchscreen. This feature connects you to other apps, including phone, Bluetooth, USB, and more.

The size of the screen is large enough. As a result, you can see it well without losing your driving focus. Indeed, Honda knows that people can't live without their smartphones. Because of that, they provide a system that is compatible with Android devices.

You don't need to worry about the cable or the connection. The devices can be connected wirelessly. In case you are an iPhone user Honda facilitates you with an Apple CarPlay. This feature allows you to access maps, audio, and messaging apps.

You can even charge your phone in the car without using a cable, a cord, or an adapter. Just put your mobile phone on the charger. It automatically charges your mobile phone.

Do you like to listen to your favorite music and podcasts while driving to boost your positive mood? If so, this HR-V is perfect for you. This vehicle has an 8-speaker audio system. The sound of your favorite music and podcasts is so crisp and clear. It means you will always drive the car in a good mood.

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The Special Features of the 2024 Honda HR-V

The steering wheel of this latest Honda SUV is high-tech. Honda adds a controller to it. The controller on the wheel connects to other features, such as audio volume, cruise control setting, and others. It keeps drivers driving the car safely without losing their hand at the wheel.

Best of all, drivers can control the infotainment features as they wish. No more fatigue, back pain, neck pain, and other uncomfortable conditions after a long ride. It is because the manufacturer uses a body stabilizer in the front seats.

There is also a system that allows you to adjust the seats up to eight different positions. The HondaLink app is also an interesting feature of this HR-V version. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone.

Then, use the features of the app to support your driving experience. This app helps to check the vehicle's mileage, fuel range, and oil life. You will never miss servicing the vehicle. The app will alert you of the service schedule.

2024 Honda H-RV

The Cargo Space in This Car

You may be curious about the cargo, it seems this HRV is small. Don't worry! You can still bring critical items to the back of the car. There is up to 24.4 cubic feet of space there.

It is enough to put in your luggage. In case you need more space to bring all your bags, fold the second-row seats. You will have extra space for the items, including your golf club set.

2024 Honda HR-V Safety Features

Indeed, you should also check the safety features. The safety features keep you calm and relaxed while driving. In this case, the Honda HR-V 2024 version has a sensing feature. This feature helps you to assist the car. Plus, there is also a blind spot information system, although it is only available on Sport and EX-L trims.

Just like any other modern vehicle, Honda also installs a Collision Mitigation Braking System. It automatically works by hitting the brake once the collision risk is bigger. You are also about to drive a car with a road departure mitigation system.

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This safety feature keeps you on the road. It is so effective when the car starts to cross over the line. Indeed, it prevents the risk of a fatal accident on the road. Parking is challenging for some people.

It seems that they need to see a wider view to ensure moving the car correctly. Parking this HR-V is simpler. Thanks to the multi-angle rearview camera. This camera allows you to see the surroundings from different angles.

The system has three different angle modes, which are normal, top-down, and wide-far. As a result, you can see the condition behind the car without losing your focus. This feature is so effective for shifting and reversing the car safely and smoothly.

Honda HR-V Trims and Colors 2024 Version

Honda launches three different HR-V trims for the 2024 version. Buyers can choose to drive an LX, Sport, and EX-L trim. Each trim offers different specifications and features. For example, the Sport and EX-L HR-V have a blind spot information system, yet you can't find it on the LX version.

This latest Honda HR-V also offers up to 7 different colors, which are Nordic Forest pearl, crystal black pearl, and lunar silver metallic. Alternatively, you can choose a modern steel metallic, platinum white pearl, or urban gray pearl.

For a brighter and more colorful vehicle, Honda has a Milano red HR-V version. The color option is only available on Sport and EX-L trims.

The Price of the 2024 Honda HR-V

An HR-V with an LX trim is offered at $24.100. On the other hand, the Sport version is a little bit more expensive. Honda offers this version at $25.650. The EX-L trim version is the most expensive one. The price of this vehicle is approximately $27.650.

Release Date

Honda seems to want to make its fans happy by releasing this vehicle as soon as possible. Nowadays, you can see this vehicle on the official dealers and roads. The manufacturer released the 2024 Honda HR-V on April 28th, .

Final Verdict

Despite the small size, this latest Honda HR-V is beyond other vehicles in its class. The space inside the vehicle is spacious, especially in the second-row seat. The 2024 Honda H-RV is suitable for a single driver or a small family member.

It is comfortable for up to 5 passengers. The trims and colors give more options to the buyers. The combination between the design, features, system, and paints makes this vehicle look so attractive whether you want to use it for going to the office or traveling.

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