2024 Honda C-RV Specifications, Prices, And Features

2024 Honda C-RV

2024 Honda C-RV wants to facilitate all types of users, including a family. Because of that, this manufacturer releases the 2024 Honda C-RV. The focus of this is on its helpful feature, spacious storage, and comfortable enough for families.

So, is this latest Honda worth buying? Check the specifications of the car below. It considers whether this car is perfect for you or not.

2024 Honda C-RV

Honda CR-V 2024 Version Exterior

Honda doesn't want to lose its characteristics no matter the type of vehicle. The shows it even if you see the vehicle at a glance. Despite this car being designed for a family, Honda keeps the design sporty.

You will see a gloss-black grille, a platinum lower bumper, and the iconic Honda logo. The sporty design is even stronger with the use of gloss-black alloy wheels. It looks so masculine and durable enough for all types of terrains.

The LED headlights boost the modern style of the car without sacrificing the safety and brightness of the lamp. It works well in areas with low light or at night. On the back, Honda supports this car with vertical tail lights.

It seems that this feature is a signature for all CR-V vehicles. At the top, Honda applies gloss-black roof rails. Just tap the button and the roof rail will automatically open. It is great for drivers and passengers who want to feel the fresh air, blue sky, and warm sunlight.

2024 Honda CR-V Interior

Let's go check the of this latest . You are about to feel a comfortable seat once you enter and sit in this car. Thanks to the high-quality leather material that covers the seats. Just like the exterior, Honda also wants to make the interior look as sporty as it can.

That's why the team installed black leather, along with a stitching accent. The stitching accent looks so small, yet it is so detailed and contrasts enough with an orange color. Honda uses leather for covering other parts, including the steering wheel and shift knob.

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Indeed, the manufacturer includes the latest technology in this car. For instance, you can automatically set the driver's seating position. Imagine that this feature helps to adjust your seating position up to 10 different angles.

The manufacturer also improves cruise control. It ensures that you can check the condition of the vehicle right away while driving it. The interior looks more practical and functional with the center console.

The location is between the driver's seat and the next seat. This console is perfect to store a variety of items, including mobile phones, makeup, sunglasses, wallets, cards, and others. Don't get surprised by the clear sound once you turn the audio system. The interior looks more luxurious with the premium sound system.

2024 Honda CR-V Engine

What about the ? Does Honda install a specific engine to make the 2024 Honda C-RV sporty? Surprisingly, Honda uses an engine that improves the of the car to be sportier. Imagine that you are about to drive a family CRV with a 1.5-liter Turbocharged engine.

Because of this engine, this CRV can produce up to 190 horsepower. Honda even designs this car with a Sport mode. This mode boosts acceleration. All you have to do is hit the button to activate the sport mode.

This action will connect the system with the hybrid powertrain system. That's it! You are ready to drive the car just like a sports car. There is also a digital power meter to monitor the battery power. It is also okay if you want to recharge the battery while driving. It is critical in case you have to go to a specific place urgently.

2024 Honda CR-V Cargo

Don't forget about examining the cargo size. It is so critical for those who love to travel by car. It means that you have to bring a lot of bags.

The good news is that Honda CR-V 2024 version provides you with up to 76.5 cubic feet of cargo space. In case you need more places to bring more items, fold the second-row seats. Now, you have extra space and ensure that there is nothing left behind.

2024 Honda C-RV

Interesting Features of the 2024 Honda CR-V

Some features installed in this Honda CR-V will amaze you. One of them is the hands-free tailgate opener. It means that you can open the tailgate without using your hands. Just kick the area under the bumper to open the tailgate.

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This feature works well if your hand is full of bags and no one helps you. It will be more practical instead of putting the bags and manually opening the tailgate. Using a mobile phone is easy and safe even while driving.

Thanks to Honda CR-V which accommodates you with the latest connectivity system. This system is compatible with Apple CarPlay. It is critical for iPhone users. Indeed, this car is also Android user-friendly.

The system is also compatible with Android Auto to access Android devices inside the car. Relax! It is safe because the access is wireless. The options on the monitor are also big and clear enough to see on the 9-inch touchscreen.

It doesn't reduce your driving focus. Due to the importance of mobile phones, Honda understands that you can't lose the battery. The manufacturer solves this problem by adding a charging feature. It is simple and safe since you only have to put it in and charge it without a cable.

Monitoring and controlling your Honda CR-V is easier with the HondaLink app. Download this app on your mobile phone. The tools help you a lot, such as finding your car in the parking area, locking and unlocking it remotely, starting the engine, setting the temperature inside the car, and many more.

The Safety Features of the 2024 Honda CR-V

Safety is so critical. Honda also considers it by installing a variety of safety features. For instance, the team adds a blind spot information system. This system reduces the risk of fatal accidents by warning you of the presence of vehicles on your side of you.

This car also has a cross-traffic monitor. This safety feature is critical in the parking area. You often find it hard to see the back of the car in a crowded parking area. The cross-traffic monitor can be your companion.

It warns you if there is a vehicle approaching behind your car. Say goodbye to complicated parking when using this latest Honda CRV. It is because of the parking sensors that will alert you when something is approaching your car.

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Seeing the surroundings is much easier and more pleasant with the multi-angle rearview camera. This feature is effective for drivers who always have difficulty parking their vehicles.

2024 Honda CR-V Trims and Colors

Honda provides its fans with 6 different trims. Buyers can drive Honda CR-V in LX, EX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L, Sport-L Hybrid, and Sport Touring Hybrid. Most sophisticated features are installed in the hybrid trims.

Just like the trims, Honda also offers a lot of colors in this CR-V version. Say this car looks stylish with urban gray pearl, Canyon River blue metallic, and crystal black pearl. It also feels modern with lunar silver metallic, meteorite gray metallic, and platinum white pearl. For a more colorful option, you can choose Honda CR-V with a radiant red metallic or still night pearl.

Honda CR-V 2024 Version Prices

The cheapest cost is the LX version. Honda offers this version at $29.500. The EX trim CR-V is available at $32.010. In case you love to drive a hybrid car, choose Honda CR-V Sport Hybrid.

The cost of this car is $33.350. There is also the Sport-L Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid. The cost of each version is $36.350 and $39.500. The EX-L trim version is $34.660. The prices are reasonable enough with the system, comfort, safety, and features you will get when driving this car.

2024 Honda CR-V Release Date

Nowadays, you can find this vehicle on the official dealers and roads near your living area. Honda released this 2024 Honda C-RV on 14 June . During the launch, Honda introduced a new hybrid electric-powered Sport-L trim.

This version is designed for buyers with high mobility. They can drive this car immediately no matter the terrain and distance. Indeed, buyers welcome it warmly since Honda seems to give them a solution.

Best of all, Honda gives more variations whether on trims or paints. The options are also modern and follow the trend. People can easily choose Honda CRV based on their characteristics.

Final Verdict

In case you need a family vehicle, yet a sporty one, choose the latest Honda CRV. The manufacturer designs this car for a small family who loves to travel together. At the same time, drivers and passengers can enjoy a sporty sensation from this car.

The space inside the car is spacious enough. It is comfortable for up to 5 passengers. The cargo is also large enough for drivers who love traveling by car. Fold the second-row seats and you will get extra storage to ensure everything is loading on the car. So, despite its small size, the 2024 Honda C-RV is spacious enough for its drivers and passengers.

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