2023 Honda CRV Rumours And Expectations

2023 Honda CRV Rumours

2023 Honda CRV Rumours – The have already spread and people might have some expectations about the new generation of .

2023 Honda CRV Rumours

New Look

After knowing the rumors about the 2023 Honda CRV, people might have expectations about what the new Honda CRV can offer to customers. The biggest change must be the outer look of the SUV.

In this circumstance, you might expect a similar styling overhaul used for the compact . In the mechanical aspect, the new Honda Civic still has similar specifications to the predecessor. However, it comes with a pretty different look outside and inside.

From the leaked patent application image, spy photos of prototypes, and clues from existing Honda products, people might have imagined how the new CR-V will be redrafted. The design for the new CR-V will represent the SUV for an active lifestyle.

It might come with slimmer headlights, an elegant-designed grille, and lines for accentuating the extra length of the SUV. The current CRV has a handsome design, but it looks stubby, as well as, a little pinched up front.

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The outback look might be more evolutionary although it might look a little smaller because of the extra length. As for the , the new Honda CRV might come with a simple and full-width dashboard with horizontal elements just like the new Honda Civic.

Of course, we cannot forget about the infotainment system in the new CR-V that we expect to be similar to the Civic one. It will be great if it comes with a bigger screen because the current one is too small to compete with other brands.

2023 Honda CRV Rumours


We might have a lot of expectations for the new look from the rumours. As for the , we simply expect that it comes with the same engine as the previous model. It will be great if the new CRV adopts the powertrains from the previous model.

However, since the latest Civic comes with some moderate tweaks and enhancements to its previous model's engine, we also expect that the new CR-V also gets the same thing. It means that the new Honda CRV will have the 1.5-liter turbocharged I-4 engine for most versions.

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As for the hybrid version, the new Honda CRV should have a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated I-4 engine. The PHEV version might also be released in the US. The current generation CRV PHEV can be found in China so it might be used for the new generation according to the honda crv rumours.

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