2024 Mustang GT Improvements People Should Know

2024 Mustang GT

2024 Mustang GT – Talking about the leading sports car in the automotive industry, we should include Mustang. This automotive brand produces a variety of fabulous sports cars, including the 2024 . Indeed, you must be curious about the things this brand will do to its latest vehicle, right? The information below will reduce your curiosity about this car.

2024 Mustang GT

The interior of the 2024 Mustang GT

You will be amazed by the of this vehicle a few seconds after opening the door. It seems that you are looking at a fighter jet cockpit! You are about to see the combination of red, white, and blue dominating the interior.

Mustang uses high-quality vinyl and stitched ornament with great detail. The premium leather makes the surface of the seats feel smooth and perfectly protects the materials inside. As a result, it will be durable for holding bigger drivers or passengers. Plus, it boosts the elegant and luxury sensation.

The Engine of the 2024 Mustang GT

You will not see something special on the engine. The manufacturer decides to install a standard 2.3-liter Turbocharged engine with a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. It hopes that this latest Mustang GT can produce an output of up to 315 horsepower and approximately 350 pound-feet of torque.

It means that the latest version is more powerful than the previous generation. This car is supported by a 10-speed automatic transmission. Mustang also has a plan to install a six-speed manual transmission as another option.

The team explains that they are inspired by the Mustang GT500's engine while finding the best engine for this latest GT version. It looks a little bit different since this company revise the engine before putting it on the Mustang GT 2024 version. It is not the final setting. Mustang may change the engine if it is necessary.

The Infotainment and Connectivity System

The car's comfortable sensation is not only from the speed and performance but also its infotainment and connectivity system. A great car often feels things that users need, including the side of the system and features.

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In the case of the 2024 Mustang GT, the company seems to focus on a modern design. They use the latest technology so modern users can drive pleasantly without anything to worry about. For instance, Mustang selects a 13.2-inch screen and boosts its performance by adding a 4-software system.

Just like other brands that consider the importance of smartphones, Mustang also supports this car with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It means that drivers can access their smartphones anytime and anywhere while driving this vehicle.

Indeed, they know that you can't run out of smartphone batteries. It seems useless if you can access using the latest system yet you are running out of battery. Because of that, Mustang also installs a wireless charger.

All you have to do is putting your mobile phone in the charger area. That's it! The system works automatically to recharge your mobile phone. Wait for the phone fully loaded and you can use it. Best of all, you don't need to get confused about the way to manage the cable.

It is a wireless charger and safe to use even when the car is running. You even don't have to move your hand to the steering wheel only to control the buttons. Thanks to the access to Amazon Alexa and Ford Streaming system.

These systems allow you to use voice commands to choose and operate the buttons. As a result, you don't need to lose your focus on driving. The system will always get the latest version with the Ford Power-Up software. This software will update the system regularly for improvement.

2024 Mustang GT

Safety Features of the 2024 Mustang GT

Mustang wants to ensure that you will drive the GT version safely. Because of that, the team installs the standard safety features. Interestingly, the latest Mustang GT comes with a new driver-assistance technology.

This technology guides you to drive by following the route. You can also lose the steering wheel during the trip. The co-pilot system will be your driving companion. The standard safety features used in this vehicle are including adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and active pothole mitigation.

2024 Mustang GT Fuel Economy

There is no exact information from the EPA about the Mustang GT's fuel economy. We can rely on the previous Mustang range score to predict the new range for the latest version. The previous GT version received 21 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

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The vehicle can achieve this range because of the turbo four-cylinder engine, along with 10-speed automatic transmission. Mustang used a V8 engine. Unfortunately, the result was below the expectation compared to the GT which uses a four-cylinder engine.

A GT with a V8 engine achieved only 15 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highways. We don't know yet the fuel economy level and the MPG for the 2024 version. One thing is for sure is that Mustangs should use a more sophisticated engine to boost the power of the vehicle.

The Things You Can Expect from the 2024 Mustang GT

So, what you can expect from this latest GT? The first thing you get from this sports car is speed. It is because Mustang supports this car with a more powerful engine and transmission. The autopilot feature is also something you do not get from other vehicles.

This feature makes driving simpler. Just sit and turn on the system. Let the system guide you to go to the destination. Indeed, Mustang uses the latest version, so this autopilot system is safe for you. Talking about its safety, you can also count on the parking brake.

This braking system is effective enough to help in specific conditions. The car will stop to prevent serious accidents or crushes. Do you want to increase your adrenaline by drifting the car? Yes, you can do it using this latest Mustang GT.

We should say thanks to the handbrake. It seems that this feature is old school for a modern car. Yet, drifting safely and perfectly is also a part of the company's consideration. Indeed, you will drive a true sports car when it can drift well. Overall, the improvement is not the best one.

Yet, we can still expect something new from the latest Mustang GT. At least, it leads you to a new driving experience. It is also a great experience for those who are about to drive a sports car for the first time.

2024 Mustang GT Prices

Mustang offers GT in a variety of versions. The company sets different prices for each variety. For example, the cheapest one is the EcoBoost Coupe. The cost of this version is $32.515. Mustang also releases the premium version of the EcoBoost Coupe.

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The price is a little bit more expensive, $38.040. The GT coupe version is offered at around $43.090. There is also an EcoBoost Premium Convertible version. You must spend up to $43.540 to bring this vehicle home.

Driving a GT Premium Coupe may give you a great driving experience. Yet, you have to spend $47.610 to bring this car into your garage. Mustang introduces two more versions, which are GT Premium Convertible and Dark Horse Coupe. The cost of each version is $53.110 and $60.865. In case we have to choose one of them, it seems that we will choose the GT Coupe version.

The Release Date of the 2024 Mustang GT

You still have to wait. Mustang is about to release this sports car in the summer of 2023. We don't know the exact launching date yet. The manufacturer may launch this car soon if the improvement is completed. Say they want to make more improvements to the car, the release date can be in early 2024. All you can do is following the progress and the announcement from the official team.

The Competitor of the 2024 Mustang GT

So, what cars will be the Mustang GT's tight competitors? We have to take a look at its other products, such as Chevy Camaro. The specification of this vehicle is similar to Mustang GT. Buyers will think a little bit longer when choosing one of the cars.

Another tight competitor will be the Dodge Challenger. The sensation of driving this car seems to be similar to Mustang GT. That's why buyers will decide carefully if they have to choose between Dodge Challenger and Mustang GT.


So, is this latest Mustang GT worth buying? Yes! People who love to drive a sports car should consider buying this vehicle. We believe that it is not the best improvement made by Mustang. The company can do more than they do now.

At least, this improvement leads to a better speed and drifting system. These are critical elements that a sports car should have. Due to the specifications, the 2024 Mustang GT seems not too comfortable for daily activities, especially if you want to test how fast this car is.

Yet, it is okay to drive this car anywhere you want. Plus, several competitors offer a little bit better specification. Buyers may think twice when there are Mustang GT and several sports cars in front of them. The price is reasonable due to the features and system installed in this latest GT.

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