2024 Ford Ranger Reviews That Will Surprise You

2024 Ford Ranger

The 2024 Ford Ranger is the latest Ford project. This manufacturer redesigns its mid-size Ranger pickup truck. The amazing part is that this latest Ranger is about to get all new parts. Experts say that the improvements are done for Americans, although it is available for drivers around the world. So, here is the detail of the 2024 Ford project.

2024 Ford Ranger

The Exterior and Design

Last year, Ford offered the Range in two body styles. Nowadays, Ranger comes in a single-body style with four full-size doors. You should see the cabin since it looks so different. It seems that Ford wants its users to bring more items even if they use a truck.

That's why the Ranger 2024 version has a larger cabin than the last generation. No doubt that the overall model is designed for off-road driving.

It will be a durable mid-size truck that can bring a lot of items and even weight items, such as motorcycles. Indeed, you can count on this vehicle to pass through the desert and other hard-to-pass terrains.


Since it is an all-new vehicle, the change is not only on the exterior but also . You are about to see something modern and sophisticated once you open the door and enter the car. The air vents with a honeycomb pattern make this vehicle look elegant and luxurious.

You will also get surprised by the controls and buttons within the car. Ford replaces the old system with the new one. The team makes it simple by installing it on the infotainment system. Another amazing thing is the hidden upper glove box on the dashboard.

There is also storage under the rear seat. Now, you can't bring up to five passengers to travel around using this latest Ranger. Traveling will be more fun to do, right?


One of the special things to discuss when talking about the 2024  is its engine. Since Ford wants to create a powerful off-road vehicle, they add a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. This engine generates up to 315 horsepower with 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

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The performance is not only powerful but also easy to control with 10-speed automatic transmission. It is a significant improvement since Ford used a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine for its last Ranger.

This vehicle can only produce 270 horsepower. Indeed, the Ford Ranger 2024 version is more powerful and agile to use in all terrains.

Towing Capacity

The benefit of using this truck is because of the towing ability. It is perfect for a long trip or movement. It seems that you can bring your second home out and enjoy the surroundings for a few days. Due to this ability, we should discuss the towing capacity. Surprisingly, this truck is ready to tow up to 7.500 pounds. On the other hand, the maximum payload of this vehicle is 1711 pounds.

Infotainment and Connectivity System

What about the infotainment and connectivity system? It is as sophisticated as the exterior, interior, and engine? Ford seems so serious about redesigning this latest Ranger. They also improve the infotainment and connectivity system.

For example, the team installs a 12.4-inch touchscreen. This model is larger than its standard. Most trucks use a 10.1-inch touchscreen. Controlling the features is easier and faster with the latest Sync 4 system.

This system was originally developed by Ford. Drivers can easily access the controls, such as the lighting and others. Imagine how fun it is to drive a truck where you can keep accessing your mobile phone.

This truck is suitable for both Android and iPhone users. Thanks to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that help you to access critical apps. The great thing has not stopped there. You don't have to be worried about running out of mobile phone battery.

Ford facilitates you by installing an in-bed outlet. You even can't only recharge a mobile phone but also a laptop! One thing is for sure, it doesn't disturb your driving focus at all. Recharge your gadgets while driving and use them once you arrive.

Safety Features

Indeed, Ford doesn't forget about the safety features. It keeps you driving this truck safely no matter where you want to go. Standard safety features are available in this vehicle, including forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring.

You can also use other safety features, such as rear cross-traffic alert and adaptive cruise control. No need to worry about driving in a tight spot. This vehicle also has a 360-degree camera. It helps you to see the surroundings better.

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This feature is only available on the XLT version. This car even protects you while driving at night or in a low-light area using a zone lighting system. The system is installed in some parts of the car. As a result, it produces light from every angle.

2024 Ford Ranger

Great Features You Can Get from Ford Ranger 2024 Version

There are great features you can get from the Ford Ranger 2024 version. For instance, this car has a terrain management system. Ford understands that you are about to drive this car in a variety of terrains.

Just like its name, you can hit the terrain management system button to change the setting based on the terrain conditions. It covers seven different terrains, such as normal, eco, sport, and tow or haul. You can also change the vehicle's system to slippery, mud or ruts, and sand mode.

The lighting system is not only to keep you safe while driving but also to load. There is LED bed lighting on the back. The LED lamps are bright enough to see all your items. It is so effective in case you want to load items in the dark or at night.

Sometimes, it is hard to access the bed of your truck. You should open the door to access it. Now, you don't have to do it. All you have to do is step on the Box Side step feature.

Types of Trims and Colors

Ford launches this new Ranger in three different trims, which are XL, XLT, and Lariat. Each trim offers different additional features. For example, the integrated Boxside step is only available on XLT and Lariat versions.

On the other hand, the zone lighting system is only available on the Lariat version. Ensure that you know what you need before choosing the best Ranger trim. Ford offers more color variations for its latest Ranger project.

Choose a paint hue, such as cactus gray, carbonized gray, or azure gray if you love something gray. For a softer option, you can pick iconic silver and Oxford white. In case you want to use bold colors, select Ranger in hot pepper red, shadow black, or velocity blue.

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Fuel Economy

It seems the result will be similar to last year's model, especially if this vehicle is using the entry-level turbo four. We have to wait for the official announcement from the EPA to know the Ranger's fuel economy.

Pros and Cons of Ford Ranger 2024 Version

There are so many benefits you can get from this vehicle. Say it is a powerful truck you can drive off-road and on all terrains. There are also additional features that keep you driving safely and pleasantly.

You can also pick more trims and paint options. Unfortunately, the additional features are not for all models. Some features are only available for XLT and Lariat versions. It seems you will get standard features when buying the XL version.

The Prices of the Ford Ranger 2024 Version

The XL Ranger version is the cheapest one. Buyers can bring this version home by spending approximately $34.160. Ranger Lariat is the most expensive in this generation. Ford offers this version approximately at $45.120.

In the middle class, we have Ranger XLT. The price of this version is $37.100. So, which Ranger you have to choose? For reference, you can choose the XLT version. Ranger XLT is not too basic.

This car will get some additional features, such as LED exterior lighting, 17-inch aluminum wheels, side-view mirrors, a wireless charging pad, and others. At least, you can feel a different sensation while driving this Ranger compared to the old version of the Ranger.

Ford Ranger 2024 Version Release Date

So, when can you buy this Ford Ranger 2024 version? Ford is ready to deliver this sporty truck in late Summer 2023. They will launch the 2.3-liter engine first. Then, this company is about to launch the 2.7-liter engine Ranger in late Fall 2023. You should wait a little bit more for the Ranger Raptor. This version is about in the dealers in late Summer 2023.

Bottom Line

Ford makes a surprise by redesigning Ranger into something new. Unfortunately, the remodeled version is not for all trims. The improvements are for the XLT and Lariat versions. The good thing is that you can still experience new driving sensations while driving the XL version. The significant difference is in the engine. The engine is more powerful than the last version.

The additional features are also great. It helps you to drive the 2024 Ford Ranger safely and comfortably no matter the road condition. It is even great for those who are about to bring a lot of items, including heavy things, such as motorcycles for off-roading.

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