2023 Ford Ranger Price List For Every Possible Model

2023 Ford Ranger Price

2023 Ford Ranger Price – What is the 2023 price? To answer this question, we have to wait until Ford announces its price officially. However, many car experts have already estimated the price of this model after Ford releases it soon. Here, we collect those speculations for your reference.

2023 Ford Ranger Price

Model-Based Prices

Similar to the previous Ranger model, this new one also will be priced based on the model. We have no detailed information about the model that will be available for the 2023 Ford Ranger. But, here are some speculations about the model you can get from this model and its price.

XC SuperCab Prices

The first model that many experts believe will be available on the is XC SuperCab. This model uses the RWD drive train. Moreover, this model also is the base model of this series, which means the cheapest of all. As for its estimation prices, many experts believe that XC SuperCab is available starting at $26,400.

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XLT Prices

Next, we have the XLT model. This model enters the mid-tier category of the new Ford Ranger. The specification is similar to the base model. But, it has several improvements in its features and design.

How about the  price for this model? The starting price for the XLT model is around $30,460. It is quite affordable for you who need a new car and has a limited budget.

2023 Ford Ranger Price

Lariat Model Prices

The Lariat model is said to be the top-end model for the new Ford Ranger. Thus, we expect much higher prices than the mid-tier XLT. However, car experts only predict this model will be available starting from $34,500. So, it is a great deal for you who have enough budgets to afford it.

Lariat SuperCrew Prices

This one is one of the Lariat models with much better performance and features. You can see it as the best model in this new release. It has a four-door system and uses the FWD type. The prices for Lariat SuperCrew are starting from $39,945.

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Extra Prices

The prices we mentioned above are only the prediction of this model's base prices. It means depending on the optional feature you want to get, the price could change. Some optional features you can get are trim, color, body kit, and others.

Lastly, we need to remind you that all prices here are all just speculations. You should wait for the official release of this model. Then, you will know the real 2023 ford ranger price.

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