2025 Dodge Stealth Unveiled: Pricing And Specifications Breakdown

2025 Dodge Stealth Unveiled: Pricing And Specifications Breakdown

Avandacar – The Unveiled including pricing and specifications breakdown, is it true? Yes, the American company recently has spilled the new series of Dodge Stealth which is planned to be released next year. Not surprising if the new information about the supercar series is currently looked for by many auto lovers all around the world.

2025 Dodge Stealth Unveiled: Pricing And Specifications Breakdown

Dodge seems to still maintain the image of its products as being the attention stealer of the road. Just like its predecessor, the latest version of Dodge Stealth highlights the sporty look particularly seen from the muscular lines on some parts of the body. Compared to some other supercars launched by other companies recently, this one indeed looks bigger but at the same time, the car is slim and minimalist as well.

So, are you interested to know more about the new 2025 Dodge Stealth? Make sure to read a piece of the information below before deciding whether to have it or not. Check it out.


It looks like Dodge has invested much in the engine of this new series to enable it to bring the best performance. There are even 2 options of powertrain to choose based on your preference.

The first one is the V6 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged that is designed to produce 415 horsepower and torsion of 475 lb-ft. this type of engine works well in turning Stealth into a powerful SUV. Don't worry, although this powertrain seems very strong, the driver and the passengers can still feel extra comfort while being inside.

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The second option is the hybrid powertrain that combines the engine 4 cylinders 2.0 liter turbocharged with the electric motor to produce the 350 horsepower as well as the fuel efficiency. The performance is still great although the fuel is not used much by it. Of course, this type of engine also offers you the experience of environmentally friendly driving.

BBoh engines are combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission that works very smoothly. Besides, it also applies the standard all-wheel drive. With such components, it does not matter what kind of terrain you need to pass through, whether it is a smooth road, a muddy field, or even a snowy area.

2025 Dodge Stealth Unveiled: Pricing And Specifications Breakdown


Almost all types of supercars released recently always offer stunning exterior designs. For other references, you can also read Exclusive: 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ Price Points, Specs, and Professional Reviews. The same thing also happens to the 2025 Dodge Stealth as the exterior is a blend of both modern and classic styles in one high-end SUV body.

It is even not exaggerating to say that this new Stealth series is a striking vehicle on the road. The dimension is quite big with a muscular vibe, particularly by the application of clean lines in some parts of the front area. Compared to other SUV series including those from Dodge, the 2025 one indeed looks higher and wider.

Based on sources of the 2025 Dodge Stealth unveiled: Pricing and Specifications Breakdown, some points make this car more astonishing. The grille is one of the main highlights of the exterior body. It is placed between the sharp LED lamps. Meanwhile, some fenders bring more sporty sense.

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You are also offered some options for wheels. There is the standard 19 inches that matches perfectly with the car's body or the alternative 20 inches. The alternative wheels slightly look too big when they are used in the car. But it is perfect if you want your 2025 Dodge Stealth to look fiercer.

Do you want to enjoy driving in the open air? Make sure not to miss out on the optional panoramic sunroof then. Aside from enabling you to enjoy the refreshing air outside. It is a solution if you want the car to feel more spacious. Not to forget, the integrated rear spoiler is added to improve the aerodynamics as well as make the appearance of the car, generally more aggressive.

The 2025 Dodge Stealth provides some color options. Every option consists of 2 tones, making the car feel much more different from others. Those options are the Viper Black with Dodge Orange accents as well as Granite Gray with Silver accents.

2025 Dodge Stealth Unveiled: Pricing And Specifications Breakdown


If there is no significant difference in terms of the exterior between the 2025 and the previous series from Dodge Stealth, the interior is the opposite. Without reducing the sporty origin, the interior is redesigned to make it simpler, more practical, yet comfortable and elegant. Thanks to the high-quality materials applied for the lavish-look interior.

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Enjoy sitting on the seat with a soft and smooth surface. It should not be a big deal if you must have a trip for hours as long as you are inside the car. Furthermore, the seats are supportive enough that you can easily set and manage them as you want. The space for legs is large enough so that even 5 passengers can be in the cabin without any problems.

The infotainment system applied the standard 10.3-inch touchscreen to enable you to keep connected to the outside as well as to feel entertained. The high-quality audio adds enjoyment to the device from Harman Kardon. For the driver, make sure to enhance your driving experience with some advanced driver assistance features including blind spot monitoring and a warning system for lane departure.

In addition, the total space for the cargo area is up to 78.5 cubic feet of space. Meanwhile, there are some optional features offered including the panoramic sunroof, heated and ventilated seats, and Dodge Performance Pages.


So, how much must you spend to get a unit of the 2025 Dodge Stealth? There is still no official statement about the price for sure. However, it is estimated that the car is offered starting at around USD 45,000 for the base trim. The price may increase depending on the features and options you choose. The maximum price is approximately USD 60,000.

Well, this is what you need to know about the 2025 Dodge Stealth Unveiled: Pricing and Specifications Breakdown. Are you interested in having this one?

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