Review 2024 Dodge Charger, The New Electric Muscle Vehicle

2024 Dodge Charger

2024 Dodge ChargerThe newly formed represents a sports electric automobile that will hit the market shortly with new looks and improved technologies. And this electric automobile is believed to be more luxury and powerful than any other electric vehicle on the market. The all-new Dodge Charger electric vehicle will have an endurance rating of 500 miles for a single charge. Aside from that, the brand-new Dodge Charger electrically powered vehicle has several innovative features that give safety and pleasure to the passengers as well as driver during the ride. And this electric vehicle will soon be available in nations such as the United States and Canada.

Dodge has posted some images of the forthcoming Dodge Charger electric vehicle on social media, implying that the Dodge Charger, which is an electric SUV is expected to be unveiled in 2024 featuring a completely new look on its interior as well as the exterior. Aside from that, as reported by media sources and analysts, Dodge is now ready to fully revamp the 2nd generation of the already available Dodge Charger.

Review 2024 Dodge Charger


The New 2024 Charger design is the richest indicator that such electric are taking the control. Changing the one of those that is powerful for a muscle vehicle involves an essential effort, yet it includes major performance advantages. The future-oriented Charger will probably be based upon Stellantis' future large electrically powered automobiles platform, and these has been projected to provide an endurance rating for a maximum of 500 miles. Boosting the engine's efficiency beyond Hellcat levels can, of course, lead to a limited range calculation. Talking of the sense that Dodge hasn't released much details on the latest 2024 Charger's powertrain, yet we all can clearly observe the vehicle conducting a 4-wheel burnout on a YouTube preview video of the model vehicle.

The style of the latest model plainly pays homage to old Challenger as well as Charger models, as well as the reinstatement of a Fratzog emblem, which was featured on Dodge cars in the decades between the late 1960s to the 1970s. The 2018 gen Charger, in contrast with its predecessor, will come as a 2-door coupe that features the liftback trunk. The all-new Dodge Charger Daytona SRT design has an innovative chambered system of exhaust that it is designed to mimic the noise from the incoming super charged engine V-8 SRT of the Hellcat design to guarantee it complies with Dodge values of the brand.

Dodge Charger 2024 Release Date

According to media estimates and analysts, the forthcoming Dodge Charger vehicle might be unveiled at the beginning of 2024 or towards the end of 2023. However, booking will not begin until the end of the year. Still, Dodge has not specified a particular delivery date for the latest Dodge Charger electric vehicle. However, as quick as Dodge provides information on its availability date, we shall update this page.

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What is new in 2024 Dodge Charger?

When the vehicle goes on sale, the following-generation Charger is going to be a whole new car for the Dodge range, most likely for the model year of 2024. It's likely that a 4-door model may join the range as well, but we will not understand much more about either vehicle until it's closer to introduction.

Pricing and Choosing Which One to Purchase

The new 2024 Dodge Charger is projected to cost more than the current gasoline-powered vehicles, although the figures indicated below are only estimates. The new 2024 Charger will most certainly be available in a number of trim levels, but we are only aware of three so yet. The first two are designated by the numbers 340 as well as 440 to represent their horsepower on kilowatts. Dodge additionally revealed that the most powerful variant will be known as the SRT Banshee. When we discover more, we're going to update this article with further details and a suggestion on which model offers the greatest value.

The all-new Dodge Charger is expected to be more expensive than the previous gasoline-powered design, and this 2024 Charger is going to come in a range of trim levels, albeit we only have knowledge of three so yet. And the prices for all the trims will range from $50,000 up to $90,000.

Electric Vehicle Motor, Power, as well as Performance

Dodge has not disclosed the number of engines is planned for each Charger grade, yet the basis 340 version is anticipated to make 455 hp, while the entry-level 440 version is expected to deliver 590 hp. The high-performance variant, reportedly identified as SRT Banshee, is expected to have an AWD 800-volt in architecture, even though the amount of horsepower grading for this automobile has yet to get verified. We are additionally aware that the concept vehicle has a multi-speed transmission instead of a standard EV direct-drive setup. This fails to be a new concept; a Porsche Taycan uses a similar setup to increase performance and range at higher speeds. Whenever under severe acceleration, the system additionally simulates the gear shift.

Cargo, Interior, & Comfort

Instead of using the traditional 4-door design, the Dodge Charger design is planned for a coupe. The trunk lid serves as a liftback-style part which opens up for a wide cargo storage area, and Dodge states the backseats collapse flat to provide additional space for proceeding bigger stuff, like new tires. A broad panoramic windows sunroof, a stylish like a pistol-grip shifting lever, plus a jet-style cover for such ignition key switch that moves open are all perceived. The design of the interior incorporates modern technology alongside retro concepts of design, as well as decorated trim which is intended to appear like the grille style found on a 1968 Charger.

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A new version of Dodge Charger's design for interiors is more opulent and roomier than the existing Dodge Charger model. The 2018 Dodge Charger's exterior appearance has also been entirely revamped. And the headlamp that stands in front of the car gives this automobile a fresh aspect. As shown in the preceding image.

In addition, hybrid material has been used to make all of the seats in the all-new Dodge Charger automobile sturdy and comfy. As a result, it aids in decreasing passenger as well as driver harassment during extended travels. And it has ample space throughout each of the seating for big and tiny people, so everyone can fit comfortably within any of the seats.

Connectivity & Infotainment

The interior layout of the Dodge Charger design has a trapezoidal-shaped multimedia touch screen at the center of the dashboard, as well as a rectangular electronic gauge display having a little curve. no matter what the final form, the next-gen Charger is likely to include the latest version for Stellantis' Uconnect information systems experience, in addition to common amenities like wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, onboard Wi-Fi, as well as online update capability.

Colors of the 2024 Charger

Let us inform you to know there is a chance that a new color will be added specifically related to the Dodge Daytona Charger in order to ensure consumers can easily select the automobile of their preference. Dodge has previously teased some of the colors, including Grey, Black, Green, Purple, Orange, and Red, yet there will be more.

What will the all-new Dodge Charger’s fuel economy be?

The brand-new Dodge Charger utilizes an excellent electric vehicle that can drive more than 500 miles for a single charging (118kwh – battery capacity). It can also speed from 0-60 mph within 3.8 seconds.


Nothing else on the market addresses the same points of stress as the Dodge Charger EV. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is fast, homegrown, and bears the moniker of a muscle vehicle, but the SUV body throws the car in a different league.

What We Don’t Understand

Dodge's CEO did lure potential purchasers by saying the Banshee may “run a blazing ¼ mile.” However, it was not specified what “blazing” implies in terms of speed. The CEO also stated that the Charger Banshee “exists as performance forced us to do it.” Although the horsepower from the Banshee hasn't been revealed, Dodge has already placed it in similar class with the Hellcat or Redeye. If it can compete with these muscle vehicles, we may anticipate the Banshee to have high hundreds of horsepower if this fresh concept goes into production. Dodge is now aiming to get 2024 release date for this amazing electrified muscle vehicle.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: This Dodge Charger electric muscle vehicle has strong and screaming engine choices, handles nicely behind the wheel, alongside has a retro-modern design.
  • Cons: Like its Challenger sister, the Charger features a very simple and unmemorable in the interior cabin style with affordable materials. Furthermore, some wheel alternatives actively degrade performance, and although steering feels responsive, it lacks driver input.
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Review 2024 Dodge Charger

The Most Common Dodge Charger Issues

The following are the most common issues reported by 6th and 7th generation of Dodge Charger owners:

Defective Transmission

Transmission problems have long plagued Charger owners. Many users have complained of gear slippage, difficulty shifting on occasion, and diminished acceleration. The Charger apparently altered gears on their own in a couple occasions. Some owners submitted an update to the software for the transmission's controller module, which resolved the problem.

Gear Shifts That Can Be Difficult

Another issue that Charger owners face is shifting, particularly from 4th to 3rd. This usually happens at 100,000 miles of Charger models from 2006 through 2016. However, as opposed to the malfunctioning transmission, this is due to a mechanical problem rather than a software problem. The best way to solve the condition is to get it serviced by a professional.

Thermostat Failure

A broken thermostat usually causes two issues. For starters, it may falsely illuminate the “check engine” indicator on the dashboard. Second, that thermostat's job is to constantly track engine temperature, assisting the vehicle in releasing the quantity of coolant required to prevent overheat. This indicates that a broken thermostat will cause overheating, perhaps causing damage to the engine including engine failure.

Windows Problems

Windows has been claimed not to function either up or down correctly, and some have completely stopped operating.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems have caused gear slippage, the engine stall, a disruption of cabin power, as well as a failure in power steering. A lot of these issues have been linked to an auto transmission leak upon the electrical connection.

Problems With Lighting

Owners have experienced cabin lights remaining on after the vehicle was started, an error of dashboard lighting, as well as other electrical issues. Some of those electrical problems were transitory, while others were long-term. The model generations from 2006-2014 with over 100,000 kilometers are the most vulnerable. Other electrical faults were caused by the prior transmission fluid leak, even though they were caused by a software error. Dodge responded by issuing an update.

Alternator Failure

Alternator problems resulted in two consequences. Some Charger owners claimed smelling burned rubber before their vehicle shut down, while others reported witnessing the “Battery Power Saver” caution appear on the information center, followed by additional warning lights acting unpredictably. Dodge conducted a recall during 2014 to take care of these issues.

Faulty Bypass Valve for the Oil Filter

All Chrysler as well as Dodge cars equipped with a 3.6-liter Pentastar engine are affected by this issue. When replacing an oil filter, the filter's bypass valve may be damaged at random. The control valve bypasses the filtration system, allowing the car's engine to run even when its filter is blocked.

You can fix the filter without a bypass valve as well as drive; but, if the filter gets blocked, your Charger's powertrain will be unable to handle the dust, dirt, and particles that enter. You can simply repair the oil's valve filters bypass valve on your own in 5 minutes with basic equipment for $20-$30.

Alert for a Faulty Brake

Several Charger owners have stated that the “brake warning” lights are frequently on, but once they brought the car to a repair, the mechanic detected no faults. Nonetheless, the “brake warning” lights remained illuminated for the owners.

Turns With Squeaks

A squeak will be heard from the steering rack of a Dodge Charger when making a quick turn. This is frequently caused by worn elements, such as a ball joint, as well as loosened bolts in a steering rack. The sound is eliminated by replacing the problematic parts.

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